Is The Rs 250,000 Chinese Mehran Coming to Pakistan?

Back in May, we reported about a new Chinese car which costs about Rs. 250,000 and looks the same as our Suzuki Mehran. Actually that Chinese car looked better than our Mehran and was more feature-rich.

The car, manufactured by Jiangnan Auto (a Zotye Automobile subsidiary), received a lot of praise on the internet due to its price. Jiangnan TT cost three times less than what a Mehran costs and still comes with a much better interior and lots of features.

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This was, perhaps, the reason that thousands of people instantly wanted the TT to be made available in Pakistan. We received a lot of queries regarding the car and whether it will be sold in Pakistan. Some websites misused the user-demand to increase their traffic by spreading false rumors that the Jiangnan TT (the Chinese Mehran lookalike) will soon be sold in Pakistan.

So is it Coming to Pakistan?

Sorry to dash your dreams, the cheapest Mehran in the world is not coming to Pakistan. Anybody saying it is coming are false. All the rumors are false. There is no authentic news from the Chinese manufacturer or any importer that they plan to launch the car in Pakistan. Zotye or Jiangnan haven’t even announced any plans for entering the Pakistani market, hence, there’s no chance that they sell the car here.

Can it be Imported to Pakistan?

Yes, it can be imported to Pakistan but there are a lot of things to consider before anyone can even think of importing the Chinese Mehran to Pakistan. Some of the points are listed below.

  • Jiangnan TT is a car with a left-hand drive while we have right-hand drive cars in Pakistan. So driving it is going to be more difficult. If you think you can alter it to become a right-hand drive, keep in mind that it will cost plenty of cash plus you might lose the good looking dashboard.
  • Import taxes will raise the price of the car massively. It is true the car’s price translates to 250,000 Pakistani rupees, however, taxes would increase that amount by almost two times.
  • Shipping costs will also be a major cost if you plan to import the Jiangnan TT.
  • Keep in mind that despite the looks, not all Mehran parts can be used with the Jiangnan TT. While the body and some of the interior is the same, the engine and some of the better looking interior parts are different. When required, these parts would have to be imported from China.

If we sum up all the import costs, we can estimate that the car’s price would be much higher than the original price tag of Rs. 250,000. You could end up paying almost the same amount as a normal Mehran i.e. somewhere around 500,000-600,000.

Yes, it would still be a better buy than the local Mehran but considering that you would have to make do with a left-hand drive or spend a lot of money to alter the car, it could be the major reason to put off most potential buyers.

Is There Any Chance That Importers Will Bring the Car Here?

There’s always a chance that something like this can happen. However, when considering the point mentioned above, it would not be feasible for importers to risk getting a car which doesn’t have good demand or retail potential due to the left-hand drive.

However, we would like to advise our readers to beware of fraudulent groups who claim to be Jiangnan suppliers in Pakistan, there have been multiple incidents of people paying the money for the car and these fraudulent groups vanishing along with the money.

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  • Lol. All Pakistani fake-posters are gonna die after reading this. I’ve tried convincing several of my friends in Islamabad, yet no one seems to believe me that this car is never going to come to Pakistan. That’s what my sources told me, yet all people seem to believe fake facebook posts, that they are standing in Islamabad, and they have arrived to Pakistan. LOL at all those people, don’t know what they achieved apart from nothing but building false hopes for Pakistanis.

  • this car will hit market only after CPEC is completed..and they will put a factory over here…OR when new auto policy will get approval which seems unlikely (for me atleast)…..

  • maybe after custom impose 400krs tax minimum.

    btw whats the price of fully auto XLI 2016?

  • Dear Shadman ,
    hope you fine :)
    i am happy to see this because my brother tell me yesterday not only brother but my friends also talking about that Mehraan car but i am not agree with him now i will tell him about truth .
    now we are still on byke :)
    thank you very much this richest stuff and inform , what is true about that car..
    wish you all the best for your next stuff :)
    ~salman qamar

  • Come on pro Pakistani you are bigger than this. Now you have started same journalism like “interested in this 250k car” click link for details. This blog now may have more visitors but it is not what it used to be. Sorry ! :-(

  • As japan manufacture their cars for asia pasific right hand drive so that this TT company also can manufacture the right hand looks like mehran car for us for sure. Yes taxes definitely increases the price of car. But still we can contact him can order right hand TT for us and could be imported and might be way cheaper then local mehran. Because it cost us around seven lacs

    • What cost you expect for RHD Jiangnan TT in Pakistan? Please keep in mind that so called Chinese Mehran is a 800cc car and you have to pay USD $3,575 (or $7,443 in near future) as import duty.

      • I am sorry, what formula are you using to calculate that Tax? To calculate the import duty you have to know the shipping cost and you have to know the specific import duty and other taxes in relation to that country. Pakistan-China have some exemptions and the taxes are slightly different. Plus 800cc cars come under lesser import duties compared to cars with bigger engines.

        • It seems that my comment has been deleted because it have a link of PakWheels blog’s detailed story about taxes on import duty. Let me quote a paragraph from that story (“google” to find more):

          “The report claims that the sources are saying that the new proposed duty for Asian brand cars under 800cc is $7,443 per unit compared to the previous duty of $3575 per unit. The new proposed duty was calculated as an average of the correct duty of Mira, Alto, Move and Wagon R models.”

          One more thing is, you cannot import new car but only used and old ones. I appreciate if someone corrects me.

          • Read the last sentence. The duty you quoted is an average of these cars listed at the end. Those cars cost a lot more hence the high duty. Plus the shipping charges from Japan would be far more compared to China. And finally there’s no sales tax on Chinese items as far as I know.

        • If Pak-China relationship is good as we thought and have some exemptions in taxes or duties, it would be interesting to discuss the price of FAW cars available here in Pakistan.

          • no dear this is a stupid country where we pay 100 tax/duty on local vehicles and 200 on imported ones. dont expect anything to improve here.

          • I think the reason is profit. FAW cars are still better than a Mehran though. One of their cars competes with Suzuki Swift and costs 3 Lakh less.
            And links can’t be pasted in the comments due to some reason.

  • forget it is Japanese market they will never allow Govt for fair policy they never allowed korea to survive and Nawaz Sharif was ousted for this policy in 90s from hand of establisment.

  • Coming to Pakistan not a decision solely to me made by Chinese manufacturer. Suzuki will lobby hard to keep them out. So even if they’d want to come, we probably wouldn’t have them…

    • Suzuki and other Japanese automakers already bribe our politicians good deal of money how come u expect them to fix things here?

  • the car looks great and featurefull…the company should launch this in Pakistan so that every poor man can also afford for his family.thanks

    • bhai if every poor man will become affordable, socho roads pe traffic already kitna pathetic hay, is khowaish k pora hone k baat kya haal ho ga?

      Best solution would be to make public transport so convenient that nobody wishes to maintain a car for daily commuting…

      • Exactly. We need intercity railways here. It’s pathetic that Karachi is one of the most populous cities in the world, yet has one of the worst commutes. The prosperity of a city is defined by its transport infrastructure.

  • I dont think this will ever come to Pakistan. The reason is that they have China only license and Suzuki wont allow them to sell this vehicle here. Secondly I will like you ask pro pakistani to see other cheap chinese vehicles which are more cheaper than this. They might come here.

  • ProPakistani fails to let people to Pakistan understand that we pay 100% tax/duty on locally made cars and 200% on imported ones. I am asking is our country Switzerland? Why there are so much taxes on cars here?

  • No offense, China is our best friend but sari zindagi chinese products ne itna dil dukhaya hy ke I’ll never opt for a Chinese car at all, irrespective of how economical it could be.

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