Telenor Postpaid Packages (Overview)

The gradual increase in the number of mobile and internet users since the introduction of 2G/3G services in Pakistan has created a healthy competitive environment for the telecommunication companies.

Telenor has come a long way in improving their services and offering attractive packages to its customers, i.e. not only for prepaid users but also for postpaid subscribers too.

This article will tell our readers about all the Telenor post paid packages and their features.

Telenor postpaid packages are categorized in the following categories:

  • Professional Smart Plans (Base postpaid packages)
  • Internet & Social media bundles (Addon Packages)
  • Voice call bundles (Addon Packages)
  • SMS bundles (Addon Packages)

Now we will explore all features of the Telenor postpaid packages.

Professional Smart Postpaid Packages

The Telenor Smart Plans offer a variety of packages addressing the mobile communication needs of customers. These are attractive plans comprising of Internet, call and SMS packages of customers.


Internet & Social media Bundles

These packages offer internet data packages for postpaid users at cheap rates for customers to have a unique internet experience.


Voice call bundles

These bundles offer a variety of voice call packages at affordable rates.

VOICE call

SMS Bundles

These bundles offer SMS packages at a very cheap rate for customers. Although they are not many in number but their price is attractive.


Things to Note:

  • Telenor Postpaid customers will have to select one base package (Smart postpaid packages)
  • They can then add voice, data or SMS bundles to their postpaid package
  • All postpaid packages come with certain line rent and security deposit
  • Amount of security deposit depends on your postpaid package and other features
  • For example international roaming comes with a security deposit of Rs. 15,000

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  • I don’t know about the zong coverage or quality but zong postpaid plans are the best (atleast on paper) in terms of minimum line rent (149/month), 30 second billing pulse(no other company offers 30 second billing in postpaid packages) , free minutes roll on in 700 line rent package (also unique to Zong) , group add on for zong subscribers & cheap sms bundles for postpaid. Even the call rates are also the cheapest among all postpaid call rates. My elder bro is using zong postpaid from more than 5 years & he is really satisfied with the services.

    • Actually, I think you are misinformed on this. Are you aware that Telenor has a 100 Rs line rent option under their T-plans, so ZONG isn’t the cheapest at 150 Rs Line Rent. Although, yes i do admit that Zong does offer 30 sec billing but postpaid plans are basically based on the total mins given against a certain line rent. Postpaid users don’t really care for the 30 sec billing as this is more of a prepaid thing. Postpaid users care about servicing which Telenor offers better than ZONG by assigning a dedicated account manager for their postpaid subscribers.

      • Please Can You Tell Me In How Many Days Telenor Assigning A Dedicated Account Manager For Their Postpaid Customer

  • Rubbish. False info I have smart 600 package they just give 700min n 300 mb instead of 600mb since these packages introduced. Worst network for 3g instead these bundles i use zong for net

    • Dear Siddique Sb,
      Net speed depend on the area user, i’m using net in my office where i hardly find 10 kb/s,whereas using net at home gives me speed 800kb/sec. Telenor and Zong getting data services from the same company Transworld.

  • Useless article just for telenor postpaid publicity. Nothing new in these packages and same old packages

  • Nothing new, I have been using same package plan for more than an year now. ProPakistani should stop posting paid articles like this, otherwise they will lose total interest of their visitors. Regarding the services, telenor voice quality is average, there are 10+ call drops on monthly basis and 30% events of voice distortion, low voice or complete silence. 3G internet is pathetic, not all areas of Karachi are covered and the speed is comparable to a turtle. Only SMS service is better, however it also has delays in low service areas where there are signaling problems. I am a customer since 10 years and there aren’t any issues during first 4 years but now the service levels are degrading day by day along with the customer support.

  • I don’t understand why such packages have been shared in the form of article/blog? Everyone can see the pricing from its website?

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