Even Sindh Rangers Aren’t Spared by ‘Hospital Wali Asma’

It is as sad as it gets. Sindh Rangers launched their WhatsApp Hotline yesterday. Not even 24 hours have passed since the launch of the service and people have started misusing it already.

Rangers Madadgar helpline has become victim to the “Hospital wali Asma” (Saba in this case). Most of us have seen spam messages from unknown numbers asking for some immediate mobile balance for the needy Asma in the hospital.

Pakistani public thinks it’s fun to misuse whatever services they get for the sake of a little laugh. Every digital service or hotline launched in Pakistan has to go through the same pathetic pranks. People make funny requests or stupid complaints teasing the operators, wasting their time and sometimes causing lethal response delays. While someone is busy joking, somebody else might be going through a life-threatening situation. The people in need of real help cannot get it in time because the lines are busy thanks to prank calls.

It is utterly disgusting that Pakistani public finds such things funny. Those who are involved in such pranks, we would like to say that you are playing with other people’s lives. Have some decency and leave the emergency services alone.

Pranksters have been using the WhatsApp hotline to prank Rangers’ operators. Some of the pranks over the past 24 hours can be seen below:

Rangers WhatsApp hotline prank (2)Rangers WhatsApp hotline prank 6 (2) Rangers WhatsApp hotline prank 3 Rangers WhatsApp hotline prank 4 (1) Rangers WhatsApp hotline prank 4 (2) Rangers WhatsApp hotline prank 6 (1) Rangers WhatsApp hotline prank (1)
We’re fully aware that these images might be faked but let’s not pretend this isn’t exactly what happens on public helplines and toll free numbers.

He is the Editor at ProPakistani.

  • Hunzala Ahmad

    Addidas ki thi :P

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      mine favourite :P

      • Taha Najam

        Yeah, I’m at work and I burst out laughing. Now my co-worker in the opposite cubicle is giving me weird looks.

    • Umair

      kaam chor

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      buhat tite tha bhaie.. :D

  • faaria

    well all images are fake generated by fake whatsapp chat websites. if it would be original they would only have screenshot, not mobile phone in the picture, also all images show time as 9:41 am and no time-stamp on messages which is always shown in whatsapp with all messages

    • faaria

      but whoever generated those messages have a nice sense of humor ;)

    • faaria

      also can anyone tell me how to see all posts of ProPakistani in chronological order?

    • Shariq Ansari

      + all mobiles are same, all have ufone sim, all have same battery status 50% charged. all have Rangers No, saved as Ranger, all using through wifi, all have screenshot with mobile itself :-D jis ne ye banaya hai bohot he bara #A$$#()!e hai

      • Zabardast pakra hai. I didn’t pay attention to these details. But after your reply I noticed the time is also same in all screenshots.

        ITS 10000% FAKE.

    • Hus

      proPakistani is losing its credibility posting these fake and some other sponsored articles

  • Muhammad Aasim

    Hamari awam kabhi bhi nhi sudhregi :P

  • Akhter Wahab

    From their phone numbers .. just pick them and put behind bars for one night then these shitty people will understand how to joke on emergency hotline

  • Arsh Arsh

    Rangers have really done a great job. Being a spiritual nation, we have to understand the sensitivity of such type of job.

  • SSyar

    hadd hey yar.,., ye level aagya hey ProPak ka.., !

    • Atif

      about to say same…. these images without even thinking looks / sounds fake, yet they manage to produce an article out of it….

  • Hassan Raza

    Pakistan Zindabad

  • Hopefully action will be taken against those spreading these fake images.

  • Idiosyncratic

    hahahha very funy

  • Shuja Siddiqui

    It seems that author of this post has taken those screen shots from his phone. So fakingly identical.

  • Tashfeen

    All images are Fake, you should have mentioned that in start of you paragraph. Furthermore whats the point of sharing fake images ?


    please admin this not your standard to post fake items

  • DJ

    i think you guys need to update as humor content and not official or real post :) a layman from images can easily judge that images are fake

  • Abdul Wahab Butt


  • Zohaib

    What is the Purpose of Bio Metric Verification of each number ? At least give them a harsh official kind of Warning from PTA or some other Related Department

  • Do Propakistani has no sense ?? How can they be real ?? did the misusers volunteerily snapped pix of their misuse and posted to ProPakistani as it’s clear that the rangers is on the other end while the sender is taking screenshots his messages being double ticked. how is it possible everyone have same mobile sim etc etc ?

    • Nasir Javed

      prop dont be over smart you think you will drag more visitors to your blog but actually you are loosing.

    • Taha Najam

      What if propakistani generated these images themselves?

  • Junaid Rana

    Hi Aamir,
    Tried to reach you out through every mean possible but you weren’t just replying.
    The images used here were originally published on Parhlo: goo.gl/0ry7DQ
    We need you to mention the source on this article and change the pics to the watermarked ones.

  • Cheater

    Dear Atta,, raise your level..after all you are in journalism since Qaim Ali Shah is in CMship…dont be attention seeker…..follow basic journalistic ethics..your 50% stories are almost fake

  • Salman Qamar

    Felling Proud to be a Pakistani Muslim.

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    Adidas ki thi :D

  • Saqlain Khan

    And your standard hits a new low. These are fake and sarcastic images and yet you published is as if they happened in actual. And salute to the people commenting like these messages are actually authentic. What a shame !

  • tum kya jano Ranger Babu Addidas ki Chappal ki Qeemat!!! :P

  • KS

    Some of the PrpPakistani authors are really doing the worst job on this IT and information related website. They have just made it another facebook to post these types of things.
    I hope that these types of freelance and without IT related sense authors will not be allowed in future otherwise at least I am the one who will leave to visit this url and also will notify to my circle about the level of authors here.

  • Rizwan

    Yar in logo ko trace ker k chowk me khara kar k chittar marney chahie, taa k next time koi emergency helpline ko misuse na karey! Enough said!

  • Tariq

    All sims are now registered with NICs. This shouldn’t be a problem for Rangers

  • Black Pearl

    aahhahahahh ADDIAS ki thi..

  • Black Pearl

    though these images are fake but
    addidas ki thi is one of the best