GE to Invest $50 Million to Set Up Technology & Digital Center in Pakistan

GE has announced that it’s going to invest $50 million in Pakistan to set up a first of its kind technology and Digital Center in Pakistan. The Center will introduce its Industrial Internet solutions for its partners to support them in accelerating productivity and operational efficiency.

The Center will be grounds for customer and developer collaboration on development of software solutions and Industrial Internet applications and will deliver training to build the skills of Pakistan’s technical and skilled professionals.

The announcement was made on the sidelines of GE Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt’s visit.

The new GE Pakistan Technology and Digital Center also marks GE’s focus investment in local manufacturing and will serve as proof of GE’s commitment to building local talent, lean manufacturing capability and indigenization of technology.

GE is also looking to co-invest in several clean energy projects in the renewables and gas based sectors

Nabil Habayeb, GE’s President and CEO for the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey said GE is at the cutting edge of digital innovation, having transformed their businesses to leverage the potential for growth offered by the digital industrial economy.

The meshing of big data and advanced analytics with heavy machinery, which we call as Industrial Internet, is today a game changer for businesses world-wide. With the new investments, GE is underlining its commitment to bring greater digitization that will help enhance the operational efficiency and productivity of partners in the country, he said.

GE harnesses the power of the Industrial Internet and delivers value to its customers via Asset Performance Management (APM), a category of software and technology that optimizes machines and operations to maximize business performance across industries including aviation, manufacturing, energy, transportation and healthcare.

GE Predix: Powering Industrial Internet Apps and Solutions

GE’s Industrial Internet applications and solutions are powered by Predix, the world’s first and only cloud-based operating system built exclusively for industry. GE has also unveiled its dedicated environment for industrial developers,, which will lay the foundation for the world’s first and largest marketplace for industrial applications.

Pakistan is already at the vanguard in embracing Industrial Internet solutions by GE. A great example is the integration of Predix by Sapphire Electric Company Limited. It drives a suite of APM applications which allows industrial assets from any vintage or vendor to talk seamlessly with each other in a secure manner and uses analytics to deliver outcomes for our customers.

Pakistan’s young and vibrant talent pool of software professionals is uniquely positioned to leverage the opportunity provided by GE’s Industrial Internet using

Besides, GE has two major areas for this investments plan including local manufacturing sector and clean energy projects.

  • hasn’t invested anything yet and I am sure after learning about commission terms from our politicians they wont even think about investing here anything.

  • Its better GE doesnt come to our country … they are a very large criminal company, they evade taxes as they did last year in the USA. GE also laundered $108 billion and took it outside their home country to avoid taxes.

    GE also invests in dangerous technologies using foreign countries as their testing labs. This technology and Digital Center crap is old, they want the data of internet users in Pakistan and the sub-continent something the US did not have.

    GE is part of a large oligopoly that wants to rule the world through corporatism. If Pakistanis had any character and a hint of intelligence they will say no to this rubbish by GE.

    • Dear Ameer Abbas. Taking money out to avoid tax is a problem created by US government. Most high tech companies including google, amazon and apple try to find methods of saving tax money (why shouldn’t they? business has to optimize everything). As for saying no, are we the cleanest of nations in the world? Do we need to revisit our tax numbers?

      Digitial crap and testing labs maybe old but they create JOBS! Your universities are churning out engineers and there is an oversupply causing underpaid jobs. Let GE come here and generate business. If we have grit we will compete with them!

    • “They want the data of internet users in Pakistan and the sub-continent something the US did not have.”

      Seriously? Ever heard of Edward Snowden?

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