Pakistan Railway Sets New Example by Favoring One Telco in its Tender

Pakistan Railway recently floated tender and corresponding RFP in which it has bluntly favored one telco and has tailored it as such that no other company qualifies for the project. It is assumed that only one specific telecom operator is going qualify for the project and is naturally going to win it.

Pakistan Railway, for provision of online payment solutions, floated an RFP that blocks all service providers, except one, from applying as three years of experience in “Branchless Banking Services” has been set as a mandatory condition for the applicants.

Now we know that just Easypaisa and Mobicash are only two players with three years of experience. Out of which Mobicash is removed from bidding through additional criteria laid out in RFP.

Not only telcos but there are banks that offer online payment solutions, including HBL, but they can’t apply as they don’t have three years of experience in “Branchless Banking Services”.

It is beyond comprehension that why Pakistan Railway needs experience in branchless banking when they want to acquire an online payment solution?

Interestingly Pakistan Railway has named this tender as “Easypaisa”, clearly indicating that they are either pre-decided on the vendor or they are being simple stupid about it.

Check below name of tender, as mentioned on PPRA’s website:



As we are getting more details about the RFP, here’s how all companies except one were specifically sidelined and disqualified through selective criteria:

  • RFP — issued by Railway Pakistan — said that bidders must have at least three years of experience in branchless banking. This leaves UBL Omni, Easypaisa and MobiCash as only qualifying players, while rest of telcos and banks were disqualified at once.
  • RFP further says that applicant should have long-term credit rating of A+. While we know that only Microfinance bank with credit rating of A+ is Tameer Bank, all other telcos (including MobiCash) are disqualified. (Long term credit rating of banks can be found here)
  • RFP, to disqualify UBL Omni, set a limitation that vendor should have at least 40,000 agents’ network to get any marks for market outreach sub-criteria. UBL Omni has some 26,000 agents — and hence would get Zero marks in this specific selection criteria.
  • According to RFP any Financial Institution could join hands with partners to form a Joint Venture and apply for the project, however, experience of such partners will not be considered towards the evaluation which further blocks others players in the industry from being a part of the RFP Process.

All in all, this RFP seems to have been tailored specifically to select one vendor. And this is probably why they have named the tender as “Easy Paisa” as well.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Jhota

    Hahahahahaha…. in this tender 4 contenders are participating including 2 Telcom and 2 banks. Mr. Aamir Atta, for you and your sponsor partner mobi cash only one line… kuch sharam hoti hai, koi haya hoti haI, koi ethics hotey hain….

    • aamir7

      Mr. Joota, why they had to name the tender Easypaisa? If you could enlighten us please.

      • Shahid

        Us nain bhi tu paisy halal karny hain Amir bhai …

        • Mian Zindabad

          Ahem. hmm….A Telco has contacts+contracts with Mian Amir (the real real estate dealer of Lahore who has contacts with Paragon’s head honcho in Railways). A Telco chief visits him like a dutiful servant. A Telco needs no other qualifications. Hence a Telco should get the tender ;)

      • Mirza Moazzam Baig

        Have you asked anybody from Railways on this matter? What do they have to say? Please enlighten us.

      • M. Aamir. M

        Aamir Bhai! Delete the article :P LOL…!!! Band Baj Rhi Hai :P

        • aamir7

          Kyun sir?

          • Jhota

            Grow up aamir and have courage to admit your mistake. You are doing more harm to your reputation by covering it up. Stop deleting and start responding.

            • aamir7

              I delete comments that have linguistic problems and are from a certain department without names. They don’t have enough courage to even comment with their names.

              Back to your argument, you said: “I agree that it’s a negligence on the part of Railway team.”

              –>You are calling it negligence, I will call it stupidity. They couldn’t even cover it.

              About pre-bid meeting, I am not aware of it, as I was tipped with above info only.

              • Jhota

                Brother, leave the prebid thing, what about 3 years clause? Please visit the websites of these services and you will get their dates of existence. Why you didn’t confirm before writing….

                Now we know that no operator — other than Telenor’s Easypaisa — has branchless banking services in place for over three years. Meaning that all other operators are disqualified at once. Mobicash is also an 3.5 Year old service.

                Why you didn’t talk to railway people?

                • aamir7

                  Well, here’s what website of Ufone says:

                  Ufone: 2 years and 3 months.

                  “UPaisa launched innovative branchless banking solutions for the masses of Pakistan in October 2013.”


                  Zong’s is just launched, with its new partner.

                  Warid, its launched just last year, I hope you know it.

                  Mobilink yes, they are around 3 years old.

                  And when they called it easy paisa on PPRA website, then what to ask from Railway people?

                  • Jhota

                    I like it sir… at last you researched :) :) :) so what do you say about usurp claim???

                    Now we know that no operator — other than Telenor’s Easypaisa — has branchless banking services in place for over three years. Meaning that all other operators are disqualified at once.

                    WILL YOU REMOVE IT FROM YOUR ABOVE ARTICLE, which is I think more ethical?

                    • aamir7

                      And what about RFP criteria, where Mobilink was removed from the bidding?

                      Do you want me to shame Railway more than this?

                    • Jhota

                      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. ….

                      Bhai, abhi you said they are more than 3 year old company?? Than why they are disqualified???

                      Brother it’s a technical thing and will you challenge anything that goes against mobilink???

                      Aamir bhai, please aisey na karain

                    • aamir7

                      Hazoor main tu chahta hon aisa na ho, lakain Railway walon ko smjhain na zara ja k kay aisa na karain :-)

                      Aisa RFP banaya k srif aik company eligible hay… kamal nahi ho giya?

                      I sincerely wish k Easypaisa win karay project, but aisay nahi.

                    • Jhota

                      Kaisey aik company? Kong howa disqualify Batain na? Aur kis reason per?

                    • Shaikh

                      lol – Aamir in one of the comment you have mentioned that RFP is not a public document. How were you able to find out Mobilink was removed?

                  • Jhota

                    I like it sir… at last you researched :) :) :) so what do you say about usurp claim???

                    Now we know that no operator — other than Telenor’s Easypaisa — has branchless banking services in place for over three years. Meaning that all other operators are disqualified at once.

                    WILL YOU REMOVE IT FROM YOUR ABOVE ARTICLE, which is I think more ethical?

                • aamir7

                  And moreover, I am not referring to RFP as it is not public document. You probably know that it contains even more selective criteria. So let’s stop it here.

              • Jhota

                Also, you got tip and you wrote an article blaming a multinational and a department without rechecking the TIP???? what is this? Negligence or stupidity???

                I would sincerely suggest to delegates the post as this will not only effect your repute but more repute to multinational who bring some of the excellent services likes easypaisa, easy load which now more than brand… a generic name of there service.

                • aamir7

                  Yeh tu choor ki darhi main tinkay wali baat ki app nay.

                  If you read the post again, it didn’t say a word against Easypaisa, but just that Railway was apparently biased. This biased criteria / and name of the tender could be because the guy liked the name Easypaisa.

                  There’s nothing bad on Easypaisa’s part, they should celebrate the occasion.

                  • Jhota

                    Sir, please read your heading pleaseeeeeeee……

              • Jhota

                “Linguistic problem and from certain department, I was tipped by someone to write this blog”. And since tip was significant I forgot to do my own research. One can only laugh at these justifications mr aamir. Some “professional” you are, chotay bachon ko baiwaqoof bana lo bas.

                And talking of courage that’s clearly visible to everyone now how much courage you have by hiding and arguing just to prove your false, paid content, have a look at replies below where “linguistic” issues are more obvious.

                Delete this comment as well but by now world has clearly seen your bias, lack of professionalism and credibility of your blogs.


              • Jhota

                Keep on deleting aamir, I will keep on exposing you. But wait you are already exposed. Continue trying one day you will become professional enough to have courage to accept your mistakes.

              • Jhota

                Such pity you will continue to put in efforts covering your bias and lack of courage by deleting comments. Yellow journalism at its peak.

      • Jhota

        I agree that it’s a negligence on the part of Railway team. But how can you write that no other operator is less than 3 years old? Mobicash 3.5 years may 2012, Upaisa 3 year august 2012, timepay 3 years….

        Actual reason is that mobicash have A-Bank & railway beside there poliyical pressure didnt able to change the tender requirements. Please refer to prebid meeting MoM and angoor khatey hain.

        Now please enlighten that why you wrote this article on this incomplete information and without confirming the source????????? Why you are becoming an agent to false????

      • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

        Naming easy paisa might be a mistake or they use the well known name. In any case that doesn’t mean they are favoring telenor.
        Log khud he judge or khud he wakeel bun jatay hain shayed paise ziada milty hen.

        • aamir7

          Jee issi mistake ka zikar ho raha hay, yahan koi prem kahani nahi sunayi ja rahi.

          • Adeel

            Hahaha ?

          • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

            So you concluded everything based on mistake. very nice

        • Jaun Raza

          apnai apni zindagi mien kabi lotay bechnai ka b ckntract nae laya hona , i do get goberment contracts i know they do puts conditions to favour some particular company or bidder .

      • Faraz

        Agree with you Amir they are either Telenor employees or plain dumb *****.

  • Khalid

    Mobicash is also out there for more than 3 years.

    “Now we know that no operator — other than Telenor’s Easypaisa — has branchless banking services in place for over three years. Meaning that all other operators are disqualified at once.”

  • Jangli

    Come on buddy think about it. Even with all their bias easypaisa is the o my service any sane organisation would want. But there’s more to it. This is paid content right? Let me guess

    Mobicash because they’re dying for anything coming their way but all they have is whining through your blog

    Zong, cuz railways are never time pey like PR trains – so they thought it’s a match made in heaven and they deserved it and even paid for this

    Ufone cuz they never stood a chance in fair fight anyway

    So which one is it that came to you?

  • Bitter truth

    Well aamir’s bias against one teleco was always obvious but his paid intentions went totally beyond ethics with this piece. First of all let me enlighten our “professional” blogger, Easypaisa is the name associated with an type of money transfer from Easypaisa or any of other player in the market, most if not all of the established retailers were trained and established by Easypaisa, new players instead of further developing retailer footprint adopted easy approach to capture market by poaching these retailers, as evident from almost all brands visible on many of these retailer shops, Easypaisa is not just service, customer associate Easypaisa with money transfer as customers who come for money transfer ask retailers to easypaisa it instead of naming any specific brand name, due to this massive agent sharing it is now in the hands of retailer to decide which service to use and off course he decides based on his own financial benefits, however terming easypaisa in the tender reference can be due to the reason above if only we don’t want to speculate which our “renowned” blogger aamir don’t know how too, also due to his obvious lack of understanding he fails to pick actual issues and focus on speculation which off course attracts traffic. Secondly 3 years experience is with Mcb, and omni as well and I think mobicash too almost have it, so that claim is also weak and based on intent to speculate.

    Lastly I think author lost his calm and composure while writing this piece as evident from choice of some words in this post. Try and be professional, it will improve people’s view about you.

  • Bilal Iqbal

    what would you say about Job ads every where with Years of Experience right after completing the Degree and applying for a job First time… :P

  • Bitter truth

    Deleted my comment, shows how professional you are. Such pity people like you call yourself bloggers.

  • Jaffar

    Are you referring to Mobilink? They have easypaisa service as well

    • Jhota

      Jaffar, what mobilink have, easypaisa????? You are also corrupt and you have also set standard by naming one specific service. Aamir sb, please write article on him….

    • Jhota

      What was bad in my comment here??? Why it was deleted sir???

  • Bitter truth

    Show some professionalism and stop deleting facts to cover your wrong post

  • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

    Another paid article from waqar uncle and published by a b***t l*****r.
    I knew media is controlled by waqar uncle but now a days they are controlling such websites too.

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  • Taha Najam

    Pak railway is the cancer of our nation.

  • Redditor

    Clickbait Sensationalist articles like this are the reason blogs can never become a credible news source. 15mins of notoriety for a tiny bit of ad revenue on this site. It’s insulting to your readers.

    • Reality bites

      You must be from specific department or may have linguistic issue, your IP will be traced and you will keep on getting moderated to hide truth. Remember he was tipped and that too enough to continue defending this lame, false, paid article :) soon aamir will only get ads from sanyasi aamil’s and baba’s giving cure for every problem you can think off as serious reader will find a lot many useful informative sites than this.

      • Jhota

        He changed the content of the article…. hahahahahaha, from one company, it’s 2 companies who qualifies… he is really lafafa sahafi….


    I am sorry to say but total west of time

  • Aamir

    بلور کا دور بھول گے ہیں انقلابی جب یہ ادارہ تباہ و برباد ہو چکا تھا آج کرپشن نظر آ رہی ہے تم لوگوں نے پانچ سال صرف رونے کی قسم کھا رکھی ہے ….. روتے رہو اپنی ذمے داری کا احساس کرو بے شرمو اپنے گریبھان میں بھی کبھی کبھی جھانک لیا کرو

  • Gemini

    But preferring telecom company over a bank for payments is something stupid I must say.

  • umer

    Khawaja Saad Rafiq has improved overall railway infrastructure a lot.I was seeing the news he said he will kick out all the safarishi and said all the staff will now should take their responsibility and do their work with honestly.Overall we should recognize his contribution on improving Pakistan railway.

    • Jaun Raza

      u should see the news only where they claim and speak shit,

      railway is on profit ? No

      they claimed they will get rid of load shedding in 6 months now its start of 2016

      they cliam there would be no shortage of gas in next years and this cliame made by them 4 year back .

      so thier cliam has nothing to do , in reality oil prices is down so railway profit is too. they couldnt do anything good with PIA and steel mill.

  • Jaun Raza

    these sharif ganjay do the same with construction contracts , put conditions to favour their companies , corrupt people are ruling us, khuwaja saad is corrupt person, his company paragon is actually product of kabza mafia, after getting wazarat now u can see TVC of paragon and he started development again. people are dumd and corrupt who support them

    • umer

      I think you look like a pithu of Mullah Imran Khan who is only good
      in words but no action.Look at the multiple projects launched by Nawaz Government whereas Imran khan have done nothing in KPK.He was talking about Naya Pakistan he could not even make naya KPK.But yeah he got Naye temporary Wife Reham Khan for sure.

      • Jaun Raza

        F–K KPK government who do care about them.? i do live in Lahore Iqbal town and in Iqbal town which is 1600 acre has no high school and hospital. okay forget about iqbal town. from iqbal town to LDA avenue you can find only one government hospital. people are dying have no basic things, to much load shedding to No gas , No water and people like you supporting that corrupt people for sake of their on interest. curse on you people you people are cancer for whole nation.

  • Tariq

    I think before commenting on it one should have the market dynamics about the reputation of easy paisa. its 1st and the largest Fs in Pakistan and has won many international awards for its service. out of all kisi aik best ko he select hona hota hai. we must appreciate that this time govt has selected the best one.

  • FN

    So whats new about this? Doesnt this happen with nearly all tenders whether public or private? Talk about Corporate Ethics :(

  • Faheem

    PRO PAKISTANI, please live to your name. Easy paisa is no doubt the pioneer of mobile banking services in Pakistan. Let us admit it that they are the best in this market and good for Pakistan industry. So encourage the best.If Pakistan Railways is trying to do so ,why try to make yourself look as if you are biased.

  • Haya Fatima

    i believe its a generic name for online mobile transaction in Pakistan thats why out Railway team took it as it is

  • Me

    Jaffer ________ why it was planned ?