Can Sygic And Its Offline Maps Replace Google Maps for Pakistanis?

GPS technology helps us a lot when we have to go to unfamiliar places. People can now use GPS apps on their Mobile Phones and get directions to their destinations easily.

Perhaps the only question that comes to mind is which GPS navigation app to use if you reside in Pakistan. Google Maps is the first option since it comes preinstalled on almost all Android devices and it is free but there are alternatives that provide better offline navigation options.

Sygic is one of the most prominent names in when it comes to GPS navigation apps even before Smartphones became so common. The navigation company has over 100 million users and has the facility of offline maps storage. In other words, users don’t need to be connected to the internet for navigation purposes and can have their local maps saved on their Mobile device. It uses TomTom’s maps for driving directions and utilises its signature big and bright UI for more visibility.

Sygic’s lifetime license for Pakistan costs 17.99 Euros (Rs. 2100)

Sygic promises more detailed maps for Pakistani users compared to other navigation providers like Google and Garmin. The added benefit of having them with you is that if you are offline, don’t have internet package or if you are out of the coverage area, you still get access to all features.

It costs around 2100 rupees for a lifetime license for Pakistan but in our opinion, it’s well worth it.

Why does Sygic charge for a premium license?

It’s not difficult to understand why Sygic charges for their service while companies like Google, Nokia and Apple provide them for free. Navigation apps are extended services to help their users for the big names but for companies like Garmin and Sygic, it’s their only business and method of earning. These specialist apps work hard on having the most detailed maps so they can compete with the free apps and make buying premium features worth it.

Sygic should get you an offline map for a Pakistani city or town that is far more detailed than what Google, Nokia or Apple can offer right now and you also don’t have to worry about having to use the internet.

Free and Premium Sygic Features:

A list of features that Sygic provides for free and for the Rs 2,100 premium are given below:

sygic free and paid featuresTo compete with the likes of Google, Sygic now provides free basic features like navigation and offline maps but keeps its best features for Premium users. If someone wants their smartphones to help them with navigation, these Premium features are a must.

Sygic also offers a 7-day Premium trial which can be used to identify if a user even requires those added features or not. If a user does not require the premium features, they can still use the app for navigation purposes.

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  • Sygic is one of the best offline maps. I always recommend to use this. I uses sygic for the first time when I along with my friend travelled from KHI to LHR by road. It was fantastic experience just because of Sygic, perfect navigation, we were able to browse POI throughout our journey, flawless experience, we stayed in BWP, RHK, Multan and LHR. We were able to get exact locations using it.
    On some instance they need to update their maps, since lots of development works took place in lhr and khi. But one thing is sure, that you will be able to reach your final destination point using it. Sygic will give you accurate speed of your vehicle prayer time and everything.

  • I am using cracked version of sygic with no adds & turn to turn navigation
    Google has also plan to introduce offline turn to turn navigation but the problem is they are not offering turn by turn navigation for Pakistan despite the fact that they have most comprehensive maps

  • i think sygic is good but in main cities of pakistan only and also their maps update is not frequent since in Pakistan they rely on 3rd party to update their maps. due to this i didnt opted for thier premium services quite happy with Google maps do most of jobs though no offline availability .

  • I purchases Sygic before my fist trip to Lahore, Islamabad and beyond, very useful. The fact that Google Maps does not support turn by turn navigation in Pakistan makes Sygic the best option out there, for now.

  • Sygic is my favourite app for offline navigation. It is simply the best thing to use if one loses his/her way. It has been useful to me on countless occasions .

      • I can give it but i prefer not to disclose any personal details ….. so nope. I cant give any example :P

        • Do not disclose any confidential information and just mention here the situation a some generic terms. Is it a difficult task?

          • Ok.
            Were going to a shadi. Lost our way… roamed here and there fr abt 5 minutes… decided to give these maps a try… searched the name of the shadi hall, thankfully, it showed up in the list. Got directions for it… turned out we were going in completely the opposite direction!
            Got to the venue. Thanked Allah ;)

            • Why didn’t you ask some passing by locals for the directions. It would have costed you less time and no data charges.

              • You really dont understand do you?IT COSTED NOTHING! NO HASSLE! We THOUGHT we had gone wrong, i checked the map which was OFFLINE! And it turned out we actually did go wrong… else we wud’ve gone for atleast 10 km more before realising our mistake…

              • I was using sygic premium… pakistan version… it provides a complete map of pakistan and EVERY LOCATION IN IT! Offline!

              • luckily he was not in Lahore, if he asked someone( lahori), as a result it takes 2 hrs revolve around and he finds himself standing at start point. :)

  • Sygic is one of ‘Bkwas’ offline maps.
    Ok.. so mujy Fsd se Lahore or waha se Jana tha Maal road pe ab Fsd2Lhr road ka to mujy pata tha but Maal road k lea ma ny Sygic ki help li, Sygic ny btya k ap jaha ho waha se Maal road 4.7 KM hai ap yakeen karo es ny mujy Lahore ki wo wo galiyan Ghomaien k may b Ma sari Umar ma wo na dekh pata..
    Bilakhr jab ma 2.5 KM door tha maal road se after 40 mints to Sygic ny mujy us Gali ma daal dea jaha se Bike bhi mushkil se guzar sakti the Gari to door ki baat.. phr ma ny mobile band kea or Logon ki help se ma Maal road pe pohncha..
    Han agr app for Exp: Lahore se Multan jana chaho or ap kabi nai gy to yeh ap ko waha to pohncha dy ge..
    But please es se yeh na pochna k Kon sa Hotel kaha hai ya Kon sa Hosptal kaha hai ya Park whatever.. wrna galiyan e ghomty raho gy..
    Es etbar se Google Maps are Best..

  • i think ,we shoudl not get in these syapaas ,when google is fullfilling all the requirement ,then who needs sygic ,imean ,if u r gooing ftie or sygic just for offline maps, then plz get a little bit time and do some pangas with google maps , there is also offline maps feature ,plus i think google maps is most comprehensive
    plus i love google maps simplicity

  • I’m a pilot & have to do alot of travelling. I’ve used sygic alot apart from other online nav apps like google maps & locus pro. The issue with Sygic is that it is not as updated as they claim in towns & villages.

  • Awesome App
    Far better than Google Maps
    provide u your Current speed at which you are Traveling
    Distance Remaining
    Alternate Route
    and lot more….

  • Sygic is not using TomTom mapa all maps are developed by Pakistani company TPL Trakker another fact about sygic maps is their accuracy and detailed maps

  • I am a very active user of Sygic for last 3 years.. It is by far the best offline navigation software I have used. Its 3D interface shows 3D images of passing fuel stations and major buildings which looks really cool…I have also used it in areas where you dont have formal addresses, have successfully navigated in areas like Akhtar colony and Mahmoodabad in Karachi. In areas like DHA / Gulshan/PECHS etc in Karachi or entire Islamabad, it guides you with voice right till the plot no / home no.. Used it in atleast 10 – 12 cities with mix experiences but mainly good to extremely good..

  • Best offline navigation app around for PK. I have just been told they updated their maps for PK, going to look into this.

  • Been using it for a long time now, best offline maps. Bought the premium service this year :)

    The only issue is the Updated version of Sygic takes a Lot of time to load, if especially you are searching for something on-the-go.
    The last best version in this regard was 14.3.2
    In all the newest versions, you have to enter the city name each time you perform a quick search, which is pretty annoying.

  • Google is still sygic’s DADDY when it comes to most accurate maps with latest POI.
    But still SYGIC provide more good looking navigation experience as compared to gmaps. gmaps are kind of old fashioned style. We heard google will announce offline turn by turn navigation by the end of this year, it will surely cut large chunk of Sygic customers.I purchased Sygic from the Last updated map for Pakistan is (as of writing) is Jun 2015. I can see
    many updated names and places , even many mechanic shop anmes and
    others are there. so its really updated
    More info I shared at.

  • Sygic 16.0.12 Premium (Latest Version) has messed up Pakistani Map.
    They even deleted Islamabad Sectors names e.g G10 Markaz, F8 Markaz.
    Hilarious !!!

    Not sure if its a bug or they intentionally did it.

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