Mehran Lookalike Car Goes on Sale in China for just Rs. 250K

A Chinese car manufacturer, Jiangnan Auto (a subsidiary of Zotye Automobile), has released a new car in China.

The car looks exactly like the Suzuki Mehran but costs several times less. It has been named Jaingnan TT and bears resemblance to our Mehran. Jiangnan TT is being called the cheapest car in China and that’s a big achievement considering the tough Chinese market.

Suzuki Mehran has been the most sold car in Pakistan for more than a decade. However, the car which has remained the same for more than three decades, costs several times more than the newly revealed Jiangnan TT.

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Constant price hikes means that you can end up paying over PKR 700,000 after registration for a Mehran and that’s part for the reason the public wants new car manufacturers to enter the Pakistani market.


As you can see in the image above, Jiangnan TT, looks a like a Mehran clone but with the right price tag. It starts at about $2,415 or just over Rs. 2.4 lacs. For the price, you get a very basic car which is still more than what Mehran offers. The car can seat 4 people and there’s ample space at the back.

The car is powered by a 0.8 litre three-cylinder petrol engine with 36 horsepower output. The engine is comparable to the Mehran and the TT can reach a top of speed 120 km/h. TT comes with a front wheel drive and its gearbox sports four-speed manual shifting.

The car is a Mehran clone, costs less and offers more features

In terms of dimensions, the car measures 3.3 meters in length and 1.4 meters in width. Yes those are exactly the same as Mehran. Jiangnan sells car parts at reduced prices as well, much less than the Suzuki car parts.

Car mileage is stated to be around 20 kms per liter. Jiangnan will sell the cars in relatively smaller cities and countryside. More details confirm that the car is indeed based on the second generation Suzuki Alto (1984-1988), which Suzuki developed in a joint venture with Changan Automobile. TT includes some minor improvements over the second-gen Alto. The second generation Suzuki Alto is more or less what we call Mehran today.

Suzuki and Changan have licensed the production rights of this car to various Chinese manufacturers. Many other manufacturers have built eccentric cars based on Alto’s designs.

mehran lookalike TT

While Mehran costs around three times as much as the TT, the latter offers a servicable AC, optional power windows as well as ABS. Since every company on Earth exists to make money, it’s safe to assume Jiangnen will make a profit on the TT.

Do note that Jiangnan and other Chinese car manufacturers aren’t like the Chinese products we’ve come to know in Pakistan. Most of the Chinese brands make high quality products but at good prices (case in point; Xiaomi, Huawei and others) but it seems like only the lower quality ones end up in Pakistan.

Nevertheless, it makes one wonder, why is Suzuki selling a 30 year old Alto (dubbed Mehran) at more than three times what it should really cost and still holding its market share? We leave it to our readers to answer this question in the comments section.





Thanks to Talal Masood for the Tip

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  • Fakhre Alam

    far better interiors than the rubbish mehran . stop looting us suzuki..

    • Aon Bilal

      Interiors Acha Ha Iska

      • Fakhre Alam

        han, suzuki mien banday ko beth ky aisa lagta hay jaisay ye car suzuki sy rent pe li hui hy. haha

        • muhammad nazir

          Ya chaina ki cars ha Pakistan ma

    • Netherdrake

      Monopoly of Suzuki, Toyota and Honda in Pakistan is unbreakable… sigh

      • ezuhaib


      • fed up

        No it is break able now with new cars coming within months, be patience.

    • Moeed Bin Awais

      aise mehran hawa mein shopper ke tara uray ge :D

  • Aon Bilal

    Import Duty Texas Dal Kar Ye Kahan Pohanch jay G

    • Abid Ali

      Phir bhi Rs. 700K se kam mein hi milay gi.

      • No

        duty pata bhi hai kitni hai New Import pe :) ?

        • UbaidUK

          Kab tak available hogi yeh pak me? and kitne ki milaygi ?

        • Abid Ali

          Kitni hai?

          Rs. 500K?

          • Adeel

            duty on imported vehicles is 200% of its cost.

            • Muhammad Irfan

              here is detail..

              Cars under 1000 CC
              add to US$ value Customs duty: 55%, + Import Sales tax 19% (16+3) + income tax on import 5%

              Over 1300 under 1500 CC

              duty is 60% rest is all same.

              Over 1500 under 1800 cc

              duty is 75% rest is all same.

              Over 1800 under 3000 cc

              duty is 100% plus 50% additional regulatory duty rest is all same.

              Over 3000 CC

              duty is 100% plus addtional 50% regualtory duty rest is all same

              • luqmangondal

                Irfan bhai ye taxes k related info ap ko kaise pata hai?please btaye ga zaroor ho sake to 03016600236 pe sms kar dein.Shukriya

    • AbdulB1

      It’s is nearly 100%.

      • Faizan Ul Haq

        100% yani k double kar lo price ?
        5 lac

        • AbdulB1

          G, thats the reason why cars are so expensive here. custom duty,tax,sales tax, wealth tax, bla bla tax. sab mila key

        • Jawad

          nahi 300000 tk mil jay gi

    • Hamiz Khan

      Kahan puhanch jayegi? andazan?

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      700k main aae jab bhi bohat behtar hai kachra Mehran se

      • pervez

        Kb tk aye gi mehran pk men

        • Muhammed Ovais Alam

          No one knows.

    • muqeet

      asalam o.alaikum anybody tell me ye kitny ki hy or kb tak mily gi pak sy plz what’s ap py bta dean thanks… 03128163017

    • Fazul Rabbi Qazi

      When it will be available in Pakistan and in how much price?

    • hamid

      bhai chaina duty free port h.

      • iftikhar

        kia matlab bhai china se ager ae gi to custome tex nhi lagy ga kia

    • Shahsaz


      • Aon Bilal

        300% Duty Ha

  • Eli Ehsan


  • Aon Bilal

    Ye Kitny Cc Ha

    • Fakhre Alam


      • Sana

        650 CC

        • Fakhre Alam

          It’s mentioned in the post that engine is 0.8 liter which translates to 800cc

        • zahid

          exect 660cc orignal mehran 800cc hy liqan is main turbo lgaya hy ino ny .

        • hameed


        • Mehmood saleem

          650cc or 800cc????

        • Mujtaba khan Tanoli

          Very nice car I like it

        • waseem toor

          Pakistani parice kitni banti hai

      • Sajawal Butt

        Sir delar contact no

        • Fakhre Alam

          not available in pakistan yet. custom tax laga kar iskoi qeemat bhi mehran jitna he banta hay

      • Talha khalid

        Plz kindly tell me from where i can bought that car in pakistan my no is 03347770132

  • Fakhre Alam

    can we import this car to pakistan? @aadil shadman @aamir7

    • AbdulB1

      it is not RHD it is LHD. so better avoid importing it.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        meh … a man can learn RHD , no big deal and have you noticed people taking wrong sides here ?
        it will be a jiffy before most of us learn to brave RHD here !

    • Muhammad Yasir

      @fakhrealamm:disqus bro if you get any info regarding the import of this vehicle ,do tell

  • Aon Bilal

    Import Duty Or Other Texas Dal Kar Ye Kitny Ki Ho G Ye Bhi Batain

  • Yasir Mahmood

    Car Which should cost no more than 25000 is being sold over 7 lacs
    A confirm co-ordination between Corrupt Paki Gov officials and Suzuki dealership in Pakistan

    • AbdulB1

      naPak suzuki

    • Hamid

      Kis center sa mila GI in ka number Dan

  • Muhammad Yasir

    the phrase

    “The car is a Mehran clone, costs less and offers more features”

    is enough to warrant a mass suicide for Suzuki execs handling the local Market !

  • AbdulB1

    FYI they had obtained license to make this from Suzuki decades ago…. It’s napak suzuki which is the problem not anyone else.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      which gives us more incentive to kick those rapscallions OUTTA HERE!

  • Azi

    Google karo tuh pata chalta hai yah tuh china main 2010 main launch hovi the.. propakistani aaj news dey raha hai … kia yah khula tazad nai hai ?…

    • AbdulB1

      bhai is mein aur naPak suzuki mein faraq dekhne key liye gunjaiesh peida karein.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    if only it had additional option for automatic transmission and cost more or less the same (upto 10k PKR more would be acceptable for the highly comfy transmission option) , it would be near perfect !

    shame on Paksuzuki tho. this car looks MUCH MUCH better and will definitely perform light years ahead of what ANY mehran is capable of doing so !

    i only wish that courtesy of the new auto policy , Jiangnan make an entry in Pakistani Automobile market and make an explosive first impression by introducing THIS VERY SAME Vehicle with a price BELOW 300k PKR (including duty and shitty taxes and shenanigans like that!).

    The look on Paksuzuki’s faces will be priceless :D

  • Muhammad Yasir

    if only it had additional option for automatic transmission and cost
    more or less the same (upto 10k PKR more would be acceptable for the
    highly comfy transmission option) , it would be near perfect !

    on Paksuzuki tho. this car looks MUCH MUCH better and will definitely
    perform light years ahead of what ANY mehran is capable of doing so !

    only wish that courtesy of the new auto policy , Jiangnan make an entry
    in Pakistani Automobile market and make an explosive first impression
    by introducing THIS VERY SAME Vehicle with a price BELOW 300k PKR
    (including duty and s h i t t y taxes and shenanigans like that!).

    The look on Pak suzuki’s stakeholders’ faces will be priceless :D

    • AbdulB1

      NaPak suzuki

      • Muhammad Yasir


      • Ishtiaq

        napak bhi nahi ghaleez suzuki.

        • AbdulB1

          lol, yea.

        • Jawad

          only after 2 months it will available in pakistan

    • sadiq

      where is this car and where i buy this car any one tell me please .

      • Muhammad Yasir

        i wish i knew… if u get the info do tell.

  • Aon Bilal

    Quality Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Clone Jesy Ho G Jesy Changan Jesi Khtara Rull Rahi Hain Koi Puchta Bhi Nahi

    • Lazy Sapper

      Changan “rull” is liye rahi hey kyun k company ne invest nhi kiya. Koi dhang ki gariyan bnatey tou tiktey bhi yahan….

      • Aon Bilal

        Jub Gari Main Traktor Ka Engine Lagain Gay To Fail Hi Hon G
        3D Printer Se Copy KRin Gay Or Prosser Or Ram Jay Bhar Main

  • LaTroube

    “Democracy, the shirky revenge”

  • Alber

    every one has looting us bastard

  • SSyar

    its 2010 Model; Base Model cost 300k; (18800 Yuan)

  • Ammar Hassan

    Suzuki ne pakistan main loot machai hui hy infect.

  • Salman Ahmad

    its a 660cc car so expected duty will be around 4 to 4.5

  • Bil

    Its simple. . .Pak suzuki is a rip off
    Look at Bolan , Ravi and Mehran. All of em are the same old 80s era shitbags thanx to Paksuzuki.
    Suzuki Swift has been ugraded in the rest of the world but we are getting the same piece of scum thanx to PakSuzuki .
    The only Sedan they had was Liana and that too was a flop thanx to PakSuzuki.
    They introduced Suzuki Kizashi in 50 lakh which was abandoned elsewhere.
    Hats off Pakshuzuki. . .lakh di lanat

  • Mansoor Ul Haq Haqqani

    They have stopped making this, their new variant for TT(Alto) is Zotye Z100.

  • Farooq Amin

    Go~Suzuki~Go we don’t want Suzuki any more Go Suzuki Go Go Suzuki Go Suzuki ka ihtisab kun kare ga jub sary is mulk ko kha rahin han to Suzuki kyun piche rahe Suzuki nay b bahti ganga may apnay haath dhoye

  • Get on with Sports

    looking better than Mehran

  • Qazi Fahad Ahmed

    A student can also buy this. So Us making fool Suzuki

  • Our Mehran ?

    BTW 250K main bhi yeh Kachra Mehanga hai

  • Shay-kh Sharjele

    Hard to pass any comments but still out of my instinct of not staying quiet….i guess Pak Suzuki is being a bitch on a beach….people are just attracted to its overall look while forgiving the unreasonably high price tag.

  • rauf shaikh

    multinational companies in especially in Pakistan are looting us. few auto companies have maintained monopoly here in Pakistan. there should be competitive market of auto sector, not a monopolistic one. Mahran may cost less than 200000, tow lac,but price is 700000 seven lac, what profit margin are they taken? is there any regulatory body in Pakistan, yes it may be which may be involved in taking share from profit margin.

  • Haraam Pak Suzuki

    Suzuki Mehran is the biggest heist in the history of Pakistan, with the monopolists having pocketed probably trillions of rupees over the course of 3 decades. That would not have been possible without the help of the politicians in their pockets. All the children of the factory owners have this haraam maal coursing through their bodies.

  • Umar Farooq

    I wonder when they’re launching it OFFICIALLY in Pakistan! xD

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      Another dreamer ;)

    • M. Aamir. M

      Wishes never come true in this life!!

  • Sanwal Karim

    Even Thai Tuk Tuk is far more comfortable than Pakistani Mehran :D

  • Aamer Hassan

    Could anyone help me to get the distribution contact in china as I am interested in getting an agency here.Thanx

  • Bilal Ahmed

    price of this model ???????????

  • Mian Asif

    I need please tell me where this available @mianasif7576

  • Why Pakistan Make No Apni Gari? It will cost less, no import duty, custom tax, no apna karobar scheme etc. etc.

  • Paki Boy

    Pakistanis are forced to buy Mehran for 700k because government does not want people who can afford a car worth 250k to get a car. They think that if you can afford a luxury as a car, you should also be able to pay the excessive taxes applied on cars. Plus, they also want to make an environment more suitable to investors, where they can get as much profit as they can, regardless of burden on the people. This is also the reason why govt. keeps making policies more strict for imported cars, so that people are not able to get better cars at cheaper rates, because this will hurt the profits the investors make.
    In short, govt. wants to squeeze the hard earned money from the people so that the investors can get richer.

  • Sohaib

    Pakistan import ksa ho gy kia procedure ha

  • Gumnaam

    Nice copy-editing from:….

    indianautosblog. com/2016/05/maruti-800-lives-on-in-china-232775

  • Amber khan

    How many price in Pakistan? And how can we buye this?

  • Adeel Anjum

    It is a good option for midde class society.

  • Adeel Anjum

    But may be the materiel of this car is very bad quality



  • Hamid Shah

    Toyota and Honda is not interesting in small engine car manufacturing. Suzuki is alone in market to rise there prices because there is no competitor in country against them. And because of very old shape people are manufacturing the parts locally, available in market in the name of “China” parts at very low price.

  • Qasim

    Hi friends any news when it would be here i pakistan ?

  • Qasim

    Any contact no or something thank God kuch naya dekhny ko mila . Pakistan m.hi bht cars mehngi hain bs aur tu kahi. Nahi

  • Qasim

    Please ager koi news milly tu update krna sheroo??

  • zuhaib

    Thie is nice car i need it

  • Mohsin Malhi


  • shamus

    please import to pakistan

  • abdul samad

    What would be the cost price of this car in pakistan

  • Ellahi Junejo

    I want to buy now

  • Anwar

    ye car to left hand hai

  • Haroon Rashid

    Excellent our Chinese friends, for making a concrete milestone in Pakistan and giving a cheap affordable to the nation as Mr. Ratan Tata gave a Nano to India.
    Being an associate of Standardisation bureau on car, I’m sure with the Chinese regulation would encourage a standard safe, and road safe car for export from China. I’m sure Pakistan will be able to export its used Mehrans to China for their valuable spare parts of the original Suzuki, which are worth the Golden standards, of the historic age. I suggest the bilateral trade between China and Pakistan duly ratified by the respective Governments for Import/Export of Mehran New to Pakistan from China on international standards of OICA, Paris and Pakistan’s original Suzuki back to China for their vintage value worth billions of dollars.

  • Syed Mohsin Raza

    Nice car when its avlebel in pakistan and its price …………………….?

  • Jawaid

    bhayoon Mehran Car to he hi nhe ye dabba he dabba iski price 250k se opr kisi sorat nhe honi chahiye but suzuki waly to pak me sbko chutiya bana rahy hen 750k ki de rahy hen is rubbish mehran me koi engineering works nhe he but 1989 se 2017 tak ek dabba diye jao pak k awam ko bus

  • Farhan

    100% nhn

    200% taxes total price 800k tak jayegi

    Dekh k hi khush ho jao
    Cuz pakistan men koi iss tarah ki china ki company ko industry lagany nhn de rhy jis se awam ko faida ho

  • Sharjeel

    Is it available on Pakistan?

  • Wasim ahmed najmee

    When it will be available in pakistan??

  • Afaq

    Guys this car is left hand drive

  • Shaheryar Hassan

    I like this car. From where i can buy this car ? I am from pakistan sindh. Kindly inform me on msg 03473642522.

  • Mian moon

    Loot marr lagae ha Suzuki walo NY. Bay kar mehran jiss ki na brake na he interior 7.5 lack. Buss mojbori yea ha k Govt soi ha or awam k pass or opportunity ni ha.

  • toqeer sarwar bhatti

    v anxious to see this car in pakistan if the suzuki company doesnt stop to come.

  • Emraan Ali

    wow it’s a super offer for pakistani plz bring it very soon we are waiting for that amazing offer ?☺?
    it’s most beautiful and flexibul as compare to the mehran Suzuki….

  • parmesh pherwani

    ye kab niklegi

  • Yasir

    Pak mai kab aa rai … r kitne mai

  • Sajawal Butt

    Delar contact no plz

  • Ghufran

    Great Launching of this car shows the friendship of Pakistan -China

    .I strongly recommended.Thanks to china

  • M.Maqsood anwar

    other companies are not iteroduce the car in Pakistan because currept govt leader are involve in custom department and whole govt also currept.

  • Nadeem

    when he avalible at pakistan

  • Mubashir

    I want to be this car

  • it’s amazing dear
    really surprized by China
    Thanks for sharing this

  • Rana mushhood

    How to order in Pakistan

  • arslan hussain

    Nice how can i get that car

  • Siraj

    I want this car

  • Muhammad Yasir

    can we have it in PAk. i will buy this gladly and also learn manual transmission only for this.

  • Kashif Nawaz

    Inshallah the monopoly of Pakistani current auto manufacturers will broke.

  • Naveed Asghar

    501,819 its a custom duty price on new 800 cc imported car.
    add 2,50,000 in custom duty
    total cost of car is

    Dekho dekho kon aya sher aya sher aya………………….hahahahhahahaahahah

  • Naveed Asghar

    Agar ye car well design main china bna sakti hai to , pakistan main suzuki mehran itni mehngi kyn hai, or vo bhi boring feature k saath
    sahi loot rahy hain awam ko ,

  • ramzan

    pakistan kab aa rhi h ?

  • Zia alizai

    Its 3 lac 50 thousand only with all taxes and duties applied

    • Zia

      2 lacs 50 thousands
      1 lac exsize duty and all taxess
      800 cc
      With Ac and heater
      Stereo system with usb slot in it

      Full price :- 350000

  • Akram

    pakistan me motor bike ki tra hr bndy k pass gaari hogi ………china zinda bad .

  • Raja jawad

    Great Art of Manufacturing and when ever it come to Pakistan it will Ruins Suzuki…Can any one tell me when will it launches in Pakistan

  • Nazir

    Any one dealer in Pakistan for this chinaa car jiangnan TT.
    My whatsap. 0096895095639

  • Ali Gondal

    kab lanch ho gi pak me bhai

  • ali adnan

    How about lunch mehran China car in Pakistan

  • Ahsan iqbal

    ye car pak 320000 ki ha or 880cc ha 3 white silver red blue color me avail ho go thanks or 1 july ko ye pak main enter ho chuki hain

  • waqar

    yar dosto ye kahan se mile ge car diller k number de koi

  • عاطف حمید

    Dear pa ji koi bata sakta hy k.Pakistan min ye Car kis jaga sy mill rahi hy.plz +923137755019

  • haseeb baig

    pakistan mein kab AA rahe han. yeh Car

  • Multi Scissor

    Any body selling the new China car ? Interesting to buy please guide full amount including taxs


  • Zain Khan

    When coming to Pakistan??

  • Imran ejaz

    Expected price with import duties 340,000rs/=

  • Imran

    Koi Batta Saktta Hea K Kitny Ki Full Down Payment Hea CAr ki PAkistan Mien Kis Jagaa Sy Milay Gi Avilable Hea Plz Contwct

  • Kainat khan

    I want to buy this car …this is my phone number 03006943211 plzzz contact with me ….I am from pakistan city Arifwala …and my name is inaYat Ali

  • Ammaduddin Khan

    How to order For this car. Is there are any online website for Registration

  • Riaz Ahmed

    Mujhay chaya kas sa contact karhey please number chaya

  • Tayyab

    agr ye purchase krni ho to kia procedure h ?

  • shafaq shakoor

    yeh kb available ho gi pak main? or kis city main ho gi?

  • miss azeem chand
  • nouman


  • nouman

    yar i want to book mehran car any info

  • nouman

    how can i book it plz frnds tell me my num 03245310030

  • Ladla bacha

    Ye car booking karwani ha koi ha go mujhe bata rawalpindi islamabad ma. Kis jaga is ka office ha please bata de jee mehrbani ho ge.

  • tahir

    ye car kab mila gi price kia ho g. or kahan se available ho g

  • Asad Waxier

    i want to
    plaz any information
    [email protected]

  • Nasrullah Talpur

    Duty 100 – 200% + fare 1500 – 2500 US$ + vehicle price, now calculate the price, car where wil be stand.

  • Kashif Ashraf

    When it should be available in pakistan

  • bilal

    I wana buy this mehran how can i buy…???

  • zulfiqar Ali

    i whant 1 car
    my mobile no
    my home no
    veri argent 1 car

  • seema

    What is actual price in Pakistan ?will this price be 2.50 lac?

  • Rahman Shahid

    Any one has bought this car in Pakistan? What is price after reach?

  • Rizwan Farooq

    from where we can get this car in Pakistan?

    • yasirrahman

      kitny tk mil jay gi sir koi real price bhi bta do yr , total kitni amount tk mily gi? kisi ny li hy ya bs gappain hen?

  • Muhammad Maooz Usman

    320K is the real price including tax and duty etc.

  • Malik zeeshan Ali

    ye Pakistan ke kis share se mil skti he

  • Arham

    theh r cheaters,after reaching pak it will cost 10 lac rupees,shiy piece of crap in lots of amount,in this cost a person can purchase civic reborn in used!!!

  • Muhammad Irfan

    this is custom duty detail..

    Cars under 1000 CC
    add to US$ value Customs duty: 55%, + Import Sales tax 19% (16+3) + income tax on import 5%

    Over 1300 under 1500 CC

    duty is 60% rest is all same.

    Over 1500 under 1800 cc

    duty is 75% rest is all same.

    Over 1800 under 3000 cc

    duty is 100% plus 50% additional regulatory duty rest is all same.

    Over 3000 CC

    duty is 100% plus addtional 50% regualtory duty rest is all same

  • Sheraz Iqbal

    When will launch the Jiangnan tt co in Pakistan and what is the process if I want to get the distribution in Multan Pakistan

  • Shahzad

    Good to buy

  • ارشد حسین

    Every local or foreign country prefer business in Pakistan, Because they know how to loot and how to bypass. May this car come to us and i can also shift from motor bike to Car.

  • Shahid

    What price in pk

  • shehzad shehzad

    i want purchase china care plz contract me 03336488760

  • Hamza Rehman

    Where it is available……..??????

  • Hamza Rehman

    I also wanna buy that car…. If someone knows that where is it available then please guide me… Waiting for positive response. ……. Thank you

  • aqsa

    ye pakistan kb ani ha

  • usman

    plzzz bta dn mjy lani ha

  • khuram soomro

    Govt ne pabandi lgadi he us py

  • Asif Iqbal Khan (Cute)

    i want a suzaki mehran car of 2 lake 50 thousand ……………plz contact me on this nmbr 03348984165

  • zulfiqar

    How much flexibable; oil consumption or repairing etc?

  • Abdul hameed

    It’s very nice car ,for small family perfect to use this car ,
    It’s cheep and good qulity vehicle

  • Umair

    suzuki walai khotay di phuddi walai import duty kai baghair bi 7.5 lakh ki kachra mehran sell kar rhay hay…agar ye bahar export karayn gai to kia inki kachra mehran 15 lakh ki milay gi? waha kai log isko golio sai chalni kar kai wapis deport kar dain gai

  • Umair

    suzuki, honda, toyta ki monopoly par case hona chahye ye log kasay internal production bahar se double tripple rate par sell kar rhay hay

  • Rehman

    Suzuki Motor Co of Pakistan is giving its consumer garbage and a good for nothing product. You get a new mehran and in few days time it will start squeaking, its model is obsolete about 10 years old..the pakistani clever artists had put to shame the Japanese engineers or they too love big perks and deliver shoddy workmanship. Only changes made in mehran are grill and lights nothing beyond these two.Time to send this car and its makers to junkyard.

  • Huzaifa Sarfraz

    How to order it?

  • MatchLess Shah


  • ahsan khan

    I want to how to order plz info
    Contct me plz – 03332228695

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  • ishaq javed

    is it possibility to come in Pakistan but with right hand drive and when it is expected to come in Paklistan

  • Aatif Iqbal

    Yes I want to by it