Broadband Subscribers in Pakistan Reach 18 Million

With massive uptake of 3G and 4G technologies, broadband subscriptions in Pakistan crossed 18 million mark in July 2015, said recently issued stats by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

According to PTA, DSL broadband subscriptions reached 1.48 million at the end of July 2015, while EvDO subscribers remained 1.33 million. WiMAX subscribers were recorded at 487,582 while FTTH users stood at just 19,490.

3G/4G subscriptions, on the other hands, reached 14.61 million by July 31st, 2015 to take the total count of broadband subscribers to 18 million.

Not to mention, 14.61 million 3G/4G users were added after the auction of third-generation spectrum in April 2014, which means that broadband subscriptions grew almost 500% with-in 14 months of the auction.

With expanding 3G and 4G networks, this uptake in 3G and 4G usage is likely to remain consistent during next few years.

More in below charts:



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  • din b din Internet costly ho ti ja rahi hai .. ik to taxes bherhaya aur ptcl walo ne bhi cost bherhayi aur 1mb bhi khatam kerdia package

  • Just showing the count of subscriber won’t do any good, you need to have a daily usage of at least 10MB as a baseline to have actual success. versus the new subscriptions & unsubscriptions.

  • i have Made in japan TALA jo doors ko bohat ache tareky say band karta hai plzz koi jakay PTCL walo ko day ao yarr….inki ghatiya aur mehngi service nay bezaar kar diya thaa. Shukar hai 3G/4G services aagyen….

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