Even Sindh Rangers Aren’t Spared by ‘Hospital Wali Asma’

It is as sad as it gets. Sindh Rangers launched their WhatsApp Hotline yesterday. Not even 24 hours have passed since the launch of the service and people have started misusing it already.

Rangers Madadgar helpline has become victim to the “Hospital wali Asma” (Saba in this case). Most of us have seen spam messages from unknown numbers asking for some immediate mobile balance for the needy Asma in the hospital.

Pakistani public thinks it’s fun to misuse whatever services they get for the sake of a little laugh. Every digital service or hotline launched in Pakistan has to go through the same pathetic pranks. People make funny requests or stupid complaints teasing the operators, wasting their time and sometimes causing lethal response delays. While someone is busy joking, somebody else might be going through a life-threatening situation. The people in need of real help cannot get it in time because the lines are busy thanks to prank calls.

It is utterly disgusting that Pakistani public finds such things funny. Those who are involved in such pranks, we would like to say that you are playing with other people’s lives. Have some decency and leave the emergency services alone.

Pranksters have been using the WhatsApp hotline to prank Rangers’ operators. Some of the pranks over the past 24 hours can be seen below:

Rangers WhatsApp hotline prank (2)Rangers WhatsApp hotline prank 6 (2) Rangers WhatsApp hotline prank 3 Rangers WhatsApp hotline prank 4 (1) Rangers WhatsApp hotline prank 4 (2) Rangers WhatsApp hotline prank 6 (1) Rangers WhatsApp hotline prank (1)
We’re fully aware that these images might be faked but let’s not pretend this isn’t exactly what happens on public helplines and toll free numbers.

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