Rightjobs.pk: A Local Jobs Platform to Connect Companies and People

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In a market where unemployment and joblessness remains a primary concern amongst the policy makers and the populace, various initiatives are required to take care of the imbalance. In the nascent online Pakistani jobs portal arena, the potential for new players to enter and connect employers with employees has still not reached critical mass. After Rozee.pk and other upstarts, RightJobs.PK has entered the online jobs space to help Pakistani businesses and human capital connect with each other.

About RightJobs.PK

RightJobs.Pk is an online Pakistani jobs portal geared towards Pakistani companies and job seekers. Launched in 2014 by Islamabad-based software house Cube Discipline, RightJobs portal intends to attract people with its breath of personalized features that its competitors have yet to integrate. With over 1 million resumes to date uploaded by professionals all over Pakistan at RightJobs.pk, the online jobs website has captured a significant slice of the local market.

RightJobs claims that its personalized service cuts down on the time it takes to shortlist candidates for the advertised job positions. With up to 40,000 daily visitors and 120,000 daily views on RightJobs.pk, the numbers point to the demand and the popularity of localized online job portals in Pakistan.

How RightJobs Helps Employers Give Their Listings Top Billing

There are times when companies need to get the word out for a high-value and urgent vacancy that has opened up in their organzations. Advertising for a position in traditional media outlets can be deemed slow and ends up wasting the company’s time and money. RightJobs has two-tiers for companies who want to highlight their jobs top and center – Featured and Platinum.

Featured Listing

To counteract this scenario, RightJobs Pk can help put high-priority job alerts on its main page for all website visitors to see. Job listings also geature social media integration with Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter for maximum virality and visibility. Featured job listings can avail keywords matching, data filter, unlimited registered by applicants and will be responded to timely as well. The Featured tier is valid for 5 days for job listings.

Platinum Listing

For companies that want to outsource the interview and human resource component of the hiring process to able professionals, RightJobs.pk can step in to take care of this gap. The Platinum model also gives companies a month’s worth of being featured on the main page. This tier also includes Phone interviews as well as access to dedicated recruitment professionals that can result in a 70% successful interview turn-up ratio. RightJobs promises 7-10 working days for successfully shortlisting candidates under this model.


In addition to the Featured and Platinum tiers, there are some jobs where nothing can be left to chance. For this the company offers headhunting services that works towards finding the best and guaranteed resource for your company.

Given these features, RightJobs Pk goes certain steps ahead of the competition when it comes to online job portals in Pakistan.

How RightJobs Cuts Down on the Shortlisting Process

The online jobs portal relies on two-pronged approach to shortlisting candidates that match the skills for a job listing. For the 1st phase, the company helps to narrow down suggested candidates by considering a candidate’s personal network, moving on to a pro-active search, and finally streamlining the right person via the database search. This can help weed out candidates that don’t possess the prerequisite skillsets that the employer requires. For the next phase, the employer calls up the shortlisted candidate via a telephone interview.

Be it young graduates or industry veterans, the young and vibrant team at RightJobs,pk has, in a span of 2 years, attracted 12,000 registered employers (companies) and 2.5 million professionals using it for securing that right job. Online job postings are updated on a daily basis up to the tune of 10,000 listings (both old and new alike).

RightJobs currently has 3 regional offices in Pakistan in Islamabad, Faisalabad and Lahore.

Samir heads the sponsored content department at ProPakistani. He also looks after the Life section.

  • Rizwan

    just drama

  • Adim

    Thy have caught stealing data from other job sites multiple times. They are real stealers. These proofs will be published online soon.

    ProPakistani should apologize too for writing about the companies that are known for stealing data. This is not about promoting entrepreneurship but this is about promoting bad examples of entrepreneurship. Another paid article.

    • Monis Rahman

      Yes, they are lifting jobs from ROZEE.PK and misleading job seekers into thinking that employers actually get their CVs. This hurts the entire online classifieds category. We have documented complaints from many employers who are very upset about their jobs being copied and posted without their permission.

      • Zia Qazi

        Monis bahi, let Rozee.PK and RightJobs.PK serve the nation together rather than Rozee only spreading negativity about its first professional competitor. It’s reality that Rozee copied RightJobs.PK design, colours, layout, marketing strategies, social media campaigns and believe me it would also be exceptionally admirable to see if Rozee to follow RightJobs in level of services that RightJobs is providing to their clients and jobseekers.

        Yes, digesting a real competitor after dominating market for decade is certainly difficult but have a big heart my friend, let there be a healthy and professional competition ultimately helping our people in getting an appropriate jobs.

        Let us strive together to serve this homeland and its people which is an obligation for every citizen and company of Pakistan.

      • Muhammad Bakhtawar Khan

        So what kind of Jobs you guys are posting on Rozee. “3d Animator required with the knowledge of C++”. Is that a joke?

      • Lala Rajput

        I have personally visit RightJobs.PK, that’s an emerging recruitment organization. Hopefully soon they will make their way in the market. Mr. MOnis Rehman Being a CEO of Rozee.PK Pakistan No.1 recruitment website, u shouldn’t play a blame games here, rather be open hearted to wish good luck or welcome the new competitors.Do process your complaints & obviously the right ones’ will be win. We wish good luck, to both organizations.

      • Rana Sahib

        Mr. Mohsin, as I have read your comment it seems that you are paid to post such a hypocrite comment by ROZEE itself, just answer my one question and that is “Why should a company have a problem if its ads are displayed on multiple website for free?”

        In my opinion it is beneficial for a company because it pays to only one company and rest are publishing its ads for free… just grow up, will you!

        • Monis Rahman

          The problem is that job seekers are misled into thinking that the companies that they are applying to are actually going to view their CVs. They are not. We have written complaints from United Nations, Mobilink and atleast 20 other companies that they have never posted nor viewed any applicants on this site. This is fraud and gives them access to very sensitive personal information of hopeful candidates, especially females.

          • Muhammad Hassan

            Mr. Monis Rahman. Let me first admire you for the great work you have done so for Pakistan’s IT industry and I have no doubt that Rozee stayed great platform for its growth and everyone should be proud of your hard and intelligent work.

            Now to ask further question from you : what would you say about this attachment (Rozee attached screen shot from 2005), when did you work for Intel Corporation? would you solemnly confirm that cvs were being sent to Intel by Rozee.PK in 2005 and Intel was aware and were fully ignorant to post this on monster like job portal and Rozee.PK was their only choice at the time? Is this enough for you or I should post bit more here too as i have complete archive reserved for you?

            I must thank ProPakistani for publishing my comments to promote a balanced view online and thank Monis for reading this with tolerance in advance.

            • Monis Rahman

              Yes sir I do. They were posted for Intel Malaysia for their Malaysian office. They had asked me personally to help them fill this position, good memories. Thanks for sharing. You are aware that I spent many years working for Intel as a chip designer before moving back to Pakistan? Three patents for my work there. One again, I’m very supportive of competition. But I’ve worked very hard to build trust online. Defrauding users takes us five step backwards.

              • Muhammad Hassan

                Thanks for your response.

                Few points that I would make.

                1. Someone from Intel asks you a personal level help and it’s published and is all fair. Why is it different and called defrauding if some individual asks RightJobs to help their contacts.

                2. While your hard work and honesty fully acknowledged, there must be something unique in RightJobs that person at your calibre have to come-in and protect rozee out of the way , ignoring many other old players in the market.

                3. RightJobs is publishing and their publishers complains, why they would they approach rozee rather than directly to who is doing wrong, sounds something fishy. Person doing wrong is accountable for his sins no one else.

                Now keeping this aside my sign off and last advice: Rather than you two fighting and worrying about each other worry about LinkedIn who is the biggest threat to your business, and would not leave any place for both after its next move so watch the space.

                Sharing a cup of tea: open invitation next time you are around in my “old street London” office, we can discuss some serious business I will inbox you the contact later.

                • Monis Rahman

                  First, it was official and not personal. Second the CVs were vetted by Intel and the ad was posted on their request. (You actually made the effort to dig way back to 2005 to find this? Really impressed).

                  When the employer never sees the CVs of people applying, that’s fraud because the people are applying with the understanding that their CVs will go to the employer. Otherwise they would not have applied and given their personal data to ritejobs. I’m am worried about competitors, as I said before. They make the market bigger and its very healthy. I’m worried about players muddying the waters and destroying online trust through shady practices.

                  • Monis Rahman

                    BTW, companies are complaining to us because they only posted their jobs on Rozee and are wondering how they got on another site without their consent. We have collected an entire dossier of complaints and these will be shared very soon. There should be no shadow of a doubt about this.

                    • Muhammad Hassan

                      really my last comment and question. What would you say about Rozee.pk copying Rightjobs.pk design and layout ref: one the comment above , i checked the history and claims seems completely valid, verifiable with naked eyes.

                    • Monis Rahman

                      Hahahaha. :) thank you, that last comment just made my day. :)

      • Ali Raza

        @monisrahman:disqus yes! you are absolutely right.
        Its totally fake jobs website…

  • Aliya

    Hey i do not agree as myself and my class fellows got good jobs from Right Jobs’

    • Abdul hadi


  • Shan

    Hello, As Job seeker I have been searching for job through Rightjobs.pk and got the Job through RightJobs.pk screening which makes me believe that they are giving real & better services.

  • Ali Farooq

    last week i got an interview cal from Righjobs.pk and now i am on the job, best service ever. and i was applying through rozee for last 1 year and i didnt get any response strange.

  • Muhammad Hassan

    Well-done ProPakistani for promoting true entrepreneur
    behaviour and balanced opinion.

    Very important that market is protected from monopolising
    and healthy competition

    is let to develop. This will expand the overall market where Rozee.pk will not
    be effected but RightJobs.pk will provide a great free alternative to the

    Good news is that now rozee is also offering something for
    free finally, this is all down to RIghtjobs.PK providing the competition first
    time ever in rozee’s history.

  • Muneeb Ahmad Khan


  • Asfand Yar

    Assalam o Alikum… I am an MBA with almost 6 Years experience in Sales and also worked from executive to Management Level in Pakistan and UAE… I have been using Rozee as a Job Seeker since 2005 and as an Employer since 2009. But unfortunately never got a single call from any company in 6 Years through ROZEE and before right jobs always got calls from linked-in and now from right jobs…
    As an Employer i have a great problem facing in Rozee that irrelevant candidates on the applied jobs, and databases too much hectic to recruit a single person.. while with new company like right jobs i got fresh talent and Active relevant users… most of all as an employer the process is hassle free saves my time and very cost effective…
    So we should appreciate a healthy competition and encourage the new comers to promote the industry instead of criticizing on basis of prejudice…

  • Ali Raza

    @monisrahman:disqus yes! you are absolutely right.
    Its fake jobs website…

  • Fake website, fake jobs and then again the fake comments. Hats off to Social Media

    • Ikram rohaila

      Hats off to you :D

  • And even paid blog

  • Ikram rohaila

    Rozee walo dramy bnd kro

  • Ikram rohaila

    I think ye jagra bnd hona chahye, agr rozee ko itni strong takar marny waly a gay hain to rozee ko competition krna chahye, in statements sa kch nh hony wala

  • Ikram rohaila

    But as job seeker i think rightjobs is user friendly