Fast Charge Contest: OPPO vs Samsung vs iPhone vs Motorola

Over the years smartphones specs have become better. Now we have bigger screens, better processors and more GBs of RAM. However, battery performance is still a nightmare. Despite increases in capacity, smartphone owners are still not happy with the timings they get.

For most of the smartphones, battery capacity looks promising on paper but actual performance is not the same. Moreover, it takes a lot of time to charge a huge battery but the consumption rate is very fast due to screens with higher pixel densities and this is true for all the brands including Apple, Samsung, LG etc.

Instead of increasing capacity, manufacturers are trying to reduce charging times

To tackle this problem, smartphone manufacturers are now trying to reduce the charging time instead of increasing the battery capacity. If you can charge your phone battery in 30 minutes then there is no need to go beyond 3000mAh capacity.

In the battle of fast charging, every manufacturer claims to be the best. Qualcomm has its quick charge, Samsung relies on Adaptive Fast Charge, where as Motorola is proud of its Turbo Charge. Then there is the new entrant OPPO, which is promoting its VOOC Flash Charging as the fastest charging solution to date.

The company has recently posted an “on-screen” and “off-screen” charging test of 4 flagship devices, namely OPPO N3, Galaxy S6, iPhone 6 Plus and Nexus 6. After a 30 minutes charge, OPPO’s N3 came out on top, where as the iPhone 6 Plus performed the worst.

Some users have commented on the video that OPPO does really charge very fast, but the battery consumption rate is also faster than others. What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments.