Don’t Even Think About Inserting Your S-Pen The Wrong Way On The Note 5

Very few people can debate whether the direction Samsung took with the Note 5 was a wrong one. With its metallic back and a unibody design, the phone screams class. There is one design feature, or rather a shortcoming which Samsung won’t be as proud of.

As several reviewing sites have noticed, there is a potential flaw with the S-Pen mechanism which can potentially harm your phone badly. The flaw was noted by Android Police a few days back and has been all over the web by now. According to the website, the Pen if inserted backwards into its slot and get stuck. Forcing it to come out can break the S-Pen mechanism.

And what then? Your precious Note 5 won’t recognize when you take out the stylus. The issue can’t be solved by inserting the Pen the right way next time either, as usually the damage has been done. In one instance though the phone kept working nicely.

Inserting the stylus backwards into the phone can damage the S-Pen mechanism and even your phone in some cases

It’s worth noting that the so-called “Pen-Gate” doesn’t affect the older Notes either, as they can’t be inserted the wrong way round. The new S-Pen employs a new springy mechanism which pops out the stylus when gently pushed downwards.

Samsung’s response has been simple: read the manual, which for the record does mention the design flaw. “Be sure to insert your S Pen with the nib pointed inward. Inserting the S Pen the wrong way can cause it to become stuck and can damage the pen and your phone,” the manual reads. In short, “use common sense” is the main message.

Now, the issue isn’t likely to worry a lot of users, as no one in their right mind would try such a trick on such an expensive phone. That’s obviously, until you hand your phone over to a mischievous friend (or a curious child). Be careful who you trust this phone with!

  • Why the heck would someone try to insert it the other way around when it has always been the ‘nib’ first. And by the way, put reference to BBC technology page.

      • Stuff can get delayed for a number of reasons. BTW hearing that claim for years now, though, never ever got a proof of that. Pass.

        • So it was ur research and idea?

          Now post another article with details of how to solve this Note5 Spen issue. Dont be late copying and converting the article in ur words.

          • There really is no perfect solution, apart from being wary. And first you write copy/paste now you say copying and converting, you seem confused

            • Yeah I was confused, cuz I’ve seen baboons doing copy / paste stuff…and intelligent baboons doing copy / paste / minor converting stuff…. yeah, so I was confused whether its 1st type or 2nd?

            • There is DIY solution (using a paper) for this SPen issue, use google, copy paste convert the article and paste it on proPakistan

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