Save the Nation Installs Panic Buttons at All Metro Bus Terminals

by Khawar Saeed

The Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro bus system is a 24 km bus rapid transit system that serves the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad in Pakistan. Prime Minister of Pakistan inaugurated this 60 billions rupees project few weeks ago. Metro bus uses dedicated bus lanes for its entire route covering 24 bus stations.

metrobus routeSave the Nation Pakistan & Islamabad Police have collaborated to ensure the safety of passengers by installing Panic Alert System & Button in all the metro bus stations in Islamabad area.

Panic Alert Buttons are directly connected via control server to 16 different places i.e. Police Control, Capital Safety Program Offices, Rescue 15 Station and Vehicles of Quick Response Forces of Police and Rangers.

Security staff of Metro Bus stations can activate the Panic Buttons when they needs help from police in any emergency situations like armed attack by terrorists, bomb blast, fire, ambulance or other suspicious activities. Upon a button press, information will be gathered in 16 different places within 5 seconds and police quick response forces will be dispatched immediately.

Approximately 4.5 million passengers per month (50 million annually) will be directly beneficiaries through this security system. Save The Nation team will also train and educate the administrative, operational and security staff of Metro Bus System about how and in which conditions/situations the panic button should be triggered.

  • The project cost was 44 billions not 60 billions… Don’t politicize this forum by speaking political parties language.

  • The cost is 45 billion in which 5 billion for peshawar mor interchange.However you can report 80 billion to satisfy yourself.

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