3 Utility Apps to Enhance Your Android Experience

Google Play Store is filled with over 1 million apps. Every app has dozens of counterparts, but there is always something that makes one app stands out from the crowd. Trouble is that such apps can get lost in the shuffle amidst mountains of new (and mostly crappy) app releases.

We’re here to rectify that. We will be featuring apps  that we feel are out of the public’s eye and deserve some recognition. We’ll be featuring some quality apps that Android users must try out to enhance everyday smartphone use.

So lets get to this week’s featured Android apps.

Flynx – Open Links Instantly in Tabs Without Leaving Apps

The idea behind this app is simple. Open any link, article without leaving app whether it be Facebook, Google+, Whatsapp, Twitter or even your browser. Link will be opened separately in the background and a chat-head like bubble will appear on top (think of Facebook messenger). Up-to 3 articles/links can be opened at once and switching between them is very easy.


Flynx in Action (Left) / Readability Mode (Right)

It also offers offline mode that allows you to save articles for reading them later. Reading mode will strip all the ads and unnecessary formatting, making the reading less of a hassle.

You can download Flynx from here.

Clipboard Actions – Make your Clipboard Do More

As the name says, it’s a clipboard for your phone. Unlike most of clipboard apps, this one has some unique features up its sleeves.

Here are some of the things you can do with your clipboard items:

  • Create a QR code of the copied item to share,
  • shorten links with one click,
  • listen to your copied items,
  • simply translate the copied items from Google Translate,
  • Long press on any Facebook post will copy the entire post.

Clipping NOtes

Clipboard Actions in screenshots

You can also share the copied items anywhere with a single tap. Everything can be done with one click from the notification bar.

You can download Clipboard Actions from here.

CamScanner – High Quality Document Scanning with Camera

I can’t remember how many times I have praised this app. This is not your average camera app that will capture a grayscale picture to make it look like a digital document. Developers have put some serious software work making it one of the best camera-scanning app we’ve ever tested.


Sample of a scan taken by CamScanner

The interface is very simple. Tap on the camera icon and capture the document you want to scan and it will magically turn that image into a scanned document look alike. The results are superb, with scanned images saved in either PDF or JPEG formats. You can also place watermark and annotation too. There is a built-in OCR mode that recognizes the text in the scanned document for sharing or searching though we weren’t quite satisfied with the results.

To try out CamScanner today, head here.

So folks, let us know which of the three apps will you be using more? List your favorite one in the comments below and let your fellow readers know why it deserves a place on your Android device. We’ll feature it in our next roundup of useful apps to have!

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