Allo and Duo are Google’s New Messaging and Video Chat Apps

Yesterday Google held its I/O event for this year. The innovative & interesting apps that the company revealed were each telling us how Google wants to envision its future.

The highlights of the event included Google’s new messaging apps. Allo and Duo.


Google’s Allo is a mobile-only app that has the option of connecting to your Google account after you have signed up with your phone number. It constitutes of the usual messaging features such as emojis, custom stickers and the option to draw pictures. The unique feature of Allo is its integration with Google Assistant, the spiritual successor to Google Now. It will provide users with their required information & enable users to automatically generate replies.


Allo comes with an enhanced privacy aspect. All messages are encrypted end-to-end. It also has the features of private notifications & expiring messages.


Along with Allo, Google announced another messaging app named Duo.  It’s a video chatting app that is very much like Apple’s Facetime, Duo is a separate app completely dedicated to a video-only experience for users.


Facetime presently has an advantage over Duo because Duo is mobile-only at the moment. Duo and Allo will be available for both Android and iOS in this summer.

A closer look at these products will help to understand the impact of these new apps. But the impressive demos showed that Google is shaping up intriguing gadgets that will constitute its future tech.

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