Niaz A Malik Appointed as Deputy CEO of Zong

Niaz A Malik has been appointed Deputy CEO of Zong, a company statement has said.

Statement said that the appointment of Mr. Malik marks a greater quest of Zong to have an aggressive growth in the Pakistani market.

As its Chief Strategy Officer he was a fundamental force to carve out the growth plan for China Mobile Pakistan in which the company acquired over 50% market share in the Pakistani market in the year 2013 and hefty market share in the later years.

Mr Malik later remained the Chief Corporate Sales officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief of Enterprise and Governance. He also headed its multi dimension Platform and Partnership (P&P) initiatives along with being head of its PR and its Mobile Financial unit (MFS) in the recent years.

Mr. Malik is respected in the Telecom circles as one of the premier strategic brains with immense understanding of operations, technology and aggressive marketing capabilities.

Previously, he has served as Executive Vice President Corporate Sales, Executive Vice President Product Development, Executive Vice President Central and Chief Information Officer of Pakistan Telecommunication Company (PTCL).

He has worked as a management consultant with top fortune 50 companies in the USA and Canada before coming to Pakistan.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Technocrz!

    They have worst call center service

  • omer

    I don’t know who wrote all this but someone shall look at the post paid revenues of Zong… This clearly indicates the mindset and capabilities CMCC management. If you go and check his repute form PTCL you will be forced to say … what a company and what a decision.
    Prayers for Zong :)

  • Qaiser

    What is wrong with ZONG management, God bless them

  • XZonger

    What describe this guy is “moo kai fire”. What he does best is misguide his Chinese masters. Only qualification is his American accent :). All I can say is Zong has gone to dogs.

  • XZonger

    Also correct yourself as he has never been a CIO at ptcl, acting yes for a little while when CIO was away

    • jehanzeb

      He remain acting CIO for so many times in PTCL and his role was ideal

  • XZonger

    Zong is a kind of a company where even a monkey can become a key decision maker. No disrespect to monkeys though

  • Zaman Ali

    What a terrible decision by Zong, he is an under achiever with absolutely a negative repute and no skills for this position. Comparing to the likes of Aamir Ibrahim or Irfan Wahab he is absolute rubbish. Good luck to Zong for installing such a incompetent deputy CEO.

    • Fahim Azlun

      Why are you so jealous and negative. Unlike the other two jokers Niaz is honest and hard working and gives credit to others for their achievements.

  • He did an awesome job here at PTCL and good luck for the future

    • Awan

      Lotaa e oyeee…

  • OAC

    I have worked in PTCL and Zong both but never under him, my observation is that he is a quick learner and he did well in PTCL. People did not like him because he concentrates on the objective only so sometimes employee benefits are neglected and you can not stop bad mouthing of a disgruntled employee.

    • XZonger

      is this you Niaz A Malik?

    • XZonger

      Niaz is it you yourself. Anyways can you name one just one deliverable in his platter. Except keeping his masters impressed with his deliberate false pretensions along with another monkey Maham dard. Get a life man… Be truthful to yourself and others

  • Kashif

    Gud Luck Niaz A Malik sb

  • Shoaib

    Deputy CEOs of both companies Telenor and Zong are from PTCL.That will make the competition interesting.See who wins the game.Experience of PTCL has its own value.

  • XONG did the right move. Mr. Niaz Malik is very dynamic professional and true leader.
    Surely, he will lead Xong to new heights.

  • Khalid W

    Its really nice to hear about Niaz’s appointment as Deputy CEO Zong. He is capable enough to take the high pressure and challenges. Best of Luck !!!!!

  • Telecom Analyst

    So interesting…
    When the news broke, all comments on the day were negative – but since morning today, all comments below are so nice (& so well written PR that they look quite fake).
    Some facts:
    – Mr. Niaz A. Malik was not a Chief Strategy Officer to turnaround Zong! He was CSO only for interim transition between 2 CEOs.
    – From the profile above, seems like he has not more than Zong as his cellular experience
    – Irfan Wahab and Aamir Ibrahim, D-CEOs of Telenor and Mobilink: They both have remained CCOs for a decade or more. And are very solid telco guys with more than 20 years each.
    It seems like Zong is always lacking in mature and competent top tier, as seen from outside. Competence doesn’t include telco experience – confused on what does!

  • Jehanzeb

    Mr.Niaz Malak is no doubt a great leader… i worked with him for years and found him as ideal leader….. Innovation i seeked from him in few years is double to whole professional life
    Wish him more and more success….

  • Qaiser

    @ the Telecom Analyst , I agree on the PR cover which is there job and they HAVE to do damage control. But I have worked in Ptcl and now Zong and I have not seen this gentleman add any value, yes he can talk and talk for hours with out a sold point and uses alot of fancy words to impress the audience, but when it comes to delivery he is average average. People generally don’t like him because of his attitude with the lower staff I.e. Mr. Know it all or I am better than you.

    • Shoaib

      He has worked diligently in PTCL and he will take Zong to number one position within one year.Just wait and see now his position Deputy CEO is important and result oriented.

      • FJ

        ^ chukkoo spotted

  • omer

    Lots of people are talking nonsense here without knowing realities. Game has already started in Zong and Deputy CEO Shb hired Shahid Bhutto (call mate hero) for MFS and first thing both did together is to ensure that platform shall be thrown out. Most of the people industry got big surprise by this so called intelligent move but this how he works just for himself and his personal goals not for the organization. He is playing games with CEO and entire organization is waiting for the awakening of CEO. Most of industry senior people were talking that new CEO of Zong is no threat to other operators but with new Deputy in place game is already over for Zong… Soon all key people behind success will be out of Zong!!