Dropbox Notes is a New Collaborative Note-taking Service

Dropbox has unveiled Dropbox Notes, a note taking service. It is still in beta phase and participation is via invites only. Users can still sign up for the service and request an invite.

Dropbox has not gone into a lot of details regarding the features of the new service but the service is aimed towards businesses, teams and enterprises initially. The text on the page also provides a clue towards the target audience as it states “we’re working on a new way for teams to write together.”

Entering the collaborative cloud document processing service, Dropbox will be competing against the likes of Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365 and even the Evernote note taking service. The competitors have years of experience in online and offline document processing services. However unlike Google Docs and Office 365, Dropbox Notes are designed to take meeting notes and create brief documents. Still, the ability for several people to work together on a single document is similar to other cloud office services.

dropbox notes

Dropbox Notes can be used on desktops, tablets or mobiles. The service comes with a very simple and minimalist interface which also makes it much easier to be used on mobile devices. As expected, it allows users to connect their Dropbox accounts to the Notes service allowing easier management of files. The integration can be thought of as the same as Microsoft’s OneNote service which connects to OneDrive and create rich digital notebooks.

Dropbox Notes could be a valuable service for users who need to plan and organize events and projects. The ability to create digital notebooks with the ability to reference documents and files from the Dropbox cloud space would certainly be a handy utility for anyone already invested in the Dropbox ecosystem.

You can sign up for early access here

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