HEC Announces University Rankings for 2015

HEC has published the latest edition of its annual rankings for 129 Pakistani universities.

Quaid-e-Azam University took the honors as Pakistan’s best university. It was followed by University of Punjab (UoP) in Lahore and National University of Science and Technology (NUST). While the top two have maintained the spot for quite some time, NUST jumped three places to come in third.

Rankings were developed based on university’s quality assurance, teaching standards, research papers, finance, facilities and infrastructure, social integration and community development. When talking about the community development, Chairman HEC said “Community development will be an integral part in universities to create the environment of social integration and affiliation.”

University of Agriculture in Faisalabad took the fourth place, dropping down two places. COMSATS was the other university which dropped down from fourth to sixth this year. Here’s the list of top 10 universities:

hec-list top 10 universitiesWhen it comes to Engineering and Technology universities, NUST took the crown displacing Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS) yet again. Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences (GIKI) in Topi rose up to take the third place this year. University of Lahore dropped from third to fifth place. The top Engineering universities are listed below:

hec Engineering ranking list

List of universities in Business Education category was topped by Iqra University, Karachi. It was a surprise entry as the institute didn’t even come in the top five last year. According to Dr Mukhtar “The university is producing some good number of PhDs and that is why it has been ranked the highest.” Lahore School of Economics retained its second rank, while the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi dropped down to third place.

ranking hec Business universities list

The list of medicinal Universities were topped by Aga Khan University, Karachi. It was followed by University of Health Sciences in Lahore and DOW University of Health Sciences in Karachi. The only change in the Medicine category is Iqra University, which came in fifth this year replacing Riphah International University, Islamabad which didn’t make it into the top 13.

hec medicine university list rankingAgriculture and Veterinary universities were topped by University of Agriculture, Faisalabad followed by the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences in Lahore. University of Agriculture, Peshawar jumped one place to come in third in 2015. Here’s the list:

hec Agriculture unverisities list rankingOnly two Arts universities were ranked and National College of Arts (NCA), Lahore came in first. Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in Karachi came in second this year.

hec arts universities list rankingDo you agree with the rankings? What university didn’t make it and you think should have? Are there any universities that don’t deserve to be in the lists? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Muhammad Yasir

    lol … no NED ?

    • Yup, nooo… NED. :D

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        well , can’t blame them either :p
        being a student there i know all the ins and outs …

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    • Ishtiaq

      Paid Article with paid ranking list. Simple.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        hmm .. maybe.

        but NED needs improvements as well.

      • Aadil

        HEC made the rankings, not the websites or the writer.

  • usama

    HEC has lost its credibility all universities of Pakistan are fake there degrees are not accepted outside Pakistan.

    • Zia

      This is rubbish. If Pakistan’s degrees are not accepted outside, then how do they get admissions based on these qualifications. I have done Masters from UK, but believe me it was really an easy thing after completing the Graduation from Pakistan.
      We are producing the top people in Medical and IT. The thing is we need something like HEC to make our degrees recognized.
      This thing should be promoted, so that the universities should improve their standards.

      • Areeb

        Absolutely Right ! If Pakistan’s degrees are not accepted outside, then how do they get admissions based on these qualifications.

      • usama

        I am angry at expensive private education system.In government universities seats are limited and HEC is promoting this private university Mafia.This year Iqra university bribe in progress.

  • osama

    Where the fack is lums why not in ranking is Hec on drugs lol.

    • Usman

      The rankings are quite confusing though. But as much as I know they not only focus on quality of education for top 10 but more on affordability for avg ppl but LUMS tution fee is out of reach of majority and cant study without scholarships at LUMS. Other than confusing after a more thorough look the rankings look stupid!

  • Sohaib Asif

    HEC seriously needs to re-examine its rating procedure

  • Osama

    And where is FAST? As it is one of the top institute in computer science in Pakistan

    • KMQ

      FAST buhat FAST tha HEC ki pakar main nahi aaya aur nikal gaya FAST FAST :)

      • forever

        hahahahaha cha gaya tu

      • Shahzaib Rehman

        LOL :D

  • KMQ

    Buhat hasate hain yaar HEC wale, Iqra University is above IBA and SZABIST aur woh bhi Business ki category main :D

    Thank you HEC for entertaining us. Keep up the hilarious work…

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      Iqra sirf un logoun k liay achi hai jo wahan parhte hain.
      HEC walay shayad ‘kachi’ pi gae thay ye ranking denay se pehle


    apk liye IQRA ka top pe ana surprise to hoga he..had hai yar.. IQRA n LUMs general category mai move hogae the last year.. isliye business category mai nh tha IQRA.. AAMIR ATTA.. copy paste karne se pehle methodlogy b parhlete k kis base pe ranking ki jati hai… or IQRA last year kis category mai tha.. or LUMS abhi b general mai hai isliye top pe nhi.. jisko dekho apni phenk raha hai.. bhai IQRA aakr parhai ka standard dekho.. admission pe mat jao k sabko lelete hain.. aana bht asan hai..rehna mushkil hai..

    • usama

      Yaar may BBA Kay baad MBA iqra university say karne ka soch raha ho.Admission ka Kia criteria hay iqra university ka.

    • Aadil

      Would you please quote your source

    • Ishtiaq

      Aur choro yeh batao proud iqra wala, bachiyaan kaisi hain Iqra ki?

  • xu chuan

    thank you ,i like it

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    Side effects of drinking ‘kachi’ sharab.

  • Fakhre Alam

    engineering ranking seems good

  • Asif

    There is no ranking of professional institutes like ICAP and ICMAP etc (although these are not universities). There should be a ranking system for these institutes.

  • Ishtiaq

    First i used to think only articles are paid here but now we see that anything can be paid whether it be a so-called “ranking list”.

  • Pakistani Patriot

    It is a shame for HEC. Where is IT/Computing Catagory ?
    Sadaly, The most growing sector in Pakistan has no place/recognition in colleges and universities.
    I pray for the future for Pak colleges and unis.

    Note: IT/computing is not engineering, engineering is totally seperate from IT/Computing/Software Engineering.

  • Saimea

    Wonder to see Iqra on top in business category leaving IBA and LUMS behind