Pirates Will Get Free Windows 10 & Other Huge Announcements about Windows 10

In a number of broadcasts, Microsoft has made a number of announcements about Windows 10, its new premier operating system.

Window 10 Release Date:

Microsoft revealed an estimated release date for its new operating system, You can expect it to launch this summer according to Terry Myerson, who runs Microsoft’s operating systems unit. This is earlier than the trend of autumn releases for Microsoft’s new operating systems. Microsoft also released further information about the OS’ release. The OS will launch in 190 countries in 111 languages starting with China.

Gesture Support:

With Windows 10, Microsoft is bringing new input gestures for touchpads and touchscreens. The new gestures will put the Microsoft OS on par with Apple’s OSX in terms of extensive gesture support.

Reduced OS Size:

Microsoft has also made another change in the OS interior as the new OS will take up less hard disk space compared to the previous iterations of Windows, The new OS is expected to reduce the Windows installation size by more than 6GBs. Previously, Microsoft also announced Microsoft Hello, Microsoft Passport and Cortana Personal Assistant as part of the new Windows 10.

Windows 10 Minimum Hardware Requirements:

Microsoft released the minimum hardware requirements for the OS too. The users will be glad to hear that the requirements have not increased than what they were for Windows Vista. The OS requires the same 1GHz or greater processor with at least 1GB (2GB for 64-bit) of RAM alongside a graphics adapter that supports DirectX 9+ with WDDM drivers.

Everyone Gets A Free Upgrade to Windows 10….Even Pirates!

Microsoft also mentioned the upgrade paths for the new OS. Anyone who wants to update must have Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 S14 before they can upgrade to Windows 10. Windows RT has been left out and is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Microsoft also had great news for users with pirated version of these OSs. Microsoft will upgrade all Windows 7 and 8.1 users to Windows 10 free-of-cost throughout the first year and regardless of whether they have a genuine Windows or not. Microsoft is attempting to fight the piracy in Asian markets especially in China where two-thirds of the OS market is made of pirated versions.

New OS for Internet of Things:

Microsoft also announced a new version of the OS for the IoT (Internet of Things). It comes free with a Windows 10 license and can be used for ATMs, ultrasonic machines, gateways and more.

Windows 10 ROM for Android Devices:

In another exciting revelation, Microsoft is found testing a ROM to convert Android phones to Windows OS. Through this move, Microsoft wants to encourage Android users to switch to Windows 10 as their daily driver. A first step in the direction is its partnership with Xiaomi where Xiaomi Mi 4 will be shipped with Windows 10 for a limited duration.

With an expected release this summer, we are not far from relishing the new Windows 10 without having to pay anything.

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