Huawei CEO Predicts That His Company Can Be The Largest Smartphone Manufacturer in 5 Years

Huawei, regarded as the largest Chinese Android smartphone manufacturer in the world, has a very ambitious plan set in motion. The company is aiming to become the largest smartphone manufacturer in a time span of 5 years and intends on overtaking the likes of both Apple and Samsung. According to the latest report, chairman of Huawei Device and CEO of Huawei’s consumer business group aims to surpass the reigning smartphone giants.  and from the looks of its current growth, it looks like it could definitely be possible.

Here is how Huawei could surpass both Apple and Samsung in the next five years

Richard Yu, the chairman of Huawei Device and CEO of Huawei’s consumer business group has stated that the company has been growing since the past five years in order to see its shipments expand over 30 percent in 2016. Apart from China, where mass population has enabled several Chinese smartphone manufacturers to get a head start, the Android smartphone maker has also stated that it is slowly expanding its presence in the United States and will also be looking to seek partnerships with telecom companies to further increase that market share.

Perhaps the biggest game changer for Huawei will be its pricing strategy. Five to seven years ago, flagship smartphones would be priced in such a manner that would make it difficult for the budget crowd to make a purchase but looking at the trend now, several manufacturers have started to price their products extremely competitively, and things are not going to look that easy for the Chinese firm. Yesterday, Xiaomi, which is Huawei’s biggest Android smartphone rival, unveiled its flagship Mi5, and that too at a very affordable price. This shows that companies can roll out the best price/performance smartphones and price them at competitive rates in order to get more traction in the market.

For Huawei, it should not just be about the high-end market, but lower-end markets as well. In Pakistan, where the majority of the consumer base relies on used handsets carrying a smaller price, a firm strategy over a device’s price tag is going to be critically important. Granted, the company does have a presence in Pakistan, but it is only a matter of time before its competitors ranging from ZUK (which has already launched its Z1 in Pakistan), and Xiaomi get an official presence in the region, making things even more complicated for them.

Looking at Mate 8, we have to conclude that Huawei has done quite well in raising the bar for premium handsets, but its focus should also be towards mid-ranged and low-end smartphones, otherwise someone else will take the market from them eventually.

So can Huawei surpass Samsung and Apple in the next five years?

Depending on how they go about according to their strategy, it is highly possible that Huawei becomes the largest smartphone manufacturer on the planet. Looks like time will tell what strategies the company comes up with in the near future.

  • I think it will be very hard for Huawei. Because Xiaomi and some other big players are already in the field.

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