3,500 MegaWatt Wind Energy Project to Curb Power Outage Problems

Traditional energy sources such as fossil fuels can only provide Pakistan with power for so long. In light of this, the Alternate Energy Development Board (AEDB) has proposed a new, but ambitious plan; to add 3,000-3,500MW to the national grid by 2018 by wind-based electricity. The CEO of AEDB, Amjad A, Awan, recently apprised the press of the progress of wind power projects undertaken in Pakistan.

“Out of this, 1,396MW of electricity will be added to the system by 2017 as the AEDB would complete several projects initiated for alternate power generation by then.”  – AEDB Chief Executive Officer, Amjad A. Awan

Details of Projects Undertaken for Wind Energy

Mr. Awan said that the listed wind projects are currently operational.

  • FFC Energy (49.5MW)
  • ZorluEnerji Pakistan (56.4MW)
  • Three Gorges First Wind Farm Pakistan (49.5MW)
  • Foundation Wind Energy II (50MW)
  • Foundation Wind Energy I (50MW) Gharo

While these five are currently functional, he has stated that 28 ongoing projects will provide a combined capacity of 1,396.4MW and would be completed by 2017. In this way, perhaps we can finally say goodbye to the energy crises that has been plaguing the country since over a decade. Additionally, the following nine wind projects are under construction as well.

  • Sapphire Wind Power Company (50MW)
  • Yunus Energy (50MW)
  • Metro Power Company (50MW)
  • Tapal Wind Energy (30MW)
  • Gul Wind Energy (50MW)
  • United Energy Pakistan (99MW)
  • Hydro China Dawood Power (50MW)
  • Master Wind Energy (50MW)
  • Tenaga Generasi (50MW)

These have formed a grand total of 477MW, which might not be sufficient enough to wipe out the energy crises, but a proper step has been taken in the right direction. With these new projects, he also stated that power tariff for wind power projects had been reduced to 10.4 cents, and with the addition of more plants like these, there is a very high chance that the tariff will be reduced even further.

Benefits of Going with Wind Energy

The obvious benefits of wind energy are that they are able to provide clean power to the country and will not contribute negatively to the environment. Traditional methods of providing power might be doing the job, but they negatively impact the environment, leading to adverse weather conditions and global warming. It’s safe to say that these conditions are not good for power grids scattered across the country.

With these new projects, will we finally be seeing the end of the power crisis? Let us hope so.

  • I am cursing my self for being Pakistani all the time but initiatives like these makes my faith back in Pakistan. :)
    May they be successful in their Wind Powered Project.

  • Chalo akhir kar koi tou achi khabar ai… lekin eik masla he… achi khabar tou ye b thi k internet taxes khatam ho jaein ge…. lekin pata nai us khabar ko phir kya hua……

  • Has the increase in energy consumption by 2017 catered for as well? Maybe the increase in consumption offset this so called increase in production?

  • estimate of shortfall is wrong..Pakistan needs atleast 50k MW(total production) to over come energy crisis at the end of 2018..demand by industries,house hold(imagine AC in 50% of houses as in middle east)..demand will increase day by day.this type of wind project will contribute nothing

  • This is a very good thing, however we must not wander in Utopia just yet. While these numbers like 50MW wind project seem heart warming, you should realize that this is the power rating based in the number and type of Turbines used example 33 no. of 1.5MW turbines = 49.5MW.
    This is not the actual output that these will feed the National Grid (NTDC). In-fact the output will be much lower as the Wattage and Frequency are highly dependent on wind velocity, which varies through out the year. We should expect output to be half as much. Although this is a great step forward.

  • These kind of projects is the only cheap solution to wipe out or reduce the energy crisis in Pakistan. Without it the energy crisis will be reduced but its quite expensive which alternatively damages the government and businesses. And these kind of project helpful to build back faith in our people.

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