Here’s the Inside Story of How Police Caught FBI’s Most Wanted Criminal In Karachi!

Credit card hackers aren’t a rare breed these days. In addition, phone hackers, at times referred to as ‘phreakers’, are also on the rise with their telecom scams.

There is none bigger and better than 52-year old Noor Aziz Uddin which explains why he remained one of FBI’s most wanted cybercriminals for years. Noor Aziz, together with his accomplice Farhan Arshad, ran global telephone scams such as international revenue share fraud that set people back by thousands of dollars with unauthorized telephone systems used for long distance calls to premium rate lines.

Noor Aziz Uddin and Farhan Arshad defrauded people out of more than $50 million

Prior to the dawn on 14th of February, Chief cybersecurity officer Mir Mazhar Jabbar along with local police officers reached Noor Aziz’s house in one of Karachi’s residential suburbs. Noor Aziz had been on the run for over the last couple of years with reports of him traveling to multiple places including Italy, Malaysia, New Jersey, Pakistan and United Arab Emirates.

Despite his arrest by Interpol back in 2012, Noor Aziz managed to walk free due to lack of substantial evidence against him. FBI put a bounty worth of $50,000 on his head in the year that followed for any detail which could assist in his arrest again.

Earlier this year, FIA received a tip in form of a contact number which belonged to Noor Aziz, but the tip was directed to Mazhar Jabbar. All it took for Jabbar to land on Noor Aziz’s doorstep was to trace the GPS coordinates of the phone by contacting the wireless service provider.

A phone that had helped him make millions by simply calling premium rate lines he owned was about to lead to his demise

It’s ironic that Noor Aziz’s fate was taking a turn for the worse courtesy of a phone that he had hacked himself. A phone that had helped him make millions by simply calling premium rate lines he owned was about to lead to his demise.

Jabbar directed the police force to commence the raid which lead to a rather effortless arrest of Noor Aziz who surrendered without any retaliation. Jabbar was thoroughly satisfied with such an accomplishment given the innumerable scams that might have been prevented with Noor Aziz in custody. Though, he acknowledges that there must be thousands others who are following in the footsteps of Noor Aziz.

Noor Aziz awaits trial in jail where a kingpin like him belongs. FBI refused to reveal any plans regarding extraditing him or further progress in their investigations. Noor Aziz’s accomplice, Arshad, claims that he had second thoughts about keeping the scheme going back in 2011. FBI confirmed that an email by Arshad shows that he literally pleaded Noor Aziz to ‘consider turning to a life of honesty’ and that Arshad wished to ‘return all his luxuries rather than to continue making money through their venture’.

Arshad pleaded to stop their fraudulent schemes and consider a life of honesty but Noor Aziz was too far gone and showed no remorse or regret

It’s clear that Noor Aziz was so deep in the act that he felt absolutely no remorse or regret over his conduct. It makes one appreciate the efforts of Mir Mazhar Jabbar even more considering how contagious this lust for money could get. One would hope that this serves as a lesson for anyone out there even imagining to pursue a heinous crime such as this.

via IBTimes

  • it is pertinent to mention here that the said accused were arrested by NR3C, cyber crime wing of FIA. There were 3 man arrested by the NR3C Karachi team. 2 of them are the Most wanted Cyber Criminal by the FBI and Interpol. It is not a one man show ( Mir Mazhar Jabbar) it was a team effort with the leadership of Technical Experts. Proud to be a Cyber Scout of NR3C.

  • It is very sad to see frauds and con men of the worst form dressed in such a manner. They should be tried in terrorism courts. these are the people who have brought Muslims a bad name. Shame on him and his family.

    • Nope,Many Americans and people from other developed countries are also doing these kinds of scams,Lack of Paypal is due to government financial polices.

  • And I was wondering how he was sacrificing Animals worth 25-30 Lacs Every year on EID.

  • I knew them personally, both of them are innocent and cleared by
    Malaysian court in July 2012, they were also cleared by FIA in 2012.
    Their rearrest in 2015 was made on personal grievance by an officer as
    they have refused to provide money demanded by one corrupt officer the
    in charge of this activity. However after refusal from them, he
    presented / portrayed them like an evil in front of media. If some
    should inquire about their status, he may get information about the team
    who arrested them? Where are they now? Jesa dikhta hai wesa hota naheen
    hai. Mujhey afsoos hai appney reputable media pay kay woh bagheer kissi
    tasdeeq kay bari bari khabrain laga deta hai jo kay 100% jhoot par
    mabni hoti hain. Jald logo ko sach pata chal jaey ga kay in becharoo ka
    yeh haal kiyoon hoa or kiss nay kiya sirf jand takoo ki khatir. in ko
    bhi badnaam kiya or Pakistan ko bhi. This has not happened upon FBI
    request, this all happened by fake query generated by an individual who
    continuously threatening both of them and their families too. The above story fabricated, produced and directed by Mir Mazhar Jabbar, who assuming that might he will become the international hero by his own after this fabricated drama but FBI did not response. As FBI is much smart agency that’s why did not become the part of this stupid and dirty game planned by him. Where are Farhan and Noor why they did not extradite yet? They are them selves ready to go to US and ready to face their case in US. They are not hackers nor involved in any kind of crime. The real story would reveal soon and the fact will come out soon that how one corrupt officer made a plan after failing to meet his demand from both Noor and Farhan. He fabricated an FIR against them, show to media that he has done upon request of US, Noor and Farhan are living since long to their homes in Karachi, Noor is doing business and Farhan was working for private university from around couple of years till the date of raid at his home. Farhan had a motorbike and Noor has a car.

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