Pakistani Student Stands 2nd Globally in Microsoft Student Partner Insider Program

Ozair Belal, Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) from PAF Karachi Institute of Economic & Technology (KIET) stood 2nd in worldwide MSP Insider Ranking in a recent review shared by Microsoft Student Partner global team.

To give our readers a glimpse of Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) program, MSP is a representative of Microsoft in his respective campus. Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) are trained by Microsoft on various technologies and work to enlighten their fellow students with these technologies and offering from Microsoft or those from Open Source supported by Microsoft.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft already provides most of its products free of any cost to the students and startups via its DreamSpark and BizSpark programs in Pakistan and worldwide. MSPs are selected from all the major universities of Pakistan every academic year under Developer Experience & Evangelism Group of Microsoft along with Education segment.

Ozair BelalOzair Belal was selected an MSP in 2012 and is working as Microsoft Student Partner for the last three years. During his tenure he arranged many training sessions and seminars on Microsoft technologies. He worked in his university as well as collaborated with MSPs from various other universities to help them execute the program effectively. Based over this performance he was awarded free access to many Microsoft products including access to developer devices, technical mentorship, MSDN Subscription, Azure access and technical support.

Due to his outstanding performance in April 2015, he was selected MSP Group President for South Region (Baluchistan and Sindh). He was invited for MSP Worldwide Summit 2015 to represent Pakistan at Microsoft Head Office (Seattle USA). He received a Raspberry PI kit from the Redmond team to pursue his passion for technology. In a recent review end of September 2015, Ozair Belal stood 2nd Worldwide in MSP Insider Ranking. Other than being highlighted globally, he was awarded a Microsoft Band.

Microsoft Student Partner Social Insider Ranking is based over the net impact on social media by an individual MSP and is calculated based over various attributes like sessions, content popularity, tweets, retweets, engagement with community, mentions and comments.

Ozair Belal is among the many other Pakistanis who are changing the perception of the world about Pakistan as Microsoft is fertilizing such brains that can bring real positive change in the world.

  • Congratulations Ozair, very well done. You made us Proud. Best of luck and May Allah Bless You.

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