Microsoft Earnings Report Highlights Surface Success and Windows Phone Failure

Microsoft has announced its second quarterly earnings report for the fiscal year 2016, and it seems largely a mix of fortunes. While on one hand, the relatively new Surface investment is finally paying off, the long-featured Lumia smartphone sales are struggling to stay in the same picture. Here are other things that Microsoft Earnings report revealed for the tech giant’s current fiscal year.

What We Learnt from Microsoft’s Earnings Report

For one, the company saw 10 percent less revenue as the same time last year, at $23.8 billion. Concurrently, the profit level decreased by 15 percent to $5 billion. Right now Microsoft is seeing a shift towards cloud-based services, and that is paying off nicely so far, with Azure earnings up 140 percent, and overall Intelligent Cloud by five percent.

The “pet” in the matrix remains the Windows Phone line, which strikingly saw sales of just 4.5 million in the last quarter, down from 10.5 million last year. The revenue earned from this division also fell by 49 percent. According to Benedict Evans, the sales for the OS so far stand at a paltry 110 million. During the same time period, iOS and Android have seen sales in excess of 4.5 billion units.

Not all was bad though. The positive publicity and the hard effort which Surface is earning is reflecting well on its sales. Revenue was up by 29 percent over the last quarter, from $1.1 billion to $1.35 billion right now, but as most people will say, there is likely potential for more. Microsoft believes that the new $4,500 variant of the Surface Book can bolster future earnings.

Other divisions did relatively well too. Xbox monthly active users increased by 30 percent to 48 million monthly active users. Office 365 revenue jumped by 70 percent over last year and now has 20.6 million users, while Windows OEM Pro revenue dropped by 6 percent, which is still lesser than the 13 percent it did last year.

Microsoft continues to move away its traditional earning mediums such as Windows and Office. However, Windows must have sustainable growth too for a better and stable future for the tech giant.

As things stand, it is still too early to predict anything as far as Microsoft’s future plans go.

  • HarrySidd

    Intezaar intezaar intezaar .. saalo lag gaey top Apps nahi aa sakin is platform pe, Premium phones nahi launch ho sakey, In k muqablay mey almost sabhi Android phone makers k premium handsets hain, iPhone ka to khair kya muqabla h0ga ……. ye to hona he tha …. bahooot taareeek haii future #WindowsPhone ka ….

    • Abdullah

      100 million people are acitve user of wp 950 and 950xl are premium phones and big names will come in future on wp 10 store

  • Zawyar Ur Rehman

    4500$ variant of surface??
    I want to know more….

  • Moeed Bin Awais

    Besides Windows Microsoft is pathetic shit…

  • Mirza Moazzam Baig

    that’s 4500 price tag in Australian Dollars for their top end model …. which translates into 3200 US Dollars… The specs are
    1TB of SSD storage, 16GB of RAM, an Intel Core i7(dual Core), and a discrete Nvidia GPU.

  • Abdulrehman Altaf

    East and West Windows Phone is best.
    using lumia1020 from last 1 year.
    Did you know ?
    windows phone overtake BlackBerray and stand at number 3

    • Abdullah

      windows phone also overtakes iphone in several europium markets and lots of big names coming to the windows app store in next few months after ms release win phone 10 for wp 8.1 which is due in late feb or early march

  • Ahmad Hussain

    Windows Phone Not Failure because these thing happen due to development of new OS windows 10 and Microsoft Not introducing New Devices on this season and also restructuring means great layoffs from Mobile business and also 99 % windows phone developed from Microsoft previously Nokia. Microsoft Also Not investing On advertisement as compared to Nokia. these things become the case of low sales or Market. I m test Windows mobile 10 os its the complete OS as compared to android. windows phone Lack of apps but most useful apps their for Example Preinstalled Weather, calculator, Messaging & people (contacts) apps and other preinstalled most Useful as compared to android.