Windows 10 Fails to To Fix The PC Decline, While Macs Race Ahead

If somehow Microsoft had succeeded in convincing you that a shiny copy of free Windows 10 is indeed the holy grail you were both looking for, it’s time to face the reality. The PC industry’s decline stands right where its used and if anything, the situation of sales not picking up and is getting worse.


According to IDC, the market saw a decline of 10.6 percent, the largest sales drop in history which meant that shipments of Windows PCs went below 300 million units per quarter for the first time in seven years. Gartner does put the drop at 8.3 percent but that still means a over figure of less than 300M.

Is Windows 10 to Blame?

Windows 10 is turning out to be not as useful as expected and as IDC points out, it actually might have stopped users from upgrading their existing PCs in anticipation of the free Windows 10 update. Weak currency and competition from smartphones and tablets is seen as another possible reason.

And How’s Apple Doing By The Way?

Interestingly, the problem seems to be affecting Microsoft-based systems in particular, as Apple routed further increase in sales. Notably, it left Lenovo behind to become the third-largest manufacturer of PCs in a major market like the US. Indeed, that might just be the start of the downfall of major Windows OEMs if steps aren’t taken in the future.

Worldwide, Apple is the fourth largest PC maker, says IDC. Lenovo takes the majority of the share with a one-fifth (21.4%) of the market with HP not far behind (19.9%). Dell stands a bit back at 14.4 percent while ASUS is effectively tied with Apple at fourth. Apple’s rise, according to IDC indicates a still-present demand for “innovative, even premium-priced systems that put user experience first.”

The outlook thankfully looks noticeably better, though, as the industry is said to recoil in 2016, thanks to the potential rise in commercial adoption of Windows 10 as well as the customer upgrade cycle especially for people who haven’t upgraded yet and “should also stabilize by the second half of the year.”


  • US vs The Whole World.

    Comon, give Windows 10 some time and space. It’ll be a while before Windows recovers from the damage MS itself has caused.

  • umm!! just 2 days ago PC Mag reported 200M win10 upgrades & PCs & termed it the Largest growth in PC market in recent years!!!!!!! #KhullaTazad ?

  • It’s not to blame Microsoft or Windows. Only the consumer is responsible. The trend; is the brand now a days. After taking the iDevices to heights of skies Apple understood the fact how to keep the consumer as foolish as they are. They just used their device integration strategies to their desktop computers (Mac btw, which never could compete Windows platform before there were some iDevices). hope you are understanding the point.

    You should really look at the platforms but not the sales report. Sales reports only reflect brand importance. If in last 7 or 8 years, you didn’t learn from the consumer market, you did learn nothing.

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