Warid Brings ‘All Night Internet Offers’ for 2G and LTE Customers

Warid Telecom has introduced two new and exciting internet offers for all its Prepaid and Glow customers.

While “All Night LTE Internet Bundle” gives 10 GB internet to LTE users for only Rs. 5, 2G customers can also enjoy surfing & downloading  with “All Night EDGE Bundle” for only Rs. 0.99 with 1GB internet volume. These offers will be applicable from 12 midnight till 9am daily, throughout the month of Ramadan.

How Do You Activate All Night Internet Bundles?

To activate the All Night Internet bundles, users simply need to SMS either “RB<space>4G” for the  LTE bundle or “RB<space>2G” for the 2G bundle to 7777. Alternatively, customers can dial *786# to activate these bundles. For the ease of customers, these bundles will be automatically renewed on a daily basis and can also be unsubscribed via SMS.

 Terms & Conditions:

  • Only Prepaid & Glow subscribers using Warid LTE services can subscribe to All Night LTE Internet Bundle.
  • Both existing and new Warid customers can subscribe to All Night LTE Internet Bundle & All Night EDGE Internet Bundle.
  • For Ramadan All Night LTE Internet Bundle, fair usage policy of 10 GB shall be applicable. The given Internet volume can be utilized in both LTE & 2G coverage areas.
  • For Ramadan All Night EDGE Internet Bundle, fair usage policy of 1 GB shall be applicable.
  • To check remaining volume in your All Night LTE Internet Bundle, dial *200*414#.
  • To check remaining volume in your All Night EDGE Internet Bundle, dial *200*413#.
  • All Night LTE & EDGE Internet Bundles are auto recursive unless unsubscribed.
  • All SMS sent to 7777 will be charged at Rs. 1+tax per SMS.
  • All Night EDGE Internet Bundle is only for 2G Customers & will be available for all packages.
  • These Internet bundles will be available in Ramadan only.

 Your SIM is your identity, only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA


  • Best for when you want to download torrents overnight. I was getting 800kbps on uTorrent last night. Geo Warid!!

        • I also get 2MB/S on warid ^_^ this is gonna be awesome! Wese b seheri tak jagtey hi hein… online movie streaming kr lein ge , 1080p wali ^_^

            • 10gb per night… enough for most of my torrents . (In ramadan that is. …)

            • 10GB/night means 300GB per month. The latter is the fair usage limit PTCL imposes on “unlimited connections”. Plus you get Warid’s offer in only Rs. 1500 per month. At LTE speeds this is an offer to die for.

                • 300GB for Rs 150 only from 12 midnight to 9am. means only 9hr/day instead of 24hr/day :P
                  I am not a PTCL Fan boy but the comparison is pointless.

                  • Do you even use your 300GB of PTCL? The highest I ever got on my 4Mbps line was 202GB. At least with Warid we have the speed to use much more than that, even during 9 hrs/day.

              • hahaha AT LTE speed 10 GB will be consumed under 2 hours LOL! Lets suppose that average speed u will get is 16 Mbps and in 8 mbit speed u can easily DL 3 GB in an hour so this is 16 Mbit so then u can DL 6 Gb in an hour so easily 10 GB can be consumed under 2 hours! Fair usage policy should be like 100 GB per day!

  • I am really disappointed by the slow response of propak this time… this offer was released about2 -3 dats ago and only now has it been anounced on propak… you guys are having serious posting speed issues i guess….

  • I am thinking to go prepaid again. Presently on postpaid. 5GB for Rs.500

    • waseem bhaee post paid main kia izafi charges hote hian ya same i mean 5 Gb 500 ke he to ap ko 500 he depostid karwane hote hain ya ziada

  • Can someone tell me how much is 10 GB (in minutes/hours) is we consider Skype video call?

    • Even if you use the highest quality skype calls, they will consume 1 GB/hour, and that is considering both of you are using high quality camera etc. So atleast 10 hrs of skype calling .

      • But if you are the average user, 10 gb can mean almost 30-40 hrs of skype calls.

  • My balance goes zero, even after getting the cofirmation sms this happened twice and so this package has been a bad experience for me.

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