Uber Drivers are Making Six Figures a Month in Lahore

In an surprisingly impressive revelation, we have come to know that Uber drivers in Lahore are making quite handsome payouts.

While average per month income might not be that high, there are drivers who make over Rs. 100,000 a month by just driving cars on the roads of Lahore.

“In fact, there’s this driver who topped our charts by making Rs. 130,000 in 30 days”, we were told by an Uber spokesperson.

Uber, an on-demand cab service launched in Lahore last month, is currently operating with comparatively lower number of cars. Demand, on the other hands, is huge and this is only why drivers are making good money as they keep getting ride-requests throughout the day.

Uber, for those who don’t know, keeps 25% of the ride cost and shares 75% revenues with the drivers.

“You can make a handsome amount if you drive 10 hours a day, given you own the car, i.e. you don’t have to share the revenue with anyone”, said the spokesperson.

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It must be mentioned here that with growing number of drivers, this average payout rate is going to go down, as seen everywhere else where Uber operates.

With more Uber drivers on road down the line, naturally it would be less likely for them to get as many ride-requests as they get now.

However, a similar growth rate in number of ride-requests — with time — will keep the payout rates high for some time until it all gets saturated. So as long as Uber can market itself well and grow the number of people using their service, it’ll have a bunch of very happy drivers.

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      • for Careem its based on number of hours available i.e. minimum 11 hrs requirement to make oneself available and for that they ll pay 3500Rs per day
        this amount increases on ratio basis of more availability of driver.

  • All was made possible by PMLN.PMLN is continuously working for people welfare from giving compensation to Lahore Blast victim,donating blood to victim and now this.Great work keep it up.

      • We need to acknowledge the various measures being taken
        Uber sole reason for being here is mainly because of 3g/4g availability and for that u should not forget PPP government took 5 years in launching that but failed.PML N was able to get all those from done from selecting consultants to bidding process completion within one and half year after coming to power
        We need to pay due credit where it is necessary
        Moreover Uber has been signing the deals with the Punjab Information Technology Board for various services that can help the company. PITB will be facilitating Uber in background checks of people who sign up for Uber. The background checks will involve record of ownership, driving history and criminal record of drivers.

        • Oh hello, we have another one of those. Would you mind answering the same question I asked the first guy?

          I know you guys are retarded, so this may be hard to understand, but the only thing PPP government did for 5 years is that they sat with their thumbs up their b°ms. None of them even thought about Uber. 3G/4G availability has nothing to do with a private company doing its business. Uber has always done background checks on its drivers. Various incidents, some of which even turning heinous and violent, involving Uber drivers all over the world have forced the company to take this measure because all the bad actions of Uber drivers reflect on the company itself. All that this government can be credited with is unblocking YouTube, a website that people were accessing using VPNs anyway. So in the end, your government hasn’t accomplished anything worth $#|t.

          And before arguing further, do us all a favor and enroll in some English classes.

    • PMLN kaha say agaye ab UBER k beech main :P Yahan Karachi main ek AC Technician monthly itna bana leta hai tu kya ab hum bhi Qaim Ali Shah ko praise karay.

      • Karachi mein Kisi ki bi salary 25000 sy ziyda nhi hoti. Baki sub wahan haram ki kami ha. Ksi bi kam mein niyat hi thek nhi hoti wahan logon ki. Har koi wahan ya tu thag ha ya thagny betha ha.

        • U r jaahil!! Karachi me kisi ki bhi salary 25000 se kam nahi hoti. tabhi sab pendoo Karachi aatay hen “jobe” k liye. Karachi Pakistan ko 80% revenue kama kr deta he jo saara Punjabi noon league kha jaati he. Ghurbat sab se kam Karachi me he aur suicide bhi sab se kam yehi he. Learn basic economics of Pakistan first before showing off yur jahaalat anywhere.

  • Any way to sign up with Uber without Credit Card? I don’t have the cash option showing up at all even after deleting, reinstalling…

    • It was optional during initial days. They said, it will be permanent in future. (Completely based on outcome)

      • Then claim of 6 figure becomes incorrect? Someone please figure out the fuel costs, or earning per hour or per mile/km i suppose to get better understanding of earnings.

        • > Then claim of 6 figure becomes incorrect?

          Not at all. No one said they make six figures of profit. Think of it this way: when someone asks you how much you make at your workplace, do you reply with a figure after subtracting your costs, or the full amount?

          • Thanks Nawaz. But dear, earning a salary at workplace is different than this model Uber has. You invest car , pay for maintenaince & fuel charges. So what you earn from Uber is not the actual amount you can spend for your own things. You still need to deduct cost of doing business, that is, driving for Uber, paying for fuel charges & maintenance. These costs could easily be about 40%-60% of what Uber is giving you. Just my wild guess guys

            • For a lot of people in Pakistan, making Rs 60,000 a month in profit after all the expenses makes it worth it. The profit is likely more than that.

              The other day I used Uber’s API to figure out how much it costs to get to the airport from Shadman (in Lahore). Factoring in trip time, maybe Rs 10 km/liter in a car with the A/C on, I’m guessing drivers can make more than Rs 60,000 a month.

          • Faried….business expenses are different from personal expenses. Personal expenses remain the same in both cases (business or salary). This business however entails additional costs for fuel and maintenance.

            • I know. After all, I did write “after all expenses,” not “after personal expenses.”

              Maybe we should try to do a breakdown. For the trip I checked, it’s a 16km ride, and 25-35 minutes depending on traffic. Uber estimates it will cost the rider somewhere between Rs 358 to 444. So, let’s assume Rs 400 for a 30 minute drive (Rs 400 for a 16km drive). Uber takes 25% of the amount, so the driver gets Rs 300. Assuming the driver’s car does 10 km/liter with the A/C on, that’s 1.6 liters, or about Rs 105. The driver takes home Rs 195 for a 30 minute drive. If he can pick up someone else on the way back into the city, it’ll take about the same amount of time, and come out to Rs 390/hour (after normal driving expenses).

              That’s probably an extreme case — not everyone takes Uber to the airport. Something like DHA to Gulberg or DHA to Model Town (or vice versa) is more likely. It’s a good estimate to start with, though. It implies that to take home Rs 60,000 a month as an Uber driver, you need to make Rs 120,000 before expenses (including Uber’s cut). If the driver averages Rs 500/hour, that’s 240 hours of driving time a month. The hourly “wage” is about Rs 250/hour.

              • I completely endorse and stand by Nawaz analysis and would like to add few comments. Picking a rider is covered in the Base Fare which is 100/- (flat) for every pick. Additionally, they have multiple incentives for partners (drivers) like Bonus on certain number of trips per day, Hourly guaranteed Amounts. For example, daily hourly guarantee is Rs.350/- per hour. If you stay online for ‘X’ hours (or partially) and accept 80% requests from riders, Uber will pay you ‘X’ multiplied by 350/- per hour if you make 0 during this time. But if you earn greater than 0 but less than the guarantee amount, uber will pay the difference. If you earn higher than the guaranteed amount, you get nothing. On weekends, this amount doubles to 700/- per hour. These additional amounts are genuinely paid under Miscellaneous Payments.

  • han isi lie karachi k ilawa poore pakistan me zalzale ate han, Niyat achi ni ha Karachi walo ki,haram khate han karachi wale.

    • hi my name is mohsin naseer and i would like to drive for uber… but i must mention that i only own a rickshaw with 2 stroke engine…. kindly consider me or hit me up on facebook. #lordofdarkness

      • Hi! anybody can help me If I supply a car to uber or careem without driver then how much they can pay me per month. If anybody have idea, plz share

  • Mr. Leo, apko ghalat fehmi hey, asal mein luterey lahore mein hi hein aur dhookey baaz bhi. currently i am vendor of careem karachi. pehley lahori vendor ke sath kaam kia haram khoor paisa leker bhaag gaya. aur aaj uber mein Awais Khan key naam sey jana jata hey. Certize company hey uski. aur haan yeh karachi hi hey jo porey mulk ko 70% revenue deta hey. also i am doing job here in more than 50K. 25000 tu puncture wala bhi kama leta hey. kidher hein bhaii….Karachi Karachi hey Yarrr..

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