Cyanogen and Microsoft Partner to Replace Google Apps

Microsoft and Cyanogen have announced a strategic alliance that will allow the integration of well-known Microsoft services into the Cyanogen Operating System.

About Cyanogen

Cyanogen is a mobile operating system company that is known for its custom Android builds, which offer personalization features, an intuitive interface, speed, improved battery life, and enhanced security. The company aims to evolve the Android platform by developing and evolving a more open operating system for third-party apps and services.

Goal of replacing Google’s Android OS

With the partnership in place, both companies aim to compete with Google’s core services on Android devices. Microsoft has been eyeing the Android market for a while, and has been involved in the development of software that converts Android phones into Windows devices. Similarly, Cyanogen has criticized Google on more than one occasion for the way it is handling Android. As such, it’s clear that this collaboration is the outcome of mutual interests of both companies.

Microsoft’s role in the partnership

Through its OS, Cyanogen will integrate and distribute Microsoft apps and services, which include productivity, messaging, utilities, and cloud-based services. A few of these services include Bing, Skype, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook and Microsoft Office. According to Microsoft, these services won’t be mere ports of their respective Windows counterparts. Instead, the company is looking to build native integrations on the Cyanogen OS and create a new class of experience.

Microsoft’s joint venture with Cyanogen comes in the wake of other similar partnerships between the company and Android smartphone and tablet makers. Samsung is including a few Microsoft apps and services with its Galaxy S6, while Dell is also looking to do the same on its own Android devices.

  • faaria

    just to avoid confusion. Microsoft services will be only included in CyanogenOS which is different from CyanogenMod.
    CyanogenOS is commercial ROM which comes pre-installed in phones like OnePlus One and Micromax Yu. While CyanogenMod users will still be able to choose between services of Google, Amazon, Fdroid and Microsoft like before. (Source: CyanogenMod Blog)

    • Ansab Majeed

      Came here to say this but you beat me to it. Haha.

    • Nott Responding

      hehehe.. :)

  • Umair A. Shahid

    Who cares? Its just a rom over android anyway.
    There are thousands of other and better roms available on XDA. Who would want a phone full of microsoft bloatware.

    • Taha Najam

      People who don’t want a phone full of Google bloatware?

  • Ahmed Habib

    Anyone, please think on introducing PTCL alternative in Pakistan. Whoever will get in, will surely enjoy great revenues! We are good w/ Android for now, but we are being crushed by PTCL. :-( Someone rescue us!

    • it guru

      nayatel, witribe, qubee, wateen

      • Ahmed Habib

        I am software developer, server administrator, web developer, blogger, manager, accountant, do you think I don’t knew about these??

        Frankly speaking, other than Nayatel there no great service, but Nayatel has coverage problems in rwp/isb. If they are available at one side of road, they will not be available on the opposite side of that road,

  • bharboojna

    Microsoft owns some very important OS patents. Every phone sale recorded in Android market earns them around $9 royalty per phone :D

    Should surprise many.

  • Sounds like its just forcing microsoft instead of google. Well beauty of custom roms is that users can remove all the extra apps

  • Guy Chauhan

    that’s why ios is better no bloat-wares no stupid endless customizations. people will always get confused over so many options. the OS needs to be simple and decent.