Whatsapp Is Extending Free Service to Some Users

We’ve been receiving a lot of reports of users having their Whatsapp service being extended for free. In some cases, users have gotten a free year while some lucky few have received free lifetime extension in their license terms.

We have been unable to find a correlation between who is getting the upgrades. It is possible Whatsapp is rolling out free upgrades in phases and everyone might get a free upgrade, but we just not sure about this.




WhatsApp, a messaging and voice service, which has now overtaken conventional SMS traffic for all global telecom operators combined, is unique in the sense that it doesn’t rely on ads. Instead it offers an in-app purchase for continued use. The pricing model is as follows:

  • 1 year – PKR 105
  • 3 year – PKR 280
  • 5 year – PKR 389

We will update the article as soon as we receive more information about the matter. In the meantime, did you receive free Whatsapp service? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • This is common in developing countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. Whatsapp Automatically extends it’s services for the users of such countries. I am using Whatsapp for the years on my Two Mobiles and it’s Extends automatically every year, whereas people living in developed countries have to pay the yearly fee.
    So this is not a special news. you need to make a research before publishing this kind of posts.

          • Under Developed Country????? Dear You Ever Read about Saudi Arabia Economy……. Ok fine what about UAE there also Free… :)

            • Its free all over the world … except 40% of US / Canada…

              They r trying to streamline the procedure… Mark Zinger-Burger is there so he will definitely rip off ur pockets in coming years.

            • Economy has nothing to do with “developed” country…

              You r living in under-developed desert and money in Saudi’s pocket has no concern with ur life. They treat you as slave and u r happy that u r living with a rich owner after losing ur freedom? Pathetic.

  • iv’e been using it for 3 years now and it always extends its free service, i don’t know anyone who has actually paid for whatsapp.

  • whatsapp is stupid….what a waste of time….its so depressing to see how people nowadays stick 24Ă—7 to their cell phones

    I was at a Hill Station in Shimla and it was cloudy and the scenary was beautiful….but I saw that instead of enjoying the weather and place…people were into their cell phones texting and surfing

    This is very depressing!

    • I wanted to VOTE UP your comment but it asked me to log in my facebook or disqus account and i don’t have them so I am liking your comment here, verbally. I have the same feelings.

  • its hilarious how outdated you guys are, and than you go write as its a breaking news…

    i went free for life 2 years ago
    my brother gets free 6 months or so every time its get near expiry for last 2 years
    my wife gets extended every couple months, she never got more than 3 month, yet this is happening for more than 2 years

  • I’ve been using it like forever. never paid a penny, infect i was surprised to find that post that out of curiosity i opened my whatsApp and checked, it says, Service Expiration : Lifetime. i dont think they charge anyone.

  • This is very usual if your service expired and you have not recharge for 7 days you will got an extra year

  • I started using watsapp, way back in the era of iphone 3 and later moved to android. Watsapp remained free throughout against my phone number.

  • For free one year extend, remove your account from the whatsapp and uninstall the software completely, again download it with a fresh version and set your account, it worked for me always

      • I know,but by erasing your account from Whatsapp it automatically remove your from the entire network, after that reinstall and creating account gives your one year further subscription. It had worked for me many times

  • using it from years, had not paid anything. It just extends every year without even a notification.

  • Me too just got a msg frm whatsapp stating that ur service has been extended free for life time….by the way I m not an extensive user of whatsapp…and I have started using whatsapp 5 months ago….

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