Government Should Rationalize Taxes on Telecom and Internet: Anusha Rahman

Expressing serious concerns over heavy taxation on telecom sector, State Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication Anusha Rahman recommended the government to rationalize taxes on telecom sector.

After the federal government, provincial governments have also imposed heavy taxes on telecom sector especially on broadband services, which is at the initial phase of its survival. The heavy taxation is negatively impacting the business and growth of telecom sector, said the minister while talking to media here on Tuesday.

Anusha Rehman said that access to broadband services in the country was 3 percent before the launch of 3G/4G services, which is now around 15 percent. According to an international study, a country could reap internet fruits of its contribution in its economy once the access to services cross the mark of 20 percent.

PTA is working on a report to assess impact of heavy taxation on industry growth

The minister further said that the issue of heavy taxation has been raised with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and Punjab government as well. Secretary of the IT ministry is engaged with the Board on the issue, and only FBR can take decision in this regard as the government also needs revenue to run its affairs.

She further said that Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has constituted a committee to evaluate the exact situations and rationalize taxes on the broadband services. The issue was also raised with the Finance Minister of Punjab and she has assured to resolve the issue soon.

Telecom Policy for the next 5 years has been finalized and is pending approval from ECC

Anusha Rehman said that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has been asked to work out the taxation ratio during 2013 to make a comparison of the industry growth during the regime of heavy taxation and before the taxation. A final recommendation would be prepared in this regard and would be shared with FBR. FBR will take final decision in this regard, the minister added.

The minister said Telecom policy has been finalized and sent to the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet for approval. The policy would be for five years and would cover all those aspects, missing in previous policy to incentivize the sector and introduce innovations in telecommunication.

  • Batain suntey jao bas.
    Han ager Telecom companies aur Users mil ker dharney dain tou shayed Govt ki aqal haath aa jaye (example Kissan Package). Laaton key bhoot baton sey nahi mantey.

  • Many of PTCL Dsl customers have withdrawn their services due to increase in tax (20% in sindh) and also gradual increasing of student pkg. Also the dsl subscribers also have to pay line rent whether they use telephon or not.

  • the equation between Minister of IT and Minister of Finance is on very bad terms. They both accuse each other for interference in their respective ministries. So forget about rationalization of taxes

  • this women should not be our State Minister for Information Technology
    and Telecommunication, she is not a tech person. she don’t know even ABC
    of technologies, how come she can solve tech or consumer problems if she doesn’t know them, she is just doing ” Khana Puri ” we and she both knows. :( i am sorry if i hurt any of her fan.

      • Hahahah true that
        Pakistani’s love to come up with the criticism for the sake of criticism.

        Anusha Rahman is a lawyer by profession and holds a master’s degree in law from the University College London in the United Kingdom. Her specialization was in the law and economics of regulated industries, networks and markets.
        Her legal practice has been in constitutional, corporate, information technology and telecommunication law, and other than having worked with top law firms, she also worked as in-house corporate legal counsel for a multinational mobile telecommunication operator in Pakistan.

        • so her fans do exists :)
          thanks for letting us know her education but
          you can clearly see my point why she should not be our minister of
          technology by exploring propakistani website already, this is not
          criticism but she is the govt and telling media that she will ask govt
          to resolve things.
          people here just waving her fancy education degrees but not any of her record breaking performances or revolutionary decisions.
          qualification doesn’t compete with wisdom my friends.

          • I think its not difficult to understand that Minister IT cant minimize or rationalize the tax herself.She can only take up the matter to the concerned govt(in tax perspective) means FBR n provincial govts who r authorised to levy tax.Moreover Mr Adil hs given her academic credentials wch speaks volume of her competence.I think she is the most competent minister in incumbent cabinet.But there no treatment of jealousy,if someone have??

  • o bhai itna itna tax nahi lain gain, tau qaum ke gareeb khadim aur un ke buchay fararioon aur lambourghinion main kaisay ghomain gain UK aur USA main??????

  • Chup ker ke tax do samajh aiiii….yeh hukumran humaray amaloon aur gunhaoon ke ziadtati ki saza hain aur inhon ne issi tarha hum pe musallat rehna hai.

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