ProPakistani Enters into its Eighth Year!

Many of our friends might be able to recall the days when ProPakistani had just started its operations a few years ago. Today, this place has turned seven and the ProPakistani team is quite jubilant about it.

This journey has been splendid. We have continued growing and have reached new and previously unimaginable heights.

On this occasion, please join us in thanking Almighty Allah, ProPakistani team members (involved directly or indirectly), Public Relation officers, Industry officials, telecom experts, fellow bloggers, fellow journalists, PR Agencies, our advertisers, friends, sources, our seniors and above all our readers, for supporting ProPakistani and making it possible for us to see this day in this manner.

Thank you everyone for being part of this fabulous ride.

ProPakistani will keep focused on its resolve in bringing you everything from the telecom and IT sectors of the country. We look forward to your support during the years to come!

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • congratulation .lekin humen ek gilla hai k apne propakistani ka urdu version band ker dia.meri guzaarish k urdu version ko restore ker den.plz plz plz.

    • Mene aaj tak mushkil se ek do baar hi laptop pe propakistani visit ki he, the website is completely mobile compatible.. I am not sure what do you exactly mean by “mobile version” :/

        • Aap se darkhwast he symbian ki jaan chor do ab please!! I had Nokia 603 running last symbian version, Belle FP2 (quite a handfull of people have actually used it), but I don’t use it anymore.. I had some really good and bad times with it, but enough.. Too old with respect to the current technology.

    • kia khidmat ki hay amir bhai nay mulk aur qoum ki is blog say.. mashallah. Bil gates kay yahan baita paida howa hay is baray main koe article nahi aaya amir bhai

  • Congrats, and keep doing what you do best, without losing focus. Best of Luck. BTW, I like to visit this site, day in, day out. Always find something useful and informative.

  • That’s splendid Aamir bhai. While many of us have moved on and given up on what we started together, you are still keeping the flag high! Keep rocking hard and keep doing the best. We are still around to support you – just doing different things now :)

  • I was hoping some stats and comparison in this article.
    Please do share yearly progress of ProPK if you can , this will be interesting and motivating for all your supporters.

  • The best thing is, you do not censor opinions/criticism etc – no matter how much blunt/venomous/wrong it is. Tiddy bloggers and journalists could/should learn credibility and journalism from you.

  • No doubt about endless efforts of Pro Pakistani for consistently working in keeping people aware about new happenings.

  • Congrats but please improve the typography of the article page, and the ads are too obtrusive.

    You can decrease the leading, right now its almost equal to the space between two paragraphs. Will make up for efficient use of space and easy reading.

    For the desktop site, use something like this 1.7rem/1.65 instead of 1.7rem/2

  • I’m quite happy that google now shows me a card for this site :D
    I like the tech news on this site, not all but usually. The layout is quite minimal, which is good. Try to bring in some more features, may be giveaways and promotions with the collaboration of tech giants in Pak, and try to arrange seminars to educate our younger generation about the proper utilization of information technology and communication.

    Keep up, God bless you guys! :)

  • Congratulation Mr. Amir, I’m also addicted to and often quote you as a solid reference. I’ve also quit reading local web magazines when I’ve prompt twits notification about the latest happening about IT and web why should I wait for a hard copy? You guys are my favorite, I really appreciate your work. You’ve got a great team. Be blessed. Stay safe.

  • way to go brilliant work efforts. i love reading tech news. besides i have a complain once you started sms services & then closed why anyways congratulations Team PRO PAKISTAN- ZINDABAD PAKISTAN!

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