New Auto Policy for Pakistan To Be Announced Soon

The government is preparing to reveal a new auto policy in an attempt to attract new investors in the automobile industry. This information was revealed by Federal Minister for Industries and Production, Ghulam Mirza Khan Jatoi recently.

While speaking to representatives of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) at their head office, he said, “The Ministry of Industries & Production wants to move ahead with the new auto policy, taking into account the reservations raised by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)”.

The auto policy has been pending for more than three years now and the government has failed to produce any decisive outcome. FBR has also given its input on the matter by saying that the three existing local car manufacturers, i.e. Suzuki, Toyota and Honda, should not get the same incentives as the new comers. It is FBR’s recommendation that has become the primary reason for the delay at the moment.

Mr. Jatoi said, “Our aim is to invite more and more investors into the country” and that an improved security and macroeconomic picture will have a positive effect on international automobile manufacturers looking to enter the Pakistani market.

The minister added that “We are in contact with Fiat, Renault and some other carmakers to bring them to Pakistan so that people get jobs as well as cheap and quality cars”. The news about Russian car makers being interested in Pakistan auto market has also been going around for quite some time now.

Mr. Ghulam Jatoi also added that “There is a need to further consolidate the security situation so that more investors can come and invest in Pakistan. The federal government stands committed to resolving the power crisis, hopefully, by the time, it leaves the office in 2018.”

KCCI President, Younus Muhammad Bashir said that improving the security situation of Pakistan was necessary to make Pakistan a good investment prospect. However, he urged the federal minister to visit Karachi on a frequent basis to be aware of the problems of the business community there.

Mr. Younus Bashir said that “Despite the positive role of the federal government, we believe there is a serious disconnect between federal ministers and the business community of Karachi”.

The Minister’s revelation means that the government might finally be close to resolving the deadlock and releasing a new auto policy. How the public will benefit from the new policy can only be assessed after the final statement gets released.

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  • Great! If international car makers enter the country, that would mean inxreased competition in the auto industry of pakistan ultimately leading to cheaper and better cars for us :) as well as create thousands of job oppurtunities :)

    • Zawyar putar tenu kitni dafa kaiya aye ki itni jaldi excited na ho jaye kar putar. This announcement is just a lollipop putar, so relax and hold on.

      • Yar eik bat bta tu he kon??? Jub bhi dekho meri hi comments ko monitor kr rha hota he… kya teri zindagi itni farigh he k kisi aur k comments track krke time guzrta he????

        • Tu ney baat dil pe le li is dafa Putar. Theek hai agar tujhey bura lagta hai terey comments ka jawab dena tou nahi dunga ainda. Samjh lena mar gaya Papa Ji. Aur main sirf just for the sake of fun reply karta hun tere masoomana comments ko, aur koi baat nahi. I’m sorry.

          • I didnt wanna hurt you yar, it just feels awkward to have someone monitoring and replying each and every of your comment always in a sarcastic way!
            Anyways, if its for the sake of fun, im all in for it! ;)

          • Bety papa,ab tm zawyar putr kay comment nai karo gay.ab tmhry comment pay bara classic kisim ka comment aya karey ga

            • Kaka, try some better stunt. U don’t need to drag ur a** into it. He wants me to comment after i clarified him. So it’s between us. Aur tu tou yahien se Zahir horaha hai k papa ka papa banney ki koshish kar raha hai. Aisa nahi hota putar, woh hamesha thaly hi rehtey hain. So don’t even try.

          • Ok yar sorry for what i said ab bat ka jawab tou de. Ab kya kaan pakru?? Ya murga bn jau maafi mangne k liye? ?????
            Chal hath kharey kr leta hu…
            Ab tou bat kr yar hathon mein dard ho rhi he ?

            • Nahi yar it’s ok now. U don’t have to do anything, u at least understood. Actually why i chose u is that ur display pic was of a small guy, and u always used to comment excitedly, that’s y. By the way are how old r u now? I guess that pic was older. Right?

              • Haha i look small? Anyways im 15.
                Sorry for being so harsh. Andaz-e-bayan abhi seekh rhey hein hum.
                Haha yea my comments do sound a bit excited.
                I try to add a bit of humour in my comments sometimes… but it doesnt always go right ? thus resulting in some majorly screwed up comments lolz.
                Btw. That pic was just 6 months old.

    • I agreed upon the idealistic situation you shared, but here dealers are the Corrupted Mafia who hike the prices.

  • bhai meray hr bar yahe hota ha. Jatoi sahab nay apna rate barhanay k lia news LEAK ke ho ge. imported cars duty will be raised aur local crap cars manufacturers will be benefited. 20000 sy 30000 rate barha dain gy q k imported k barh gae hain. 20 20 saal aik he model bechtay hain aur innovation k naam pr bumber badal dytay hain. Hr manufacturer k lia zarori ho k 3 saal may aik completely altered model introduce karay. 10 saal baad old model production band kar dy. karoro ke rishwat dy k imported cars k hasool ko namumkin banatay huay arbo k note shaaap laytay hain hr saal.

  • Oyee Mian Sahab! oh koi sharam hoti hai koi haya hoti, koi limit hoti hai awaam ko chey bananey ki… Oye Mian Sahab!

  • The minister added that “We are in contact with Fiat, Renault and some other carmakers to bring them to Pakistan so that people get jobs as well as cheap and quality cars”.

    Minister ko Puppi

    Wesy agr esy ho jay to buhat acha hoga hamary mulk k liy

  • yea… this BETTER BE GOOD !!!
    and i mean for the END consumer .. for people like US … the ones who fill your fat , insatiable bellies with our tax money for NO return at all !

    so far so good (or not so good for that matter) , the HORRIBLE suzuki mehran has been terrorizing the local car market with a STAGGERING and SHAMEFUL 0.675 million Price tag!

    which means that the car market for NEW cars actually begins from Mid Range category instead of entry level (budget) category … its despicably unique as EVERY OTHER market has 3 categories … low-end , mid-range , high-end.

    with the influx of investors and new car makers , i hope we can FINALLY have a BUDGET category for the automobile sector as well … im talking about NEW car prices starting from 0.175-0.225 million PKR for the CHEAPEST , most basic car !

    but it all depends on how the govt takes to all these developments … better not be jackasses and hike prices AGAIN by imposing greedy taxes !

  • Bus Commission waghaira set ho jai…………New manufacturers will began very soon with corruption coated programme as usual. Agar emandari se daikha jai to Mehran or Rickshe ki price mai chand hazar ka farq ho.

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