KP Schools Stopped from Collecting Advance Fees for Summer Vacations

Private schools have made a habit of either increasing fees, and/or taking months of fees in advance.

Both practices have been protested by parents of school-going children countrywide in equal measure. They’ve written letters, and even spoken to the concerned authorities that can put an end to such anti-consumer practices by schools.

In light of the above, Deputy Commissioner Peshawar, Riaz Khan Mehsood, has asked all private schools, operating in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa capital, not to charge fees in advance for the upcoming summer vacations.

No Advance Collection of Summer Vacation Fees from Schools in KPK

DC Riaz Mehsud was quoted as saying that private school owners will no longer be allowed to receive any payments other than the tuition fees for the months that children are in school.

The schools will also have no authority over increasing fees. In case of increase in fee, the schools will have to get official approval from the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Peshawar (BISEP), and the Consumer Protection Association.

The Commissioner said that the parents were filing complaints about the private schools. A meeting, chaired by Additional Deputy Commissioner, Irshad Sodhar, also took place to discuss the matter of summer tuition fees.

Parents’ representatives, BISEP and consumer protection association officials attended the meeting. It was during the meeting, that the decision to stop schools from receiving any fee, other than tuition fee, was made.

Private schools have become an uncontrolled mafia in Pakistan. These private schools make billions of rupees each year, yet, they keep increasing the fees.

It is also a known fact that students are forced to pay fees for several months, after they stop coming to schools, in order to get their school leaving certificates.

It won’t be wrong to say that private schools are ripping off students and their parents, and that the standard of education that they are currently delivering can be justified grounds for a fee increase.

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    • They just implemented a rule of law. Law was already there i guess. I read this two or three days ago. I don’t remember exactly but DC has quoted some article

  • well it needs implementation also(which is unlikely) so yeah just another day another news

  • Great move!
    Let’s implement it now even if we have to use force on Private looters

  • he he he. This was experimented in Punjab this January but private schools wins. Private schools have already collected advance fees for June, July and August. Now KP govt is doing same when private schools all over Pakistan have already collected fees in advance.

  • “In light of the above, Deputy Commissioner Peshawar, Riaz Khan Mehsood,
    has asked all private schools, operating in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
    capital, not to charge fees in advance for the upcoming summer

    Why only in Capital? My daughter was sick and I had to move to peshawar for a few months and City school charged me all the amount along with late fees of Rs 44K without going a single day for four months, right after next month again i paid 13k for next two months that’s their practice they charge the fees of two month at once.

    Education and health sector in my beloved Pakistan has become monsters among all sector by sucking our blood dry out and all over the world health and education are responsibilities of the states to provide it to the citizens.

    Out Khulafa Umer BIn Abdul Khattab Raziallah O Anhu had given us the perfect laws, how to run the government but sadly West has taken all those good points and we have been made fooled for past 69 years in the name of democracy. When rulers are asked for accountability, all the looters get together shouting democracy is in danger, without caring about the real accountability to be taken after leaving this world sooner or later we have to answer the questions, how we earned it? How we spent it?

    But who cares may ALLAH SWT guide us all.

  • Provide an online link, so every person can inform the govt. about the advance fee collected by schools.

    What School Admin are doing , they have to pay the school teacher for 3 months (but actually they dont). I know this as one of the teacher who lives near my home doesnt received any salary for 3 months and he has to do teaching at student home.

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