3G Users Consume 910MBs of Data Per Month on Average, 2GBs per Month on 4G

Latest stats shared by Dr. Ismail Shah, Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, at a conference organized by GSMA yesterday revealed that average data consumed by a 3G user per month is 910MBs, while 4G consumers use an average data of around 2GB per month.

According to Dr. Shah, a total of 17,325 Terabytes of data passed through Pakistani mobile operators during August 2015, up from mere 2,578 TBs an year ago, showing over 500% increase in data consumption for Pakistani internet users.

3G data has particularly picked up during past few months and reached 13,689 TBs during August 2015, up from mere 691 TBs just an year ago.

Interestingly, 2G data trends also indicate positive growth hinting that internet usage on mobile phones — in areas where 3G and 4G networks are not available — is on the rise. This indicates that there’s a clear demand for more data in all sorts of areas across Pakistan.

4G data, however, hasn’t shown similar growth trends and reached 616 TBs even after one year of introduction of 4G services. Average 4G data consumed per user per month stood at 2GB in August 2015.

Dr. Shah said that 97% of 3G networks are used by data services while remaining 3% part is consumed by voice services, contrary to 87% of voice usage on 2G network and 13% data usage on 2G networks.

Not to be mentioned, data usage on mobile networks is growing enormously and these stats are from August 2015, which means current data usage stats would be way higher than mentioned above.

More interesting facts are presented for our readers in below infographic:


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  • There’s a HUGE potential here, provided cellular network providers find and provide a good balance b/w price and data limits

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