New Battery by Huawei Charges to 48% Capacity in Five Minutes

As much as you love fast-charging, it comes with a dirty, little secret. It slowly eats your battery capacity. Obviously, some trade-offs are to be expected for such an increasing amount of speed and your valuable time. Until now that is.


Huawei has come to the rescue with its new battery technology, which is one of the fastest in charging times, and doesn’t destroy your battery life.

The new lithium-ion battery features a granite-coated anode. It uses heteroatoms (atoms which aren’t carbon and hydrogen) and charges through a custom charger. The result? The 3,000 mAh battery charges (read: races) to 48% in just five minutes and provides up to 10 hours of talk time. The capacity is also on par with what the latest flagships have currently.

According to Huawei, since the battery is made of heteroatoms, the battery life or capacity doesn’t deteriorate as you put the phone through the paces after hours of use.

And Huawei doesn’t even stop there. The company has also developed an even faster battery which charges to 68 percent in just 2 minutes, though, it’s 600 mAh capacity doesn’t really make it usable for today’s power-hungry devices.

Concluding Thoughts

We aren’t currently aware of any drawbacks (if there are any) and whether this kind of battery will be used in other interesting, flourishing fields such as wearables and electric vehicles. It does, however represent a breakthrough.


Battery technology has unfortunately remained the same in recent times, despite some remarkable breakthroughs. In this competitive environment,  the new battery by Huawei can become a trendsetter and industry leader in case it’s ready for mass production.


  • 48% in 5 minutes????
    This is going to be a game-changer for huawei! Samsung, watch out! You’ve got some serious chinese competition!

  • My meizu mx5 fast charger charges battery with 4A current upto 60% and after that keep reducing the charge value to 500mA in the final 10%. I am using “ampere” app to measure these values. Can somebody share Snapdragon’s fast charge 2.0 charging values.

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