KarloCompare Debuts an Online Personal Finance Product Comparison Platform

KarloCompare will help Pakistani consumers save time and money when it comes to discovering, comparing and applying for personal finance and other products offered in Pakistan.

KarloCompare.com.pk will aim to improve the customer journey for the consumers when it comes to accessing services in Pakistan. Consumers will be able to browse the complete range of credit card, personal/auto loan, travel/auto insurance, and broadband offers available in the market.  Whereas service providers will have the opportunity to build digital acquisition strategies that help them access new segments of the market.

The platform has debuted with credit cards and personal loans, with the other product categories to be added in the very near future.

Sumair Farooqui and Ali Ladhubhai, the founders of KarloCompare state that: “we hope to give consumers the opportunity to buy a product or service that meets their preferences and requirements. KarloCompare.com.pk will help improve product and service literacy amongst Pakistani consumers by ensuring the information on the platform is comprehensive and unbiased. Our customers will be able to make a fully informed decision.”