Samsung Drops Prices on S6 & S6 Edge by 100 Euros

A few days back we announced that in the face of stiff competition from rivals, most-notably Apple, Samsung is on the verge of dropping the prices of its own newly-announced flagships, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Well, the new prices are finally official and make an already sweet deal, sweeter.

Both of the flagships from the Korean giant are seeing their price dropped by a total of 100 Euros, or around 11,000 PKR, officially. That leads to a final price tag of 599 Euros, for the conventional but no slouch Galaxy S6, or 699 Euros for the innovative S6 Edge.

Europe will be the first region where we are seeing this phenomenon, but it should be extended to other territories, especially those dominated by Apple, too.

While the effects of the price drop on the sales of the device are yet to be seen, it will further reduce the profit margins from the high-end Samsung devices, which aren’t exactly cheap to begin with in the first place.

As we reported in the last article, Samsung’s problems are split two-fold: the lack of demand for the normal S6 and the slow production of the high-in-demand S6 Edge. While it is not clear how much profit Samsung is currently taking in from the S6 Edge, which is expensive to produce with its thrice-bent display, this slashing of prices will lessen it even further.


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