Never Give Up: How a Startup Dream Came True

By Farhan Masood

I founded my startup with zero capital and no background. I just had a dream to build a global company out of Pakistan which specialized in facial recognition systems and the whole world of Internet of People around it. I was declared a maniac and a fool. I was never taken seriously. Everyone laughed at my crazy self but no one helped.

I was told the following things:

  • The companies that are working on such technology are Jewish and had hundreds of millions of dollars as grants and funding so I can’t compete.
  • Fingerprint systems have already taken over the world by storm and even if I did succeed in building such technologies which can’t be looked up in books or research papers, I would be too late to enter and wouldn’t be able to make a difference.

I am glad I did not listen to any of the naysayers. I am glad that they did not help me and with persistence, I proved them wrong.

Today, I have a company that is spread across 3 continents. Our 3D Facial + Iris + Palm Vein recognition technology is well received in United States and we are on a path to become a globally significant company.

How many other unrealized ideas, half-finished inventions, and great works are in the graveyard, given up on before they were fully pursued?

Are you chasing your dreams? They manifest when you are a child, before the burden of responsibility and worldly problems are cast upon your shoulders. We dream of the stars, of the great big world, of making a difference.

There is a sickness in the world and it is called mediocrity

You can tell when someone is talking about their dreams because there is always an unsatisfied fire in their eyes. It’s something you can’t hide.

It’s different now. There is a sickness in the world and it is called mediocrity.

People will tell you to grow up. They will tell you that pursuing your dream would never feed your family or pay your bills. When you were growing up, they asked you what you wanted to be, then told you what not to be.

You were told that you must become what you are not, sacrifice who you are to embrace the identity that society wants to give you.

It’s easy to fall into the 9 to 5 routine and just live out your life but you must strive for what you truly want

As you grew up, your dreams were lassoed back to Earth and when you said you wanted to explore the stars as astronauts or become Steve Jobs, they’d tell you: “Choose something realistic.”

When did you give up on your dreams? Are you about to? Don’t give up! As per Theo Taylor, here is what you should do:

Realize What It Is That You Were Put Here To Do

What is your dream?

Remove money from the equation and ponder for a moment what it is that you would love to wake up to and go to every morning.

Figure Out How You Can Turn That Into A Career

Whatever it is that you love to do, there is a very good chance that you can make money doing it. You have to go after your dream like your life depends on it, because it does.

Condemning yourself to security and a nine to five is the easy route. It’s the route that most people will take, either because they don’t realize how to pursue their dreams or they’re too afraid to go after it.

Do NOT become one of these people.

Take The First Step!

Don’t quit your job. Don’t move across the nation, but make moves that will take you closer to your dream.

Whether it’s reading a new book on how to start a new business, or take a class that will get you closer to the degree that you need. You need to make every single day an effective day of action.

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Elliot

Write these steps down. Look at them every day. Remember them, memorize them, and live them. Don’t buy into the hype. Whatever your dream is, you can have it.

You have one chance. You have one shot here in this world, and I’m here to tell you, no matter what dream you have, you can do it. When you dream big, most people will react negatively because chances are they aren’t chasing their own dreams.

Remember this, if nothing else, if you try and fail, you will live your life knowing that you gave it everything and more. If you never try, it will be a mistake that will hang in the air for the rest of your life.

I’m chasing my dreams. Now it’s your turn. Never Give Up!

Writer is founder of SoloInsight Inc. which provides biometric solutions and currently operates in seven countries. He was recognized as one of the brilliant minds by MIT and won 2012 MIT Enterprise Forum Business Acceleration Programme.

  • Very good article, indeed I have a dream of my own to open a new telecommunication in Pakistan, but I just get mocked that there are already big players and I could never compete with them.

    • Its great.Go ahead and pursue it. Present companies in Pak are rip off making billions and making cartel. It must be the cheap rates for poor and middle class to be a hit. The initial investment is very high but have to find a mechanism to raise it from masses. Good luck.

  • I loved reading this..

    Don’t quit your job. Don’t move across the nation, but make moves that will take you closer to your dream.

    Its practical and realistic and yet very motivating to take chances and make an effort to do things that might seem crazy… good read.

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