Oculus Rift Disappoints With High Price Tag of $599

Fans of VR rejoice, for the Oculus Rift is finally about to reach you. It is also quite more expensive than we expected.


The Rift, which was boosted by Kickstarter a few years back and then brought by Facebook, is finally available for pre-order for $599 in select markets. If you thought Facebook would try to give the technology a mass audience, you were wrong.

Its Going to Cost You an Arm and a Leg

But that likely won’t be the only cost you’ll incur. According to Nvidia, less than 1% PCs worldwide can fully support the Rift right now. With advanced system requirements as Intel i5-4590, GTX 970/R9 290 graphics, at least 8 GB RAM, HDMI 1.3 and USB 3.0 ports, the final cost will likely be hundreds of dollars more. (Reddit does quote the cheapest runable system at around $650).

Oculus is also bringing a complete bundle of the Rift and a compatible PC around the range of $1499 in the near future, as well as “Oculus Ready PCs” for $949.

Who is It For?

Still, if you think this is expensive you’re not likely the target audience as this technology is currently meant for enthusiasts who are used to buying such exclusives as this. The original backers are all getting the share too.

The Xbox One wireless gamepad will come included with every bundle of the Rift, along with two games: EVE: Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale, and a camera to track movements. The Oculus Touch controllers which are delayed will hit sometime in the second half of 2016.


With many more alternatives coming soon, expect competition between VR headsets from Samsung, HTC and Sony that come with varying features and price points.


  • No Masla! Phle Khusbhoo Lgy Ky Pakistan Aye to Sahi :P 2nd Hand Zindabad…!! I think it is fine if it’s offered with a GTX 970 at 600$.

  • Considering the fact that it takes an almost 1500$ computer just to run at a smooth frame rate, i dont guess the person who could afford a 1500$ rig would mind shelling out a few hundred dollars more for this

    • makes it a novelty device…only if PSVR or Vive is priced with $300 to $400 then Oculus Rift is killed before launch!

      PS4 + PSRV = $650 to $750 whereas.
      Oculus + PC = $1600
      Vive + PC = $? + $1000

      same experience but different pricing (also note that PS4 has bigger dev support)…now it only depends on Sony to make PSVR a success or a dud.

      * Oculus has nearly killed itself considering the launch price. Hell even high end monitors don’t cost that much :P

  • Got an R9 390 + i7 4790k so my system will be fine but there’s no way I’m coughing up $600 for this. ~$350 is more like it.

    • CV1 is supposed to be for the fans and techies. It’s supposed to sell “north of a million units” [1]. It’s not supposed to be shipped as a consumer device to average consumers or to developing and 3rd world countries with low GDP (not to say that’s not allowed). It’s supposed to be a benchmark for *all* other VR devices to come. It’s not a yearly update to a consumer device we already have like mobiles and TVs. It’s a new thing. It’s innovation. CV1 needs to focus on quality rather than quantity or price. It’s called CV*1*. Of course Oculus is planning on releasing next versions focused at mass shipping. Future versions with different features, prices, packaging, etc. [2]

      That’s what I’m getting at. No?


  • I literally loathe this marketing strategy. First get their attention through an attractive price, then when its popular enough, show them the real price. I mean it’s just ridiculous.

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