PTA Adopts “Work From Home” Policy on Trial Basis

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has introduced a new policy of Work from Home/Teleworking (Telecommunicating) to facilitate the female employees of PTA which will provide a convenient and comfortable working environment  for women.

In current age of internet, work from home is a proven strategy that not only saves cost but also increases productivity. However, communication between the peers has to be flawless through effective and meaningful collaboration tools.

PTA said that this new policy is currently adopted as a trial and in the first phase, a batch of female officers with small children have been allowed one day “Work from Home” during a week.

After the successful completion of the first phase more officers will be allowed to avail one day work from home during a week.

It may be mentioned that, “Work from Home Policy” is aimed at facilitating employees to make the working environment as positive as possible.

PTA believes in empowering its employees and endeavors to provide equal opportunity to all employees to work in an environment where they can provide quality input at not only a comfortable pace but one that also caters to the human needs of the employees.

    • Do you know what’s the stupidest thing EVER? Look in the mirror.

      Because of the Internet the world is changing, for better or worse. People no longer have to travel to communicate, to see each other, to work even. Then we have people like you who think it’s the “most stupid” thing for no reason. Telecommuting is nothing new, more and more companies in developed countries are adopting it to facilitate their employees. Even some Fortune 500 companies are adopting it. So crawl out of the 18th century, grandpa.

      • I have read most of your comments and you seem very much attached to PTA. Make your own comment instead of telling others to look in the mirror and calling others grandpa. I have my own opinion, please give yours instead of commenting on others.

        • I’ll choose to ignore the “attached to PTA” juvenile remark and address your other “make your own comment” remark. What I commented was based on personal experience more than anything else. I’ve worked in companies that offered me to work from home and I’ve worked in companies that scorned on even the mention of telecommuting. I’ll give you an example from when I was in a company that allowed me to work from home one day per two weeks. It was an absolute blessing, because it saved me at least 2.5 hours in total usually went wasted into travelling to my workplace and back. Those 2.5 hours went into working from home, which meant that my productivity increased and I got free at least 2.5 hours earlier. Getting free earlier also meant that I had more time on my hands and I could do chores that I couldn’t do during weekends, like taking care of various matters at my bank (because banks are closed during weekends), house chores, etc. Not to mention that it saved me the stress that comes with travelling.

          You’re allowed to have your opinion; for which, if I might add, you gave no reason at all. But I’m also allowed to call your opinion flawed based on concrete reasoning based on personal experience.

          • Thing is may be your productivity increased by this method but the core pakistani will start abusing it. They will consider it as a vacation. honestly how many people do you think will increase their productivity?

            • We can’t start censuring something that we haven’t even experimented with. Many people outside our country actually have, and the results are more than satisfactory. The whole freelancing community is mostly based on telecommuting, and Pakistan is ranked 5th in the world when it comes to the number of freelancers. So if we can do it so well outside the tether of a company, what’s the worst that could happen in at least giving it a try on a corporate level?

  • Dear,

    I must say HAHAHAHA, as usual PTA Reputation is to take care of Govt Financial Grabbing Interest in Telecom sector. i think start from the PTA Chairman, he must wear Bangles,because he only has to do what Ministry of Finance/Interior Directs him.
    Ufone is Charging for Whatsapp/Facebook Calling,here it’s mentioned that such facilities are free from Whatsapp/Facebook,but it only happens in Pakistan. They’re looting us and PTA comes a Front Line to protect Telecom rather than Customers.
    Service Charges over Prepaid Card/Loads start from 3% now increases to 10%, but PTA instead of stop Telecom but giving them provisions to increase their share in such illegal money.

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