Comparison of 3G Mobile Broadband Devices And Offerings in Pakistan

As internet usage grows rapidly in Pakistan, telecommunication companies, chiefly Mobilink, Telenor, Zong, Warid and PTCL, have all joined the race in providing not only the best, but also the most affordable and the most efficient 3G mobile broadband devices and packages in the country.

We are often asked by our readers about the best option to go for in terms of 3G mobile broadband and here we are with the answers.

Please note that this post is about hardware based (Wingle,WiFi and MiFi) 3G devices and packages only.

Things to Consider before Buying a 3G Mobile Broadband Device:

If you are planning to buy a 3G mobile broadband Dongle, 3G MiFi or any other 3G device, below are things that you should consider before making a purchase:

  • Device cost of 3G/4G Device
  • Choosing right device type
  • Monthly recurring cost, or service charges
  • Data limit allowed per month
  • QoS and Coverage of the particular service provider in areas where you intend to use the wireless internet.

Device Cost

Device cost, that’s one off payment you have to make to acquire the hardware (Dongle, MiFi, WiFi etc). One can compromise a little on the device cost, i.e. pay more just once if other parameters are in your favor.

Device Type

There are three types of mobile broadband devices available in the market. Depending on what you need and how you need internet is important before selecting your device type. Keep reading to know more:

  • Wingle:
    • 3G Wingle devices can be plugged into laptop/PC to use internet on a single PC/laptop.
    • Internet will be available only when directly plugged into your PC/Laptop
    • You can’t share this 3G internet with other devices.
  • WiFi Devices:
    • These 3G USB devices that can be plugged into PC/Laptop to get internet access on the PC/Laptop
    • 3G WiFi devices, when plugged into a source, create WiFi hotspot and hence internet can be shared with up to 10 devices at a time.
    • 3G WiFi devices can attached with any USB power source (Charger / TV USB device / Car tape USB input) to create a WiFi hotspot
  • MiFi Devices:
    • 3G MiFi devices are standalone hardware that runs on battery
    • 3G MiFi devices, when switched on, create a WiFi hotspot and up to 10 devices can connect with MiFi to share internet
    • 3G MiFi devices run on battery and hence will go offline once battery is fully discharged

Monthly Charges

Monthly recurring charges are to be considered very carefully. This is a service charge or line rent of 3G devices you have to pay on monthly basis and you must look at your affordability before making a decision.

Data Limits

3G Wireless internet is never unlimited and hence there are data limits for every wireless internet solution. Now depending on how much data are you going to consume is going to be vital decision you have to make before purchasing a 3G data plan.

My advice is to use 3G wireless internet only for important tasks and things that are crucial only. No torrents downloading with 3G wireless internet please as 3G wireless internet isn’t meant for bulk downloading.

However, it may depend on what amount of data limits you may require for your usual internet needs, including emails, size of attachments, browsing time and type and so on to decide a 3G data limit.

Coverage and QoS in Your Area

Lastly and most importantly you must test the quality of service and 3G coverage of a device and the operator (by lending from a FnF maybe) in areas where you plan to use the 3G broadband internet.

You must know that certain operators perform better in one area than others. This can be due to low number of customers from your respective operator in the area or maybe because the cell site (BTS) of this operator is nearer to you as compared to other operators and hence may offer you better 3G speeds and the quality.

So its always safe and better to check the 3G services of an operator before you make a purchase.

Overview of 3G/4G Broadband Internet

We have prepared an infographic to give you an overview of 3G / 4G offerings from various operators. This graphic will tell you the device cost, 3G and 4G data plans and their pricing details.

Have a look below before we go into operator-wise details for mobile broadband internet solutions:



Mobilink 3G Devices and Packages

Mobilink, one of the earliest GSM companies of Pakistan, also provides its subscribers with high speed 3G internet and wireless 3G internet dongles.

These dongles come with packages of 15 to 25 GB of data capacity and run with prepaid services, which enable Mobilink customers to pay as they go.


Telenor 3G Devices and Packages

Telenor, which has the largest number of 3G subscribers in Pakistan, currently, offers its customers two kinds of 3G mobile broadband dongles; 3G Connect and 3G Connect WiFi.

These two 3G devices provide high speed 3G internet to its users with bigger data capacities than usual mobile internet for longer usage.


Warid 4G/LTE Devices and Packages

Boasting the largest number of business subscribers in Pakistan, Warid offers its customers two types of wireless 4G internet devices; Warid Wingle and Warid MiFi.

The internet services provided through these devices are offered in multiple packages, such as Smart, Extra and Ultra, with their respective rates.


Zong 3G /4G Devices and Packages

Another leading telco, Zong is a subsidiary of China Mobile, the largest telecommunication company of China. It provides both 3G and 4G wireless internet devices and services such as Wingles and MiFi devices.

Zong is one of the fastest growing 3G service providers in the country and is also the only telecom company to provide uninterrupted internet over motorways.



  • Zong Wireless Internet Packages are same for both 3G and 4G

PTCL EVO / Nitro / Chaarji Packages 

The wireless internet services offered by PTCL include various devices such as the EVO, Nitro and Chaarji, which include multiple kinds of USB dongles, wingles and Cloud devices, each with their respective price and package range.

These devices can all be used simultaneously by multiple users and on multiple devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, Smart TV etc. in order to enjoy internet services.



  • Wingle internet can be shared via wifi n work with any USB power source eg charger,power bank etc.
    Dongle internet can’t be shared.
    1 Positive point of telenor 3g connect n 3g connect WiFi is that it can be easily unlocked for other sims.
    1 positive point of zong LTE wingle ( I hear from some one) is that it support external antenna good for user with signals problem.
    In swabi in Term of Signal Quality
    Mobilink at no 1
    Zong at no 2
    Telenor at no 3.
    While ufone has no 3G

  • Zong 4G MBB is best in speed as well as rates…. I am using data sim in my 4G Smart Phone and feeling satistied… If zong double it’s bundles then i will say good bye to my ptcl broadband who gives me 3.42 Mbps speed at the rate of 2100 Per Month.
    Remember Zong is giving you 45Mbps speed in 2000 Per Month as no other ISP is providing.

  • I downloaded 700 Mb movie from torrent in just 10 minutes at night. and 1.49 GB movie at afternoon in 38 Minutes. Hence its best in all kind. I request Zong to please give 100 GB in 2000 Rs as well as provide us Postpaid Packages with static ips.

        • That package unfortunately is NOT permanent.. any moment they like, they can discontinue it…

        • but Warid’s speed sucks.. i hardly get more than 5mbps on Warid… and things will remain so untill warid spends money to buy frequency. . . . untill then Zong is the only option .. and it’s the best option in my view

        • bhai sehdi baat hai bandwidth limited hota hai. is liye it will slow down after awhile. Our stupid govt should allow free investment in fiber to home service and prevent this saturation of 4g frequency bandwidth. Because it will slow down 3g/4g networks.

  • Great work, thumbs up. Next one should be covering the third party devices, where we can use any sim with one same device.

      • Dear Admin, Please see that prices mentioned for PTCL in the graphic are not current prices. Furthermore, the prices mentioned in the text also do not represent accurate rates. For example, the current charji package for Rs. 2000 offers unlimited volume for first 6 months (not 50GB as mentioned in the text) I hope it gets corrected.

        • Dear Guest, above data plans are mentioned for usual and normal offerings. Not promotional or time limited offerings.

          Other time limited offering that we omitted for example include double data limit from Telenor and Mobilink. Hence PTCL’s normal offerings were included and time bound promotions were not included.

      • Telenor prices are not inclusive taxes as we have to load 2000 to get 1500 pacakge :P so taxes are there

  • great analysis.. Packages r still too high they must ve introduce 500 Rs bundle with 10GB… as they are also deducting tax on it so it becomes higher

  • ZONG internet works more than fine for me wherever I move. I am using my Zong in 3 different areas of Lahore and it is proving more reliable even from PTCL which was for some time Ahhh!. I wish they Offer more data limit :) Cuz speed is really great and sometimes you feel data limit is too short.

  • Great coverage. I keep Zong 4G Mifi as a backup (and when I am out and about) to my 20Mbps asynchronous connection from Transworld. the speeds are excellent all over the city (Karachi). Warid on the other hand has not been stable for me and I would not touch anything that says PTCL with a 10 foot pole.

    Mobilink is good too, but speeds are slower than Zong and I have just stopped using it since I got the Zong Mifi.

    • How much are you paying monthly for a 20Mbps connection and how much is the data cap?

      • PKR 3,000 + tax so about PKR 4,000 for 20 Mbps up and 20Mbps down, static IP and unlimited data.

        • Wow this is incredible.
          I am going to get this connection for myself too.
          I Hope they offer this service in Bahria Town Rawalpindi as well.

          • Sadly they are only working in DHA Karachi for now and that too in limited phases. This is a FTTH (Fiber To Home) connection, and they are deploying it very slowly.

        • you pay too much for the internet….south asia has pathetic internet infra

        • Where you using fiberlink in Lahore and If it is possible please do share speedtest. Thanks

        • I heard fiberlink is not consistent with their services. . . some time service is gone for days… is this true …(in Lahore)

  • Still all packages are very expensive for 100gb or more.. 20 to 30gb’s data price’s are affordable but data limit is very less for 3g/4g speed

  • Telenor and Zong have captured the wireless broadband market(3G, 4G) with superior quality of service.Congratulations to both these companies.

  • I was wondering if it is possible to use the internet bundles that we get on our mobile phones on these devices. is it possible to use the sim we use on our phones on these devices and then activate those packages or only the bundles mentioned can be used on these devices?

    • I got u covered . every device has a sim slot where you can put a normal or data sim for conectivity .. And one step ahead you can easily unlock telenor and zong wingle device for other carrier sims quite easily ..zong is a big player so they are offring some kind of relief on device prices decision now is to buy a zong mifi device 4g and unlock it for other carriers as its backword compatible so that you can swape the sim of any other network in that (but i think no body will get satisfection on any network after once using zong 3g let alone 4g). I remained satisfied custmer of telenor for a year then one day i just checked what zong can offer me and on next day first thing i did was changed my netwrk from telenor to zong and never even thought of going back to telenor and ptcl…

      • did you unlocked zong mifi 4G if yes kindly share the recipe how you unlocked that device.

      • if we get a zong device, can we use zong normal sim on it instead of data sim? i already have a zong sim and i am satisfied with its service.

  • Overall Zong Internet services are good
    and if any body is heavy downloader then mobilink is the best in terms of speed and packages..

    • How Mobilink is best in terms of Packages?
      Mobilink 40GB in 2000 while one can get 50GB from Zong in same price.

        • @zafarabbasrizvi:disqus bhai zong ki promo offer ki baat ker rahay hay jo ub new customers kay liye nahi hay..warna 48gb milta hay 1500rs main ye offer dec 2015 tak hay.. Wish this offer extend for life by Zong..

  • now ptcl 3g evo wingle offer 3000 gb per month on 2000 rupies speed is 9.3 mbps but average is 4.5 Mbps in abbotabad.

  • Zong beat the hell out of monopolist PeeTCL but to be honest their 3G coverage expansion is really slow. Futhermore, they should reduce the prices for 100 and 200GB packages.

  • Telenor 3G and Mobilink 3G are most pathetic. No wonder Telenor and Mobilink has the highest churn rates these days.

  • mobilink does not offer 30GB @ RS 1500 its without tax you have to load Rs 2200 card to avail this offer where as zong is with tax 1500…. i checked these two personally

    • hahaha !!! RIP ufone … they are nowhere in competition … guess who’s their boss … PEEETcLL

  • PTCL 3G wingle and charji are best. You have not considered PTCL EVO Sir . They are giving Unlimited (300GB) in 2000RS

  • whats the price (after all taxes) of zong’s 50GB package??? I feel like buying the mifi device ….. but price as usual is a concern

  • Zong has very good offers but i am not using it because i am using zong unlimited 3G 4G data with 500 on net minutes in just Rs.210 Including tax :)
    P.s This package is only for employees :)

  • Zong has taken the lead in the competition.Monopoly of PTCL is now finished.There will be tough competition in next one year.

    • O_o looks like somebody doesnt like a bit of humor in reply to their comments.. .

  • Those days are gone when PTCL used to apply fair usage policy on 100GB or 300GB. Now they are actively applying fair usage policy whenever the feel that you have consumed considerable quota in short span of time regardless of your download limit.

    I was once a satisfied PTCL EVO Wingle user, but not anymore. I have 40 GB download limit(package: Breeze). Last Sunday I downloaded 3GB file. It is friday today and I am still facing problem in simple web browsing let alone a torrent download. My total download for this month is 8 GB. And I have still to consume 32 GB but it doesnt matter. I have faced this problem time and time again in last few months.

    Anyone who is looking to buy PTCL device beaware. They dont even let users consume their download limit even when it is as small as 40 GB.

    I am switching to zong now.

  • I think information about PTCL charji evo cloud is wrong, I got 300 GB in 2000 PKR. I returned my EVO 3G Wingle and cut 1000 PKR from device price. I am also user of Zong Employee special package. So I can say there is only slight difference in 4G speed of Zong and PTCL where I live.

  • PTCL has actually lowered its rates to a great extent(to my surprize) and their rates are equal to that of zong.

  • If you talk about mobile internet .. then there is no option other than Zong !! Best speed , Best packages, Best coverage !!

  • Google gave gb of email space, when others gave mbs and raised the bar. In Pakistan Ptcl should be the one to raise the bar, but look at it, pathetic service and on top of that check the data caps, even an illetrate uses more watching videos on youtube.

  • I experienced both zong and ptcl. Both r pathetic in service. Its takes hours to open simple web pages with Bolt+ ., zong’s blazing internet. These Chinese r also thugs.

  • close