PEMRA Still Figuring Out the Process for Auction of DTH Licenses

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) is still engaged in consultation process on the Direct to Home (DTH) licences and once again failed on Wednesday to announce the bidding schedule that was originally planned in December 2015 but was delayed.

However, the Authority decided to devise a comprehensive policy in collaboration with Ministry of Interior and Federal Board of Revenue to make Direct to Home (DTH) project a success.

PEMRA, about six months ago postponed the Direct to Home (DTH) bidding at the end time after Absar Alam was appointed Chairman of the Authority.

PEMRA’s 112th Authority meeting held Wednesday at its Headquarters with Absar Alam in the Chair to review recommendations of the committee comprising PEMRA officers with regard to DTH Licensing in Pakistan.

The Authority was briefed about the outcome of public consultation process initiated by PEMRA vis-à-vis DTH Licensing on certain issues and had detailed discussions.

While pondering upon DTH Licensing regime in Pakistan, the Authority expressed grave concern over the menace of illegal DTH being sold in the country and recommended, immediate crackdown against the same.

PEMRA had postponed the Direct to Home (DTH) bidding just three days ahead of auction in Dec 2015

It was decided that a comprehensive policy may be devised with Ministry of Interiors and Federal Board of Revenue to make DTH Project a success.

PEMRA has also sought input of the general public/ stakeholders on various matters related to DTH Licensing process.

According to PEMRA, to promote, extend and provide a wider choice to the people of Pakistan, it intends to grant up to three non-exclusive Direct-to-Home (DTH) Distribution Service Licenses to companies incorporated in Pakistan.

The DTH licenses will be issued through a competitive bidding process under Section 19 of the PEMRA Ordinance.

But the question of when is yet to be answered.

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