Microsoft OneClip Syncs Your Clipboard Across All Devices

Microsoft is in the process of beta testing a competitor for Pushbullet with an app that lets you sync and share your content across Windows Phone, Windows PC, iOS and Android devices. Information on the app leaked via Twitter user Walking Cat, who posted screenshots and download links for a series of forthcoming productivity apps from Microsoft.

The unreleased app, called OneClip, automatically detects whether the content on your clipboard is a URL, physical address, phone number, text snippet or an image and seamlessly integrates them into a universal clipboard with Windows. The Windows app is designed to be touch-friendly, with support for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 devices. iOS users can simply use the native share sheet in order to transfer all sorts of media to OneClip for syncing.


Let’s say you hurriedly copied an important phone number on your desktop, and forgot to transfer it to your phone before heading out. With OneClip installed, you won’t have to worry about that anymore, as the number will already be there on your phone and tablet without any kind of manual intervention from your end. Similarly, sending a screenshot from your smartphone to your desktop will no longer be a hassle, as your universal clipboard will travel with you across your ecosystem of devices.

OneClip automatically detects whether the content is a URL, physical address, phone number, text snippet or an image and seamlessly integrates it into a universal clipboard

Setting up OneClip requires you to enter a PIN code that is generated on one of your devices. You can then connect to all your devices using a single account that is associated with your universal clipboard. From there, files are automatically synced and can be shared across all of your devices in a matter of seconds. Clips can also be filtered based on their type, name, or the device from which they originated.

As expected, Microsoft has refused to comment on the leak, neither denying nor admitting the existence of OneClip. The software giant is likely to share official details on the app in the days to come.

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