Nawaz Sharif to Preside / Approve Budget Meetings through Skype

While Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is in London for a major surgery, for the first time in the history of Pakistan as well as in world history, federal budget for 2016-17 will be presented/approved by Prime Minister Sharif though Skype.

It maybe recalled that in absence of Prime Minister, as per constitution of Pakistan, there’s no room for deputy prime minister. However, there has to be an approval in place from Prime Minister of Pakistan for the budget before it is presented in National Assembly.

Therefore, now all such pre-budget meetings will be held on skype while approvals would be obtained electronically.

With such plans, the federal government is now all set to announce budget for financial year (2016-17) on June 3 without change in date, as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will be presiding over important meetings through Skype.

The National Economic Council (NEC) will meet on May 30 as per schedule while Prime Minister will preside the meeting through Skype.

All pre-budget meetings with PM will be held on skype

Before the budget for 2016-17 to be tabled in the National Assembly, Cabinet meeting will be held and it would also be presided over by the PM the same way.

According to sources, a scanned summary for budget approval would be sent to PM, and after his signature/approval, budget would be presented in the National Assembly on June 3.

However, analysts termed the use of Skype very risky for discussing budget process. According to them, there are high chances of leaks of important issues with respect to taxes, concessions, relief which may affect positively one sector but badly otherwise.

According to the spokesperson, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is in constant contact with federal ministers and cabinet members, among other concerned authorities.

“It is important to note that there are no postponements or delays in the matters pertaining to the routine functioning of the state”.

The premier’s spokesperson said that PM Nawaz will be traveling back to Pakistan on the advice of his doctors after the surgery.

PM Nawaz Sharif will undergo an open heart surgery in London on Tuesday and is likely to remain hospitalized for a whole week after the procedure.

  • This is great despite Pm Mr Nawaz Sharif heart surgery he is still willing to serve nation. Pmln is turning Pakistan on the path of progress.keep up the good work.

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  • Notanki saala. He don’t even have proper understanding of budget. All he would say what his adviser would tell him to say. If he care so much about Pakistan then why he didn’t get his treatment in Pakistan. Isn’t there any such hospital to treat him. Its shame both ways.

    • Because London is the favorite place of all Pakistani politicians, Shareef Family, Bhutto Family, Altaf Hussain, Musharaf, Imran Khan. They all loves london. IK ne 2 Bristish gories se shadi ki divorce k liye ?

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  • Very surprising choice of technology, Skype. Using WebRTC over a VPN would have been much safer. Even file transfer over WebRTC is supported and free/open source p2p apps and servicesalready exist like bitfly or peerjs or simple-peer or … the list goes on and on.

    Well at least let us hope they are not using PTCL for their video conference ha ha

    • Shahid Saleem: Very surprising choice of technology, Skype. Using WebRTC over a VPN would have…..
      Nawaz Shareef: Wait a minute, Yeh VPN kya hota hai??? :-p

  • Skype is much better quality of calling than PTCL, Mobilink, Ufone ect services and cheaper.

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  • As usuall, incorrect news once again based on rumours. Having first had knowledge i can asure you that PM will preside cabinet over dedicated and secure VC link specifically configured for this purpose onl. There is hell of dfference between Skype and Dedicated VC link.

  • Moron still does not know he is PM of 180 million people. cannot use private video conferencing.

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