Even Without Official Support, Windows XP Just Refuses to Die

It’s quite interesting that despite Microsoft having pulled the curtains on Windows XP, the seemingly age-old operating system is still alive and kicking.

An image released by Statcounter clearly demonstrates an uphill task that Microsoft needs to contend with – somehow get users to accept the newer Windows operating systems. The figures are a result of an analysis of 15 billion page views each month.

top desktop operating systems

Ever since Microsoft ended official support for Windows XP last April, it has maintained its position as the world’s second favorite operating system. Windows 7 continues to be the only operating system that takes the lead over the rest with a whopping 58% market share. The parity between the figures of Windows XP and Windows 8/8.1 combined is alarming given the release of Windows 10 drawing nearer by the day.

It’s important to bear in mind that these figures exhibit global trends; a country-by-country analysis could result in varying outcomes. For instance, results exclusive to the U.S would most probably show Mac OS overtaking Windows XP for the number 2 spot. Some might even argue that it’s unfair to compare desktop OS usage in an age where more people are migrating to smartphones and tablets.

windows os share

Truth be told, Microsoft isn’t doing too well in that regard either. Windows lags far behind with a negligible 0.26% share in tablets market compared to iOS’s 78%. When it comes to smartphones, Windows Phone also falls flat against Android with its meager share of 2.22%. No matter how bad this seems, Microsoft would hope that a lot more people make the leap of faith once Windows 10 is out this year.

  • Ghulam.e.Ahmed

    yes, I think most of the xp users are stick with it not just because of availability & compatibility of various demanding software but also its not resource hungry for them … ? may be I am wrong but I think.

  • Bilal Aahil

    XP will stick around for few more years before Windows 10 become the dominant of all in coming years

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    Microsoft made big mistake to release hardware hungry windows versions after xp.
    The problem is computers embedded to production machines or plants can not replaced very easily that’s why Microsoft is still providing supports for major US cooperation, power plants. etc

    • abobobilly

      Is it a mistake moving the tech forward? Blaming MS for such ‘advancement’ would be foolish. When the capability of a PC will increase, its ‘demand for resources’ is bound to twinfold as well.

      • Muhammad Ashraf

        if the current windows versions are so advance then why do most of the users are still stick to windows xp, the point is windows xp still provides complete solution and the windows 7 has largely based on windows xp

        • abobobilly

          Those users might not want to movie to a better operating system because they are stuck up with existing one. Its not because the newer ones are bad/inappropriate.

          And NO … saying WinXP is a complete solution is like saying a 1970’s bike is equally reliable as a 2014 bike. Its absurd. The ONLY redeeming point WinXP has, is that its lightweight. Other than that, its now more prone to viruses, corruption; and then there are drivers problems, 3rd party support is getting retracted slowly but surely.

          Windows 10 is going to change A LOT more than just how we look at our PCs. Yes i also hate the fact that MS is removing a lot of known/useful things these days, but ‘overall’, the newer product is still heck of a lot better upgrade than previous ones.

  • bijlibee

    People migrating to smartphones and tablets so PCs don’t matter! Amazing attitude here at propk. What work can you accomplish on your tiny smartphone? Smartphones and tablets are only for consuming content. To create things you need a proper PC.

    In Pakistan banks and government departments are still rocking XP. I hope they have some extended support contract with MS because otherwise they’re just opening themselves up to attack.

  • 1st thing: hardware requirements,
    2nd thing: people are used to XP, usually people don’t accept “change “. I think we should go with the newer technology…

    Used XP before 2011,
    Win7 before 2013, used win8 before Aug, 2014
    Now using win8.1 and happy with it…
    But looking forward to win10 desperately.

  • Zubair Gu

    Old slower hardware might be the reason for Not upgrading