Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Sales Surpass All Expectations

One could say that last year’s Galaxy Note Edge was a soak test of sorts for Samsung. The company tested whether there was any demand for the curved design in the smartphone market. The trial was a success and Samsung released a dual sided Galaxy S6 Edge this year.

Samsung has not released any official sales numbers so far but a report from a South Korean news agency states that the Galaxy S6 Edge is seeing unexpected sales success. According to the report, Galaxy S6 Edge is seeing a one to one sales ratio against the normal Galaxy S6.

That is remarkable when you compare the Galaxy S6s units that have been sold so far. The Galaxy S6 Edge sales numbers are way more than what even Samsung was expecting let alone analyst predictions. Samsung estimated that the S6 Edge sales would be about 20 percent of the vanilla S6.

Sales for Galaxy S6 Edge have exceeded the expectations of analysts as well as Samsung itself

Recent number from several carriers around the world show the Galaxy S6 sales are double of what Galaxy S5 got. Europe and US have been reported to constitute to the extra sales the most. The numbers are so big that another report stated that Samsung is facing a supply constraint for the Galaxy S6 Edge. This is very good news for Samsung which has been struggling for the past year and half.

While good sales are almost always a good thing, one thing to be considered here is that according to the teardown analysis from IHS, the Galaxy S6 Edge is even more expensive to build than the Apple phablet iPhone 6 plus. According to the report, the 64GB version of the phone costs about $290 to build, including parts and assembly.

The Galaxy S6 Edge costs more to build than the iPhone 6 Plus

The most expensive component in the build is the curved touchscreen which costs $85. When the components are summed up, it is more expensive than any Apple iPhone. What this means is that even with such great sales, Samsung should expect a smaller profit as their previous estimates were based on the majority of the vanilla Galaxy S6 sales with more profit per unit.

Regardless, Samsung must be happy to know that the new design language and unique technology employed in the Galaxy S6 Edge has had an amazing reception. This could help Samsung in the long run with the “cool” factor in future smartphones.

via IHS

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  • yeah I guess that’s true. I tried both s6 and edge and decided to order edge version and will receive by saturday while s6 deliver right next day.
    the price difference wasn’t so much. if you spend 80k then better spend little more and go for edge.
    same sort of situation happened with iphone. I ordered 6plus 64 gb version and paid less than $50 extra. the situation was same, people go for 6plus more than expected.

  • @aamir7:disqus To be honest whoever wrote this article is rather new or he was drunk!

    Just look at the title, title image and everything else written inside, are totally different. Time to hire new authors!

      • I agree, s6 in the title, picture of note edge, call out mentioning note edge in a s6 edge article, not expected from a AAA Pakistani blog.

    • Report is about the sales of S6 Edge, pic is of the S6 Edge while the author mentioned Note Edge at the start because it was the first device with a curved display. Hence ‘soak test of sorts’.

      • You guys never accept your mistakes. When this article was published, it was Galaxy Note Edge in title picture and Note Edge was mentioned in whole article.

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