Microsoft Finally Starts to Roll Windows 10 Mobile to Old Phones

You have been waiting for it for months and now it’s finally here. People of Microsoft village, your phones are finally being upgraded to the new Windows 10 Mobile.

There is currently a list of 18 phones which run on Windows Phone 8.1 which are being upgraded. The phones include those from Microsoft and formerly Nokia (430, 435, 532, 535, 540, 635, 636, 638, 640, 640 XL, 730, 735, 830, 930, 1520), BLU (Win HD w510u and Win HD LTE x150q) and MCJ (Madosma Q501).

There are still a few caveats with downloading the update, as you will lose a few features that may or may not come in future updates. For one, Cortana won’t be able to open apps on voice command, on open apps, messages, emails, settings, contacts and QR Codes. Notification times also won’t show missed calls or texts.

But Windows 10 also brings a plethora of new and groundbreaking features which will help make it slightly more competitive, most notable being Windows Hello, Continuum, a better Start screen, better Live Tiles, etc.

More importantly, it aligns phones with Microsoft’s universal Windows program, which means you’ll likely be getting more apps, support and updates from now on.

To download the upgrade, installing the Microsoft Update Advisor app from the Windows Store is mandatory. The app will notify you once the install it and choose the “Enable Windows 10 upgrade” option. Then you can go to Settings and check for updates under Phone Update.

Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise users will also have the ability to postpone the app. This is a few steps more than what you are used to doing but Microsoft will hope the final update will be worth it. The update might not immediately reach the users of the insider program because of teething issues, so they might have to wait a little longer. But at least the process is finally underway.

  • Thanks Microsoft Pakistan to announce the launch of Windows 10 upgrade. In previous post I asked about the Office 365, Microsoft Cloud space, and Cortana are important and integral part of Windows 10. Much improved, tested AIT programs are available for free, tested, rated,, and cleared. In fact the usage of AIT including Cortana which has been tested worldwide, and will be discussed at the GSR2016 ITU, in meeting at Cairo. AIT or virtualisation is a very important arena which Microsoft invested tons of money, and after lot of bickering today when the Windows 10 announced for availability on the phone, it has been announced with dis-claimer. Is the disclaimer like this applied in the US. Does the US regulator accept dis-claimer a the launch of the plug in AIT App. As Microsoft Windows 10 is the last OS of Microsoft and they will launch Lynix and adopt the Open Source. However the plug ins will be value added part on the free Open Source Operating System of Microsoft. I suggest the brainchild of Cloud Computing, and the AIT is Satiya Nadella should come to Karachi to show the virtualisation aspect of Cortana. It looks Microsoft Pakistan now reads and listens. Earlier Microsoft Pakistan had earlier put ear plugs. As the phone Microsoft Islamabad UAN never answers, with the exception IVR.

  • Apple and Microsoft do really a good care of their customers they roll out their software updates, Microsoft is slow in terms of roll out anyway good job, better than android because they never seen their customers convenience they always look after the nexus devices

  • I have updated to windows 10 on my Lumia 535 as soon as I read your article, but they really have to roll out some fixes, major bug/ glitch I encounter after downloading is Camera app it won’t start and gives a error code.

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