Roundup: Black Friday Deals by Pakistani Online Stores

In many ways, 2015 has been the breakout year for the Pakistani e-commerce industry. Whether it’s the emergence and explosive popularity of Daraz or new entrants offering everything from movie ticket delivery to your doorstep to weekly groceries and monthly medicine, customers can now genuinely never have to go out for buying things.

Still, there’s a significant percentage of the population that hasn’t yet shopped online. To promote e-commerce and develop this segment further, a number of online shops are having Black Friday sales in Pakistan.

We know it can be quite a task to keep a track of what store is offering discounts this Friday so we’ve done the hard work and listed them all down. You can find deals ranging from books, electronics to exercise equipment. Without further ado, here you go.

Often called the AliExpress of Pakistan, is offering 20% to 50% discounts on clothing, accessories and smartphones.

Check out the Black Friday deals here.

There was a lot of hype and publicity for the Black Friday sale. Aside from steep discounts on Smartphones from Infinix and other flavor-of-the-month brands, customers can avail up to 25% additional discount if they opt to pay with Easypay.

Check out the Black Friday deals here.

A lot of people have an issue with the Black Friday moniker. And it makes sense, after all, Friday is a holy day for Muslims and associating ‘black’ with it sounds strange. That’s why is naming its sale ‘ White Friday Sale’. Marketing gimmick? Maybe. Will it work? We’ll find out.

Check out the Black Friday deals here. is running a 60% flat discount on all its mobile phone cases from 27th to the 30th of November. After the last fiasco, we’re glad the sale this time is straightforward.

You can check out the mobile phone case sale here.

While it’s not strictly a Black Friday sale, we still it’d be apt to mention the fashion sale where items are up to 50% off.

You can check out the mobile phone case sale here.


Who said sales have to be limited to electronics, fashion and accessories? There are plenty of us who opt for a nice book rather than Fallout 4 and for those people, Liberty Books is running discounts of up to 20%. Not as exciting as some of the other deals we’ve posted but we’ll take what we can get.

You can check out the Libertybooks Black Friday sale here.

Advance Telecom, the makers of Rivo Mobile, have also kicked off their online store by offering Mega Friday deals of up to 50% off on smartphones. There are great deals on everything from Lumia’s, Lenovo and of course the Rivo phones themselves.

You can check out the Black Friday sale here.

iShopping has introduced a Friday Bazaar where customers can avail discounts on more than 300 items. The sale will be live till the end of the month so you will have enough time to pick and choose what you like.

You can check out the Black Friday sale here.

As always, if you come across any great deals that we might have missed, feel free to share them in the comments below!

Talal is a Director and the Chief Content Officer at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • All these sites n stores mentioned above are a BIG DRAMA. They ae using western name to hide their local cheap jugglery. No genuine discounts as usual. Disappointed.

    • I would suggest everyone that from now on in Pakistan let’s all of us just call it a “Black Fraud Day” not the black Friday and let’s boycott all these online stores forever or until they offer something genuine.
      # boycott Black Fraud Day

    • Daraz ne phir bhi kuchh discount lagaya lekin too limited choice. IShopping waley Lenovo p70 ko25k se 28k ka karke phir 25k ka bech rahe hain lol

    • What kind of discount n products will make u happy? U r just a typically pakistani, wanting everything for free :p

      • Genuine discount is virtually non-existent … unlike the ACTUAL black friday that takes place in US and other countries.
        the only decent deal i saw was for the Huawei p8 lite which is selling for 16.7k and Honor 4c selling for 13.8k

    • These rates are not same as our local market no way they are same. U will find much more lower prices even u shop from lukar of ur strret (any nook n corner) like give me an example at kamyu i saw a water bottle pump which they are selling at Rs. 1100 n that too in black Friday sale in normal it’s higher n the same pump is Rs. 300 in chase up store or if u see around in local market u may find it for lesser. The same thing i mentioned for daraz when i saw a small mosquito electric socket for 800 n same i got in 110 from sardar Karachi.

  • had a great experience with earlier this month. i know what’s it’s gonna be in Pakistan in the name of Black friday’s sale. so nop! thanks.

  • Bought inew l4 from getone at 15 percent off, they promised to deliver by tomorrow and will give free smartwatch. Hope for best.

  • You missed out

    They are giving buy 2 get 1 free deal on all products. Bought some shirts.. Unlike other pages, my order did go through. lol. wasnt expecting though after all the comments on other pages.

      • Haha No. But I’m always delighted to see people getting abused/insulted/killed for any of the two reasons:
        – Shopping
        – Voting

        Because those who do both extensively, are equivalent of mindless zombies, getting high on shooping/voting. This tells us people here are too much stupid to wake up and straighten out our priorities. Too stupid! So I’m fine with stupids banging stupids. :-)

        In the words of George Carlin: These people are professional consumers.

  • Daraz only created hype and there wasn’t a single time I saw an iPhone 6s was in stock priced at 62k. Other than that most of the time easypay option was unavailable. As usual, it was all Innjoo and Infinix mobile sale at Daraz and they totally lost their credibility.

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