The Last Day to Verify Your PTCL Devices is 30th April

PTCL started verifying its mobile broadband devices in December last year. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) had previously asked all data SIM providers to verify their customers through biometric verification before the end of 2015. PTCL has been running a massive campaign to compel its users to verify their devices before they get blocked.

The Progress So Far

The campaign, which has lasted more than five months now, has already seen multiple extensions in the last date for device verifications. PTCL is asking its customers to biometrically verify their EVO, Nitro and CharJi wireless broadband devices, including the EVO Tab. Vfone connections need to be verified within the same deadline as well.

The last date to verify these devices is 30th April, 2016. After the deadline has passed, all unverified devices will cease to function until their verification.

PTCL Biometric

Here’s How You Can Get Your Devices Verified Now

This mandatory requirement applies to both, new and old subscribers. Anyone can have their devices verified by visiting any of the following touch-points:

  • PTCL Smart Shop
  • Ufone Service Center
  • Ufone Franchise
  • PTCL/Ufone BVS Enabled Retailer

The list of devices which require biometric verification are EVO 3.1 USB, EVO 3.1 Cloud, EVO TAB, EVO Wingle, Nitro USB, Nitro Cloud, CharJi Wingle, CharJi Cloud, CharJi Tab and all Vfone handsets.


Biometric verification requires a device’s MDN and the owner’s original CNIC.

Users, who are unaware of their device’s MDN can simply text their ESN (Electronic Serial Number – an 8 digit alpha-numeric code present on devices) to 0512181218. The MDN will be sent to the user via SMS. A sample message will look like this: ESN<space>DD726911.

CharJi subscribers can get their MDN by sending their ICCID (20 digit number written on the back of all CharJi devices) instead of an ESN. They also have the option of using their ICCID instead of an MDN to verify their device.

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  • Mr. Adil Shadman your story has enough meat, but the comments are self explanatory.
    Well I’m interested, to submit my personal data, and device for auhentication, for service enabled. This is technically a good move by the Chargi Company (4G) hacked. Nevertheless, every company has its own way of code of conduct for IPR, and destiny. I suggest PTCL to apply for IPR for Charge from WIPO local offices in Pakistan. If the brand/trade name is not taken then certainly you may take one, and be the provide Chargi Provide protocol from IPR not from ITU protocols/standards. I feel hurt as it is a laughing stock when we sit in intellectual circles and talk about the world large company Etisalat should build a corporate Image. Suggest if they start preparing for the spectrum auction before budget by the regulator. IT is available and can be grabbed for taking the spectrum of 4G/LTE.
    Being subscriber of evo Nitro 3G device, which I will verify, seek some Chargi consideration for bumper rebate for Charge Cloud swap from previous device to current Chargi Cloud of 5Ghz.
    I may help your image of Chargi changed to 4G., and get you a copyright and trade mark of Chargi which you may use worldwide. Cheers

  • ptcl ke bio matric system kaam he nhi krta, mary dono tumbs aur 2 fingers k nshan match na howey ptcl service center pr, boley kasi bhai ko ly aayo bio matric ho jaye ga lekn mein ufone franchise gya aur ak angoty sa kaam ho gya.

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