Windows Phone and BlackBerry Market Share Drops Below 1 Percent

In a yet another bad news day for Microsoft’s Windows Phone, the market share of the operating system has dipped below 1 percent. Only BlackBerry did worse than Windows Phone.

Microsoft’s OS, despite the recent launch of the 650 and the 950 duo of phones, failed to make a dent in the overall market. Overall, just 2.4 million units running the OS were sold, down from 8.27 million just a year ago as the market reached a record 349 million units for the first quarter of 2016.

Microsoft’s share then, was just 0.7 percent of all phones sold. It probably won’t care much, though, as it already appeared to have ditched its Lumia lineup in recent times. Just last week it hinted it will continue supporting Windows 10 Mobile, existing Lumia hardware and that of third-party Windows devices but it wasn’t sure whether we’ll see a Lumia device again. And then, there was the selling of the feature-phone division.

Unsurprisingly, only BlackBerry performed worse, gathering just 0.2 percent of sales for a total of 659.9 thousand devices, half of the phones it sold last year.

BlackBerry does have a backup plan in Android, as well as its enterprise and software division so it could afford to stay in the industry for slightly longer. It is not clear how a turnaround is expected for the two smartphone giants, if any.

Elsewhere iOS dropped its share from 17.9 to 14.8 percent, while Android continued its rise from 78.8 to 84.1 percent of the market, for a total of 293.7 million units in sales.

  • MS is putting all its big bucks behind Surface Phone. Hope it doesn’t backfire like the rest of its projects.

  • As long as Microsoft keeps selling their flagship phones at insane prices they are destined to fail. They should flagship phones at mid range smartphone price to attract audience and gain customer base.

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