Skype Update for Android Lets You Save Video Messages

The VoIP application Skype has rolled out a huge update for Android smartphone users. It brings a new core feature – the ability to save video messages on your Android mobile device with relative ease. The latest update has been labelled Skype 6.11 for Android, and apart from the earlier mentioned feature, there are others which you should know about.

All the Latest Features Added in Skype Update for Android

Managing conversations:

You can now long tap on a contact or chat in the ‘Recents’ tab to bring up a new toolbar to delete, mark as read, or mute notifications.

Save video messages:

The biggest change in Skype for Android is when you record or receive a video message, and if you want to keep it, just tap on it to save it to your phone’s photo gallery.


Enhanced search:

On an Android device, searching conversations used to be more difficult as compared to a desktop computer. The latest update brings an enhanced search algorithm, allowing you to search for the exact conversation.

Sharing made much easier:

You can now share photos from your photo gallery directly to a Skype group conversation. Another added feature is that in group chats, you can tap on images and files to forward them to another contact or group.

Skype for Android Still Needs Some Work 

According to Skype, all these changes were made possible after listening to user ideas in their Feedback section. There are some lingering issues that users still face. For instance, they should sync desktop and laptop messages to Android devices faster since messages received on the desktop application would not make its way to the mobile app without a noticeable delay.

Additionally, we also hope that they are able to fix the battery hogging nature of the application, which would definitely be welcomed by millions of Android users worldwide.

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